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To shake stuff up. What are YOUR thoughts about a terrorist (and/or eco-terrorist) clan running around in the Canyon?

Hell, YEAH! (You are strongly for the idea)
16% (6 votes)
Yes. (You are for this)
11% (4 votes)
Maybe... (Leads into a comment, if you want, otherwise, undecided)
24% (9 votes)
No. (Against)
27% (10 votes)
Hell, NO! (Strongly against)
11% (4 votes)
About this... (Leads into a comment, yes?)
11% (4 votes)
Total votes: 37


Allriae's picture

(( well, Eco-terrorist might be fun, but what's the definition of terrorists in all this? If it's: bombing cities all over the canyon, then no :P

Technically, not THAT major... More over just a little group going around, making life a bit more harder for certain city-folk, roughly, every 5+ weeks. That way, they have enough time to repair the place, and they can get back on track before another target is selected. It isn't meant to be intended to be limited to PURELY this alone, but other stuff (like I typed before this (below))

But! Twist! It ISN'T just terrorism, it's also based around a few random stuff, like kidnappings, heightened crime levels in different citys (Disclaimer: blah blah, Badger's don't like, blah blah. Not limited to crappy NFs...), hell, maybe even if it's possible, the small clan tries to hit over a major convoy or something like that.

Also, I'm still working out minor details, but just wanted to know at this stage if the community would be in favour with this idea or not. Yeah, I've been thinking about something like this for a while now and just went "Why not!" and posted this up.

*Middle Finger*

Jared Miller's picture

( ive had about my fill of the whole "unstopable one man terror" bull shit for about the rest of my life

i mean maybe i could get with like a normal terrorist rp
           but then again like

theres already the devils own
         or cog
or white crow, more or less

         shivas favored?

                                 so ~

you feel me. 


"The future ain't what it used to be."


Those are nothing but AI...
This would actually have a effect on the community and not just be the most lamest and stupidest crap people are starting to pull en masse lately...

Afterall, if it ends up getting out of the planning stage and I spearhead it, it'll be nothing but true vets (hopefully) who'll back it up and make some enjoyable (and annoying at times) Rp.

*Middle Finger*

Jared Miller's picture

i was mostly talking about that Nylan kid, but yeah

i talked about the NPCs to give you the idea that there are already lots of "terrorist" (lets jsut call them raiders actually) in FE. theres not much need to make a new organization when you could play one of the dozen the game already gives you. in my opinion, which youre entitled to disagree with 


"The future ain't what it used to be."


Actually Jared, the NPCs are way more over hostile groups, raiders and just, well Shiva's Freak-Outs lol.
But I do see where you're coming from, and could frankily, there is the Eco-Warriors, or what ever they are called, down in Thorne's, which act like Vista varity of eco-terrrorists.

Plus, believe it or not, I was going to make a character that was actually in one of the NPC factions instead of just one of the factions...


And apologies for not posting this sooner... ^.^;

*Middle Finger*

Petyr's picture

I thought there was already a Vista one awhile back, yes? Anyhow, i think it's an interesting Idea if only there were more people to support every Rp clan


There was, but I can barely find anything about there being a clan, let-a-lone the solo Oilville bombing of a Vista v.v...

Perhaps I'm just not looking hard enough, but yeah...

*Middle Finger*

I like the idea and not because about 85% of my now deleted characters were all vistas at one point, or at least had vista reputations but how about a non-lethal aspect hm? Tranquilzer guns (those are a thing, i can make them... or at least have the recipe unlocked) stun guns, cattle prods, flashbangs, snare grenades. All more or less non-lethal. No guns, no bombs, no throat slitting. (and no disintegrations! :P) There's been more than enough gangs/clans/operations/companies/groups that are all willing to kill other people for their beliefs. It'd probably be a nice change to see a non-lethal group, I'd like it at least.

Also, possibly for inspiriation, go check out the Vistas in Thorne's Bluff, there's an Eco-Warrior group there, they're pretty much the 'terrorist' aspect of that faction.

I can scavenge trash... but this? This is rubbish! - Post Fall scavenger problems.

*Jumps into a ufo and disintergrates him with a death ray* Crypto! Screw the old hot-air balloon, Pox!

Was thinking about the 'taking hostages' part be as less-leathel as possible, and the tranq-guns would come in handy. Afterall, this is just a work in progress, and didn't wanna step on toes, prior to what the community thunk.

As for Thorne's, gonna have to be later then sooner, considering I'm a Tech at heart and the only toon of my with any faction (or, at least, over lvl 15 lol) is Strait, and that dudes a Tech... See where I'm coming from :D? But nah, the whole "Eco-Warrior" group is just pretty much just those "Crazy Vista Terrorists" as some missions I've run, have said. Will check it out later however...

*Middle Finger*

Sarah Gunsmith's picture

I've toyed with the idea of a less than lethal group before, and I still have a few ideas rattling around in my mind.

