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When you see new players in the new players tab, Do you read their backstory?

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35% (22 votes)
34% (21 votes)
Depends if I have time or not
5% (3 votes)
26% (16 votes)
Total votes: 62


Sometimes, but only if I've met the character before. I do try to avoid doing this, as I have a really hard time keeping what I've learned ICly from what I've read here. The line gets fuzzy too easily for me sometimes.

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I read them out of boredom. I did have a backstory for Axton but I scrapped it and thought of another backstory. It was over a year ago when I cleared his original backstory and started a new backstory, I thought to keep this one more private where instead you had to learn it from him. It was good that barely anyone interacted with him that much so I wouldn't go all boring storytime on people. I like to keep him unknown-ish.

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