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It was a dark and stormy night...

'It was a dark and stormy night...' Well it had been, hadn't it? Finny, after finishing Oliver Twist, had decided that she was going to write a book. She was going to write the story of getting her locket back and become rich, and famous, and live inna big house bigger than Joe's... All she needed to do was get past 'It was a dark and stormy night.' Or at least get the line to stop going round and round in her head so that she could concentrate on her work.

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Flickers Of Light

Tink, tink tink...

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Not like this...

When he was a kid, he dreamed of apocalypse.

No laws but the law of the strongest. Total, frightening freedom. And it could be romantic too. Blasting over windswept roads with a good, unconcerned soul by his side, a pack of hungry, rabid dogs barking and chasing his car and an old record of Lana Del Rey weeping from the stereo. In this dream, everywhere he looked there would be nothing. And there would be nowhere to go. There is no better or worse place hiding over the hill. That is the true apocalypse, a huge steamroller flattening everything down. 

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The Waffelhus Gets a Facelift

Hyle had decided several weeks before the birth of Ichiro that The Waffelhus was looking a bit dreary, even the clinic was looking more modern.

Her first thought was to get Taiyoko in to do some odd jobs, but she decided that he was probably to busy, what with impending fatherhood, the job at Joe's factory and what-not.

So she tracked down a team of builders. Oz, Moxy, Neville, Wayne and Dennis from New Flagstaff.


"Err. Ya divvent need any roofin work d'yer, Pet? Coz wha havvint got a roofer see. Eez.. err ,dissapeerd ... somewhere"


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Rear Window [Epilogue]


Somewhere at the bottom of a canyon, a phone rang, It was enough to momentarily scare away the mutated beast which was pawing away at strips of duct tape. The phone stopped ringing. The beast sniffed the air and sensing no danger returned to it’s meal. After the phone rang several times more, the beast no longer saw the need for caution, it simply ignored the sound and tore the carcass of it’s lunch apart.

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Rear Window [16]



 “We were going to do some building work, honestly !”

Anson struggle against the handcuffs. Dwight said nothing as he wound a roll of duct tape round and round the body of Bartram who was just starting to recover from being cattle-prodded.

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Rear Window [15]



 “That will have to do.”

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Rear Window [14]



Herbert Bentley peered at his face in the theatrical mirror. The lightbulb festooned frame illuminated his face. He was in full slap and was just applying the bulbous red nose. To one side a crazy orange afro wig sat waiting on a mannequin head. On a hanger next to the table hung a bright yellow clown suit with red and white striped sleeves.

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Caleb's Wasteland Tales - Part 1: Blood, Cults, and Racism


The steaming hot water that produced an escalating amount of vapor against the bathroom mirror grew in volume as suddenly the sound of the creaking and squeaking from the tab being turned off was heard in almost a dream-like state. Sound was foggy for Bones and everything seemed like a haze as he blankly stared down at the bottom right corner of the mirror where a set of numbers could be seen in red marker written against the fogged up surface. 09Q-413D-7E2Y.

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Tukiko looked at the clock.

03:32 in bright blue numerals, the only light in the room. Well, of course it was, it was three thirty in the morning dammit.

The ' : ' between the numerals blinked on and off at her. Tukiko counted the seconds...


She turned to Tai, snorring softly beside her. Tukiko smiled. His whole world was about to change, let him sleep for five more minutes.


Maybe not.

"Sorry my love." She whispered, and then dug him sharply in the side with her elbow.

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Little Scene From Barry the Roofer


Barry took a deep breath and went inside to report. He appraoched the counter and stopped in front of Hyle. Barry opened his mouth to speak, but nothing came out, not a word. He just stood there with his mouth open. 

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Being in a weird place - part one

Subdane woke in a strange place. As he raised his face from the hot sand, he saw animals long thought to be extinct.
Terror and confusing took hold of his mind. He scrambled to his feet, feeling the all too familiar cloning sickness, along with the awareness of being naked. Feeling exposed.
Wait a second. He thought to himself. I’m dead. Why do I feel like this?


It was a dark, dark night on a dark, dark road.
At the end of that dark, dark road was a dark, dark house.
In that dark, dark house were dark, dark stairs.
Up those dark, dark stairs was a dark, dark door.
Past that dark, dark door was a dark, dark room.
In that dark, dark room was a dark, dark fridge.
In the dark, dark fridge was a dark, dark container.
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Rear Window [13]



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Just an Average Day for Petyr


"Aaah..." he groaned in contentment after another sip of his half empty tea cup. It wasn't the fancy stuff he use to drink, but since his seclusion he's found out a decent recipe for really delicious tea with ingredients he can grow himself. For some reason he had a tune for some song stuck in his head... What was it called? Something about imagination and chocolate... Boy it'd bug him all day. He dropped his feet from a kicked-up position off of the table he was sitting at that looked out a window facing east, a large orange sun in the distance.