Here are a few of my thoughts on the matter. Some points folks might already be familiar with, but hopefuly this helps paint a picture of why we don't see these things so often.

From an IC sense there are only a few practical considerations that make less than lethal force a problem, the main one being that while in video games less than lethal works rather efficiently for each and every mook, in real life, depending on the size and fisiology of an individual target, one might have to apply only a little or alot of the same force to achive the same result. Too little or too much is a problem.

From the OOC sense, most folks prefer bullets over darts because a bullet is much more final. There's little arguing or worming around with the terminal effects of a 7.62x51 round on human (or mutant) flesh. Also death or the threat of death makes for much more intense drama. It creates more consequences that all involved have to deal with, not just the one who pulled the trigger, but everyone else who witnessed it and allowed it to happen or not. Getting RPers to part with their guns is a tricky proposition.

The other problem with RPing a terrorist group is also an offshoot of the problems real life terrorist groups. Namely, what do you do if the public isn't behind you? Not to say I've ever seen one, but a well exevuted terrorist campaign could have the masses cheering for your lot, IC and OOC, and at that point it can be interesting RP for all involved. How do you balance a duty to hunt down a terrorist with ones own sympathies for the cause, and what does that ultimately do to your characters own morals and beliefs? Plenty of room there for cirsis and breakdowns all of which are quite interesting given the circumstances.

The problem comes when the terrorist actions aren't well recived, or in all the chaos, folks find that the relaxed RP they have, the little human moments that are so hard to get, are getting interupted by the attacks. Now compared to the IC frustrations, the OOC frustrations may be amplified, particularly if the players in question don't have alot of free time to enjoy FE and don't want to get sucked into the terrorist plot. Even a plucky little five man group can cause alot of headaches.

Now up until now most of this post has been nothing but problems, but I do believe there are some solutions to the matter.

I've seen quite a few folks in the last week wandering around and just in general ICly in need of work. It's not out of the realm of possibility for an eco-terrorist to start making the rounds and start recruiting folks for a future campaign. They could demand of employees the use of non-lethal means and it could be quite interesting keeping tensions in such a mercenary group stable at least untill the campaign is over.

The second thing is alot of OOC communication. Now keep in mind you don't have to spell everything out with everyone, but take the time to sit down with a few clan leaders and hash things out. Considering the scope of a terror campaign you could quite easily be affecting quite alot of people. Flesh out your ideas, be prepared for some critique and try to make things work. Be prepared to let folks know your expectations of who is eligable to be killed, and if not what consequences you're prepared to let them suffer. Getting all of this settled ahead of time will cause much fewer headaches in future. With any plotline, ultimately you're trying to satisfy as much of your audience as possible, and sometimes that means making changes.

In short, if making sure other folks are having fun, eco-terrorisim is not for you.



Sarah's Signature Picture

Let me do this properly. Those ideas are worth a bit.

And it did help. A lot more then certain peoples "input".

No offence, you've hit it dead on. Only there is one major flaw, sense when the hell did people actually make stuff "realistic" when it comes to Roleplay? Again, no offence... After all, I'm one of rare rare few that would go beyond his way to make things as realistic as possible, on a few conditions (of course), but wouldn't go causal to suit the means of the "community", as people like to call it. (Seriously seem dickish >.>, so apologies if I do seem like that.)

There's a small flaw, most people ICly would prefer a bullet in there skull, then either void it, turn out to be a clone, or ultimately, try and "persuade" people into putting their guns down and not firing a slug into each other's skull. As for a way to combat the one-lifer "I NEVER WANNAH DIAH!" stuff, hence the non-lethal approach. But, like you said above, though imo, it should of been OoCly and this one ICly, but *shrugs*, anyway, like you said above, numerous things would have to be done before it actually acceptable. And that's nnot to mean there won't be a new breed of Godmoder's, who are "Invicible to ALL posion and ALL tranq's" kinda bull...

'Nuff Said. That's all around internal conflict. I will however say, that the terrorist's in mind, won't be much for "Ohmahgewd! The public loves us!" ...

Again, 'Nuff Said. No input either, mainly cause there isn't much to say about it anyway... But, there has been a lot of people just begging for something new >.> and in a way, this is one of the, 'Solutions'.

*Bows respectfully and moves on*

Was that intended at me? Just curious lol
But in short, again... I never said "DIS SHIZIM WILLZ BEZ TAH ECO-BOMBZ!" after all... The key is in the comment I did to Engel (below) and in the title, that it might or might not be ecology-based.

*Middle Finger*

Ardenn's picture

Myt thoughts generally run along the line of; What is there to terrorize, really? MOST the players we have around here are badasses in one way or another (And yes, even cooks can be badasses at cooking :P), I dont really know that it'd be possible to RP one credibly in the current environment. What are you going to do, herd up a bunch fo prarie chickens and send them rampaging through town to stop chicken abuse? Blow up a facility just to have it rebuilt the next morning because someone wasnt online to witness it? .... Plant trees?

