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Serenity Falls

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On the Plains


((this was suposed to be up at the weekend, but a combination of work, lazyness, and me playing towns for 6 hours straight when i was suposed to be writing delayed it >.> ))

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Happy Trails (entry 8)


((From the Diary of Keith Rawkings, spell check later))

Well I ran out of booze and was feeling more lucid than I had in a long time. My conscience started to tug on me about the shoot out. Don't ask me why. Just wanted to tell her and get the burden off of my chest. I galloped back into Serenity Falls and went right up to the mayor's office. She wasn't in. I did a little gallop around town and couldn't find her. And then I came upon one sweet site.

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Happy Trails (entry 7)


((A hastily scribbled journal entry))


Man got shot today.

He probaby aint comin' back from it neither.

I saw too much.

Gitin' the hell outta dodge. Waitin' for this to blow over.

((entry ends ubruptly))

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Bits and Pieces.


((a series of notes, Writen by Rumiko over the course of a few weeks.))

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Of Explosions and Wood and Augmentation...(Part two of Brushing with a reaver)

Several Days ago Caine had liberated the rag tag settlement from a pack of Raiders,He finally located the military undeground base and clone facility and made contact with SkyEye Orbital Weapons/Communications Platform.The girl helped him to rejuvanate from the battle with the raiders as in return he found gear to assist to rebuild the settlement in order to camouflage the base once again and aided the people of the settlement for this task.He also found precious gear and equipment which he towed back to Serenity Falls to assist the growing settlement but alas,trouble was ahead as after unl

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