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Who would you like to see as the main co host for Horizon Radio once it's back up and running?

The Horizon Radio Team's picture
Reaver Verren
44% (4 votes)
Danny McKillop
22% (2 votes)
Jack Kentz
11% (1 vote)
The Mysterious Benefactor
0% (0 votes)
22% (2 votes)
Total votes: 9


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And if someone else, who? (Must have decent quality Microphone and not be shy about being on air!)

Be it good or bad new waiting with the next sunrise, we'll give it to you straight as a cup of black coffee.

Ironjester66's picture

I'd love to throw my hat in the ring! Names Shay Mcflain- i;m about as bad at cards as i am with woman, but folks haven;t tried to kill me yet...not this month anyway..so do i sign with my blood or? *pulls out a pocket knife* 

Nerlani's picture

Jack of course 

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