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Who will be the new Horizon Man?

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Reaver Verren
24% (6 votes)
Jack Kentz
36% (9 votes)
Danny McKillop
16% (4 votes)
Strelok Neskovich
24% (6 votes)
Total votes: 25


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Damn hard list to choose from ..

Danny- The guy is totally a riot and has me laughing my ass off even if i cant understand half of what hes saying.  I really enjoyed his sideline humor, antics and ramblings on the show. 

Reaver-All I know is second hand stuff :( ..but all really great things and nothing neg. Prolly make a great host.  Love that first name  ;)

Strel- Very chill and laid back, so much stress free fun to rp with ..<3..IMO ideal qualities in a host

Jack Kent - Also haven't had too much rp with him but what I have seen is that he is funny and creative, personable and friendly.. chatty with everyone which is a big plus.

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Reaver, mainly because he has been a supporter since the bery begginning and has the most radio host type personality. Jack would be a great co-host due to his charismatic and diplomatic thoughts.


Danny shall always be the Pressman. Strelok I believe is busy with his movie nights and mentione making his own radio show.


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Making my own radio show?M'nope.


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I thought you were going not run one???


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