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An old photgraph

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Ytte stumbled through to Hyle’s kitchen. There was a note propped up against the kettle. The note was concise.



‘Ytte. Sorry we are not there. Needed at the hostel. Help yourself to breakfast, Coffee in the thermos. Hyle xx’


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Kulturschock! [3]




“Upps!” Hyle pulled the hem of her skirt down as she made herself comfortable in the seat of the car. “Absolutely not made for driving!” She grinned.


“You are not…. Umm..” Ytte pointed out.

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Kulturschock! [2]

Ytte closed her eyes and let the warm water flow over her body. It felt good, much better than the tepid showers in a cloning pod. No dribbling tepid water. No industrial carbolic soap. This water was as warm as she could stand it, there was plenty pressure in the stream, and the soap. The soap smelled of vanilla. Ytte felt something she realised she had missed for such a long time. She felt feminine, she felt like a lady again.


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Kulturschock! [1]



“Saturday is my day off!” Hyle announced.

Ytte dabbed her mouth and helped clear the breakfast away.

“So, lazy day. Then prepare for tonight’s party. Of course you are welcome to stay here as long as you need, Ytte. We can get to know each other a little more maybe?. And of course you MUST come to the party this eve.”

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Two Years and Centuries Later




Two Years and centuries later.


It was not long after noon when Ytte finally reached the outskirt of Hope Springs. She paused, the streets were quiet, pretty much everyone had been beaten indoors by the savage Arizona summer sun.

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The Photograph... [5] .. Dominoes


Harry Mason, was a Senior Lab Technician for Life-net at their Reykjavik Facility. He sat at his desk in a thoughtful mood. 

In his hands he toyed with a copy of a very old photograph. It had deep sienna hues and was rather scuffed. But even though the image was quite faint....  

"She's beautiful.... " He murmured to himself.

"What was that, H ?" Pete Porter looked up from his comic book . "Didn't quite catch what you said."

"Uhh?  . Oh nuthin Pete.

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The Photograph... [4] .. Assessment.


Ytte looked at the photograph as she sat in a corner of some wrecked building in Midway.

Sure, the photograph was one she had taken only a few days since. She intended to send it to her Father but preparations for the storming of the Dänisch lines had more than preoccupied her. She remembered pushing it into a leather wallet, to keep it safe.

But this. This Photograph looked worn, very scratched. Almost ancient. But she knew it was not less than a few days old. 

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The Photograph... [3] .. The Find


Paul-Caspar Syberg shivered he jumped down from his old Land-Rover, his shoes squelched into the waterlogged field. 

 "At least the rain has stopped, huh?" Said the grinning face from under a rather large rimmed bush-hat.

" Bahh, Jens. You're only happy wallowing around up to your knees in dirt ! So. What have you got here?"

" Hard to tell at this point. One of the Historiecentre staff spotted a guy digging here. You know the type. Metal detector in one hand and a trowel in the other, hoping to get lucky."

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The Photograph... [2] .. Origins


The old Sargeant puffed on his pipe. Years of warring had made him immune to the jarring concussion of nearby explosions. Each detonation made the younger of his charges wince and duck. He watched the fear in some eyes. 

He occasionally, and casually brushed the falling dirt from his uniform pants at it fell from the sky. Presently he stood up, turned and took a glance over the parapet for just a few seconds. His veteran  eyes looked out over the flat land, through the mist of thick rain toward the enemy trenches. 

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The Photograph


The Photograph.

Death is timeless. More accurately, for a clone, the time spent dead is not like a sleep.

If anyone has ever had a medical operation, they know that the time spent under aneasthetic does not exist. One moment your counting back from ten. next moment you have woken up. A sudden waking and with no idea where you are excepts its not where you were a second ago. Caring nurses urgently calming the initial panic. Softly telling you all is fine, your operation was a success and now you are waking in the recovery room

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