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What do you (IC, or otherwise) think resides outside the Canyon?

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Rocks, Bugs, and Blood vines. (Ain't Radiation a bitch!?)
11% (4 votes)
Small communes nestled high in the mountains. (Who needs to be born in the Canyon!?)
17% (6 votes)
Small enclaves, comparable to a town of 5,000. (Humanity Lives!)
31% (11 votes)
City States, various City's that have a functioning government. (Society Lives!)
3% (1 vote)
Small Nations, Territory's with a functioning government, and military. (Outsider's get all the fun!)
14% (5 votes)
Actual nations (Couple nukes and a super-virus ain't gonna stop 'Murica!)
6% (2 votes)
The Fall is a conspiracy and we're all just part of some social experiment!
17% (6 votes)
Total votes: 35


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Just a little poll that might generate a fun conversation or two! Comments would be lovely! 

Thank you all for the fantastic learning experience!

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I went with social experiment, just because it amuses me, and in character wise it'd be a very valid explanation, although there are many holes that the writters still haven't adressed that need to be filled before this could be totatly possible for an IC character to assume. (I've yet to find out how long the Shiva resistant population lives on average, and whether there would be any ancestral knowledge of before the fall. Are non clone players even canon or are we all meant to be clones for the story to make sense?)


Now on the other hand, from all of the events in FE's live history, E (Outsiders run the world), is much more likely. Also OOCly, its been the general tone of the story for some time, and the actions of folks like Masters and Co. support this one better. They seem to know too much about the past and their actions would taint most experiments if they were plants.

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ICly, Strait would think it is some kind of social experiment or conspiracy. For many reasons, that's what he thinks...

OOCly however, I would go wtih Enclaves, but... tiny and not small town sized. Plus there would be stuff like underground bunkers to protect against this stuff, so it even furthers the reason why there would be enclaves of people popping up a while after the smoke clears. Also would go with the small communes choice, considering it's like the enclave choice, only up in the mountains and not everywhere else.

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My personal fantasy take? It's a huge version of The Truman Show. :D

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This. Ard's refrenced it IC before. Though he's convinced its all a Virtual Reality simulation his Prison Masters are running in an effort to reprogram him.

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A view that explains the server crashes and maintenance days... nifty.

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A less VR take on it...

Perhaps it's really just a gigantic experiment conducted by GlobalTech/America/World/UN/Some other country, and when maint and crashes happen, it's a specially designed nanobot that has the ability to shutdown the nervous system at certain times. As for One-Offs, they are/were systematically hunted down and injected with these bots, their memories of those moments wiped, and is constantly tracked by the "Outsiders".

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I think there would be a variety of different communities. Small communes for the most part, though not necessarily only in the mountains. And possibly a small number of larger enclaves or city states.

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I've stuck with the theory that the Outsiders are either a single nation or a coalition of nations (like the UN) that monitor and survive In a wasteland much like ours. But their society is actually a mix of all the current Factions in the Canyon. Basically if every Faction dropped their petty arguments and differances and unified Under a single nation. 

Thats my theory. 


I'm probably totally wrong on this but isn't that kinda what the Union wants? Well, minus all the negative things about the Union... like the brainwashing... hiring of raiders/mercenaries to scare dissidents into submission. I'm-a stop... this is sounding like a conspiracy theorist's wet dream.

I can scavenge trash... but this? This is rubbish! - Post Fall scavenger problems.

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But they aren't a real "national power" in my mind. I'd discuss my view more in game as it's kinda hard to explain especially with this limited replying method.



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Well i'm still casting my vote for Mini Nations. Accordin' to my Zhuish Lore, The two nations still wish to duke it out! And im compelled to agree War will still survive if Man does.

Thank you all for the fantastic learning experience!

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I went with actual nations.. the reasons being..

1. It had no votes and looked lonely

2. If the conspiracy theory was correct this option would be true as well.

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I had the poll in mind, that every option includes all the options above it. Ie: If there are enclaves, of course there will be rocks :D

Thank you all for the fantastic learning experience!

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(( there are quest lines that suggest advanced society outside the providence though theres nothing that specifically says where or how large.  id say more but its been ages sence ive played through them in dead fall


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Lore Be Dammend, sir! This is all about opinion :P

Thank you all for the fantastic learning experience!

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