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Getting Ahead

Veronica had driven the buggy down this road many times towards New Flagstaff. She knew every hole, every rock, every plant in the road to avoid. Left - avoid the hole - right - avoid the large rock - right again - avoid the plant growing up - left - avoid the big hat.

Big hat?

Veronica stopped and jumped from the buggy to investigate.

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Getting Ready

A half hour prior to the publicity photo being taken everyone had trooped into the musty smelling Ranger Quartermaster's store.

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"Why did you have me come all the way out here?" he said to his friend on the radio as he stepped out of a white car with black trim. He was dressed in typical Traveler armor. Masks, hats, trench coat, hand blades hanging off his sides.

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Warm Sunday


"Just a little bit higher, Hyle."

"Here?"  Hyle asked, the strain telling in her voice.

"Up a bit more. Yes !" Sharky strained, twisting himself around.

"I don't know why you are giving instructions," Veronica said, "You cant even see Hyles bush from down there."

Hyle chuckled. 

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Rear Window [12]


Hanne concentrated on the scene. She smiles as several times some mothers pulled their children, giving Dwight a wide berth. She was not sure if it was the sight or the smell which urged caution. Or both.

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Reavy, At Work





Silent, senses fully aware. Poised, feline, acute


Someone is about to have thier day spoiled





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Busser.. [Busses]



" You see...  "

Hyle chops some lettuce, then lays it on a plate.

" Busses... "

She adds some finely chopped skalotteløg...  chalot. schalot.. nevermind..

"  Oh yes  busses..  the thing about busses is.."

She thinly slices tomato.. termater.. tomato     pfft, Americans.. 

"Is that..   you wait ages for one.. "

She adds a few slices of ham .. and for some reason Sharky comes into her mind... She adds the ham to her salad

".. Then,  three come at once.. ..  Typical !"


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A Gift for Reavy

“ No No it’s wonderful.. Really !”


“But.. there is a but, right ?”


“ Ermm.. It’s a bit.. Pink?… maybe ? “


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Talents Uncovered

'Why does she decide to paint when it is so cold?' Sharky complained sitting in a room in the house of Hyle.

'Keep still!' Hyle called out with a paintbrush in her hand. 'Or you will be a blur in the painting.'

'Keep still when shivering?' Sharky grumbled. He moved his gaze to Veronica sitting beside him. 'Why are you not cold?'

'It is not so cold,' Veronica replied. 'Imagine being warm, sunshine, sauna, campfire, hot soup-'

'Okay, okay' Sharky said. He closed his eyes a moment before opening them again. 'No, still cold,' he said.

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The Locket (part ten FINALE)

Inside, Fear bigged it up. Stomping around, pointing out the obvious. Things like, ‘you’re bleeding… a lot!’ and ‘look how weak you are! You can’t even feel your toes!’ oh and the biggest of them all ‘YOU CAN’T SWIM!’ Anger, Resentment, Injustice and even the unnamed one said nothing, they had nothing to offer. This time Finny was alone with her fear.

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The Locket (part nine)

Finny sat cross-legged on the floor in front of the drawers that supported the left hand side of Joe’s desk. She unrolled the lock picks in front of her and picked up the size two single lever barrel blank. Drawer locks like these were easy, you could open them with a hairpin, except Finny had never owned a hairpin. It took her about thirty seconds before she was able to slide the drawer open.

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The Locket (part eight)

So then. Fast and hurty and over quick, or slow and hopefully not so hurty. Fast or slow, fast or slow. Finny decided on slow.

“Owowowowowowowow YEOWWW!”

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The Locket (part seven)

Soon enough tiredness gave way to cold and Finny’s teeth began to chatter. She got to her feet and made her way past the skylights to the front of the building. Looking over the parapet Finny saw she was directly above the concrete cowling of the right air vent. Below that the pavement glistened and for a moment she saw her own body broken and surrounded by a spreading pool of blood. She shook the image away. Oh no, not after climbing that drainpipe. This is the easy bit.

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So Long Ago... So Clear

Silja closed the kitchen door and watched the scrawny kid for a few minutes. The kid hunkered down in the yard and finished off the humongous sandwich unaware that she was being watched. Finally, comestibles consumed, Finny unlatched the gate and disappeared from view. Silja closed the blind and turned away, glancing at the clock. Anneka’s bedtime.



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