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The Waffelhus

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Lonely at the Top

It was gone five. The office had emptied. Hyle’s staff had gone home for the evening.


Reavy had just left, having gained permission to hold self-defence classes at the hostel. At least this may give the girls a little more confidence after Hyle had confiscated the weapons that Jeass had distributed.

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Waffelhus Enterprises A/S Præsenterer ...




((poster appears in all the usual places. OK so, my intention is to make a party starting at the time above in UTC/GMT so that we can welcome the new year starting in EET (Finland, W.Russia, Greece etc.) After, CET ( Danmark, Germany Poland etc.) and then GMT (UK)


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Sunday Morning

The sun was shining.

Too bright

The birds sang

Too loud.

The front door opened, 


Too loud.

"Mom, where are you? I brought Ichiro for you to look after, like we arranged..?

I'm dreaming this... I hope..



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Well it seemed like a good idea at the time !



“Well, it seemed like a good idea at the time.”


“What did?” Theis stopped grinding coffee beans and put the machine to one side.


“When Reavy showed up after the party, I was so happy. I have not seen her for months.”


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(Waffel) House Calls


"Nice threads !" 

Theis elbowed Hyle and nodded at the man who had just got out of a rather well mentained car and was heading for the Waffelhus door.

Hyle glanced up from makng a list in her notepad, glanced down then immediately looked up once more. She smiled, stood up straight and smoothed out her red Waffelhusvest. She looked back at Theis, who was also smoothing out his waffelhusvest.

"I saw him first." Theis smirked.

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Carry the load

“No, it’s OK. I’ll get Theis to lift the ammo up to you.”


Hyle backed the Rover up close to Reavy’s tank. Theis wondered what it was exactly he had let himself in for when he took the barista job at The Waffelhus.


“Nice shade of pink, Hyle.” Reavy said with a tiny bit of enthusiasm.


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The Waffelhus Gets a Facelift

Hyle had decided several weeks before the birth of Ichiro that The Waffelhus was looking a bit dreary, even the clinic was looking more modern.

Her first thought was to get Taiyoko in to do some odd jobs, but she decided that he was probably to busy, what with impending fatherhood, the job at Joe's factory and what-not.

So she tracked down a team of builders. Oz, Moxy, Neville, Wayne and Dennis from New Flagstaff.


"Err. Ya divvent need any roofin work d'yer, Pet? Coz wha havvint got a roofer see. Eez.. err ,dissapeerd ... somewhere"


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Little Scene From Barry the Roofer


Barry took a deep breath and went inside to report. He appraoched the counter and stopped in front of Hyle. Barry opened his mouth to speak, but nothing came out, not a word. He just stood there with his mouth open. 

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The Death of Barry the Roofer with Vertigo (pt.3.. last)

Hyle watched Barry go back to his van. Joe Spiveys grocery list was complete. She looked around, then decided she may as well bring The Waffelhus accounts up to date. There would be no sunbathing that day so it was better to clear some of the paperwork which had backed up.

Outside, Barry had half staggered his way to the blind side of his van. He leaned his back against the white paint and let his knees bend. He slid down the side and sat pondering what to do. 

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The Death of Barry the Roofer with Vertigo (pt.2)


Barry balanced the Curry carry out on his arm as he turned the key in the lock. He was looking forward to a nice relaxing afternoon. As he passed the phone in the hall he noticed there was one message waiting for his attention. He set the food aside and listened.

The voice on the message was female, The English was well spoken but with a definate accent of some other language.

" Is that Barry the Roofer man? Come to me as quick as you can ! "

Barry slumped. No curry, no tub for him today.

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The Death of Barry the Roofer with Vertigo (pt.1)

"Perfect !"

Hyle smiled as she looked out of her window to see the sun beating down. She had cleared a space in her schedule and was now humming happily to herself as she packed her sunbathing kit into a bag.

"Towel... sun oil... " 

She picked up the bikini, looked at it and chuckled. Then put it back in her drawer.

" Nej, you are  not needed"

Dressing herself in loose clothing, she closed her house door and minutes later, Hyle's car was rumbling up Main Street, heading for The Waffelhus. 

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Heads and Tails

Hyle dipped into her handbag and pulled out a bunch of keys. She closed door of her car, the pink inty, and then leant for a few moments against the warm fender. She listened.  

Hardly a sound....   just the wind blowing down Hope Springs main street and the occaisional ping from the cooling 2.5 liter engine under the car hood. She regarded The Waffelhus for a few minutes, then sighed before she walked up the familiar front steps where she offered one of her keys into the lock.

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One slow night in The Waffelhus


(( really enjoyed this bit of RP, so I decided to put it up. Enjoy))


Daniel Cross looks at Hyle. "What's the Blaineburger?"

Velkan Diablo sips his drink " Miss.Hyle if i may ask what is the towns stand on slavery?"

[Hyle Troy] says: ahh.  Fresh meat, cheese, salad  and fried onions. Just a moment Velkan, I'll be with you soon as I serve Dan.


Velkan Diablo seems offended she adressed him so ...commonly..as if he where a pleb ? Bahh !,  he takes another bite of his food

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Street Parties at The Waffelhus






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Street Parties at The Waffelhus

((  further to my reply to Kiako's thread))




Waffelhus Enterprises A/S


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Street Party at The Waffelhus tonight

Waffelhus Street Party

The Troy family will be hosting another street party outside  The Waffelhus  tonight

(Saturday 28 September)  

18:00 GMT/UTC.   therefore 19:00 UK time. 20:00 Denmark, Germany etc,  21:00  Finland

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Rick Aesterly at The Waffelhus

((  Thank you everyone who dropped by, I think everyone who attended had a fantastik time. We hope to run similar events in the future.Thanks also for Rick Aesterly who did a great job. A very believable pop star.Smile

Waffelhus Gig

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