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"Out of Character" posts

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9D4405C775A39C31F5477801F261FD7249E66AC47AB4BECA8EBFE40E41CB4E95969CDBB63D67B232floW BACK 2 Sun rising over y our               One can trace the ancestry of RFID back to the beginning of time.

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doodling again

(( Little picture I made of Sharky and Hyle . Feel free to makea caption  ;)

Shark and Hyle

Later back is Hyles house, in the Sauna...

(( I did promise Sharky I'd make one there. Again, feel free to make a caption

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real story


A curious article about boars, radiation and hunters.




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Hyle in TSW

Just a few shots of the other hyle


I know some of you have asked




hyle 3

hyl 2


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Rear Window [6]


Hanne was back at the window In truth she had been there most of the afternoon. As the sun drifted into late afternoon and on into evening, and as Hanne’s cup of tea was now clay cold,

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Phew ! Now safe for work



A mind of its own

(the cole dyson rp has kind of taken on a mind of its own becoming his own FE world. Random rp with NPCS and quest givers has added some crazy and very fun rp, too much to write or even keep track of.


Since the wreck cole has:

Stumbled upon a cave with a hoard of dead bodies, exploring the cave cole found lifenet equipment making the may fly untrusting of clones.

His buddy ash was attacked and almost killed by a blight wolf

He made chota friends in Hope.

He and ash where beaten up in a bar fight by npc jerrry in beaus.

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I know you hate me. I know you hate us. ^.^ ((OOC))

100% OOC post for you guys to clear some things up.

I know it's hard to believe. But we still have SOME friends around.


Twisted Metal has friends? Woah. News.


On with the main thing though.

I never asked you to like me. I even made it very hard for you to. We don't care much for your Drama's. Truth be told unless we actually get to crush some people, we don't much care about it.

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The Ride

Do you crave the wind in your hair as the road miles fly by to destinations unkown?

Then join me at Beauvilles Tavern in New Flagstaff this Thursday, 7 pm (PST), as Ride Captain I will lead you to a destination unkown. Bring booze and ammo.

(( Yes, I have meandered back. I am interested to see how many RPers are still out there in game. For now I will try Radio Free Gaia radofreegaia.com. ))

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You Maniacs !

Ohhh Noooo !...  

While exploring. Hyle Sharky and Veronica make a terrible discovery...


Noo Hans


(( Little fun picture for Sharky and V V  ))

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The All-Clone theory


A theory about the world of Fallen Earth

Premise: in a sealed-off environment, you can control everything.

The year is not  2156. 
The history that you are familiar with - is false.
Shiva virus is a lie. 

Something did happen around the 2050 that is far more terrible than global nuclear war and virus outbreak. 
Since the incident, the Earth is totally uninhabitable by humans. There were no human survivors. None. The Earth has fallen.

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Some where a little used Pod activates.



Somewhere in an abandoned bunker, a lone monitor displays a countdown as a file is scanned and repaired.  The pod behind it hums, yet is totally still.  Inside is normally a clear fluid showing the body of a clone as it grows.  The windows on this pod are a slate, black.  Unknown to all but two people, the pod is filled with Nantes.  The sound coming from the continual motion of millions upon millions of the tiny bots, following the commands of the program displayed on the monitor.

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Returning of the Russian

Im happy to say that im getting back in FE and it's gona stay that way.I don't know what's changed.I'm excited to see some new faces and some old ones if they are still around... I don't know how many people still remember me and who actually gives a sh*t about me coming back...Well see you in the morning guys with love ❤ Milo Winchester

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Midnight Cravings


I awoke to the eairy sound of Blight wolves to the far west, there howls chilling the very fiber of my being.

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Waffelhus Enterprises A/S præsenterer....



(( Please note:  start time is the usual time  UTC value changes because of end of summer time ))

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The Powergamer/One-lifer debate


Hello friends!


I was in some RP Combat with a person who will re-main unknown but I shall rename them Borris for this rant, Borris was a level 16 "One-lifer" who was trying to argue they were not "Powergaming". Powergaming for those who aren't aware is a style of interacting with games or game-like systems, particularly video games, boardgames, and role-playing games, with the aim of maximising progress towards a specific goal, to the exclusion of other considerations such as storytelling, atmosphere and camaraderie ( Yes I did copy and paste that from Wikipedia )

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Ideals About Roleplay


I know I am new here, but I thought I take time to address something that I observed yesterday.  I understand that how folks roleplay in game is through a radio frequency in character.  Which for all intensive purposes is good, keeping the rp to the group exclusively and away from folks looking to mess up a fun event.  But what I couldn't help to seem create the issue if I misunderstood this, was talking about things "outside" the rp as though it was something "In Character".

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My Deepest Apology

I just wanted to say to everyone I am sorry that I became the most bitter and also the most hated person in the RP Community.  I never wanted to piss people off make this establishment think of me as the most gut wrenching thing to depise on here.  All I wanted to do was be involved in gaming, a community, and also interact with people.  I didn't want to become hated by anyone.  I wanted to be involved in a good clan that does both gaming and also rp as well.  I only hope people can find it in their hearts to forgive me.  Just wanted to fit in.  I am so sorry.

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J J Walker Telling It Like It Is


He is a drifter, a loner down an endless road of pointless BS and absolute nonsense,


A man with no sworn nation, or any sworn loyalties except to his own, 


A character and roleplayer that has seen much love, hate, war, death, and destruction since the days of Core Books, Dice, and Paper.  Oh, and that includes when the Berlin Wall fell.  LOLZ


A being that arrives from the days when RP and Stories actually were original and not some cliche or reboot.  


When everything was action, stuntmen, and hot babes!


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Leaving FE.


After logging over 1500 hours into Fallen Earth, I honestly don't know what the fuck to do now, both game and RP wise. I'm gonna be real honest and say a few things, one of the main reasons I never really roleplay openly and blah blah blah is because I hate being nosey and you know, waltzing right up into a RP and not feeling like I was welcomed or wanted/deserved to join along, I just don't like being nosey and even if I get to join in on an RP or so, I still have the guilt of thinking that I am being a nosey dirtbag.

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((Just for Joe :)


Not scary. just misunderstood

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(( Just for Sharky :P


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Double Post (Ignore)

Double post


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