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Deuce on the loose

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Happy Trails (entry 5)



((From the diary of Keith Rawkings))




Galloped like hell outa that shootout. Don’t know, don’t care anymore. Head still hurts from the bullet fragment. Kept going on north ‘til I hit that little town a Hope Springs. I saw a nice lookin’ cornfield nearby, and I thought it might be a nice place to go git drunk. But I remember goin’ on up to the edge a that field and seeing a strange site.

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Happy Trails (entry 4)


From the Diary of Keith Rawkings (entry 4)

Well, I was real happy to find some interestin' plants growing in the cracks in the streets of Serenity Falls. I don't think a lot of non-vista types know all the stuff ya can do with these plants, and I aim to keep it that way.  Anyway...

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