I dont know. Neat as an idea it could be, it doesnt seem like it actually has support regarding things to actually do.

Current Status; Fully Operational, Slightly Cheesy


“I destroy my enemies when I make them my friends”

Ramon Cain's picture


Neat idea really just not the right ... uhmm "conditions" to it ?


Sarah Gunsmith's picture

People abuse chickens?

Sarah's Signature Picture

have you heard the wheezing and groaning they make when they someone rides them? it's barbaric.

I can scavenge trash... but this? This is rubbish! - Post Fall scavenger problems.

I thought my chicken only had asthma!

*Middle Finger*

"What is there to terrorize, really?"

"What is there to terrorize, really?"

"What is there to terrorize, really?"

"What is there to terrorize, really?"

"What is there to terrorize, really?"

"What is there to terrorize, really?"

Always wanted to do that lol
Now that urge is gone... Lets start the... awkward Q&A...

Pretty sure this is just a Badger's shot (and major fail) at trying to drag more shit down... (Seems more over, then a flipping joke too...)

But considering, you actually added something in the end to make it seem more over just general, "bad time in history", I gotta admit, you are right. The general population of godders and non-existant ghosts, would just generally fuck it up...

And that's why I'm not restricting it to just "blow this person up, inside this building whilst everyone is having a massive orgy of useless conversations", but making it more wider and out there, which (hopefully), generally means more stuff to do, which also hopefully, means more support.

*Middle Finger*

Sarah Gunsmith's picture

Let's not get into name calling here, not to mention, last time I checked, Ardenn isn't a member of the Badger's clan.

Sarah's Signature Picture

I know that. Just seems with the recent crap Badger's have been putting up lately, it just seemed like that.

*Middle Finger*

((Actually...Ardenn isn't part of the Badgers...nor have I EVER rp'd with you....I put a response up about general responsiblity. As for your Badgers comment...you can kindly piss off.


((Good luck in your venture.


*Contact me to Join the "Original" Police Force*

Sarah Gunsmith's picture

Fair enough, but last warning here, no more clan bashing on FERP.

Sarah's Signature Picture

Alright. Been a pretty shitty month for me, just saying (not like it matters much, but meh)...

*Middle Finger*

((Really....I don't think we have enough random people out there "blowing things up" and causing "General Disarray". Let's have MOAR terrorists!!


((Hehe...my attempt at satire. Seriously though, organization and communication. Random acts of violence only have so much staying power before they become downright annoying.


*Contact me to Join the "Original" Police Force*

Javier Mendez's picture

(that buggy full of gunpowder parked behind the station...just pretend you never seen that.


Tbh I've been trying to think of a way to RP bombs being disarmed other then just rolls. Seems like it could lead to some fun suspenseful RP.

Sarah Gunsmith's picture

I actually had an idea for bomb disarmament in another game that was stollen based on an episode of MacGyver. The bomb in question would have three or four exotic fuses that were something of a logic puzzle to disarm. It can be fun, but the hard thing is what to do if you get too many cooks in the kitchen, and how to give everyone something to do.

Sarah's Signature Picture

A lot of people would somehow, in some shape or form, godmode and metagame it to a small degree at least. But that's not to say most would either...

How about, instead of making everyone try and fail at disarming the bomb, try and make it as secretive as possible, but alert anyone in there via OoC that if these certain people fail at disarming it (or if anyone actually fails to find it in the first place), they're going sky-high, so to speak... Plus, don't limit it to keeping them in the same area, make them run if they want and bring a overly armed bomb-squad of Enforcers, or something lol

*Middle Finger*

Lyssa's picture

It could be fun as long as there is sufficient cross-communication between all parties involved and also if those involved "keep it real"  No invincible one-man/woman armies and no dirty bombs carried all over the place with no damage to those carrying them.    There is more than  enough mayhem that can be raised without exorting to things that are beyond improbable.  




Well hell. That's DEFINITELY why I want nothing but true vets and long-time role players, to keep it real, so to speak, and make sure crap like Super Soldiers with Hydrogen Bombs, completely fine whilst being covered in the most lethal radiation, kinda crap, doesn't happen and that. Plus it's also a major plus, cause the only people who would generally be allowed (again, veterns and long-time rpers) would be able to keep the communication on top and in the clear instead of breaking down and completely screwing everyone other (so to speak... (Also, I have NO idea why I keep putting "so to speak", into what I've typed...))

*Middle Finger*

Engel's picture

((Never mind the vote. You can follow the opinions and people here and tailor your ideas around them.

Terrorism is cool as it generates plotlines. In a post apocalyptic world there should be random chaos and obstructions to any kind of progress towards "civilization". However, there are so few things actually rebuilt that it would be silly to just blow up... err... cement buildings because of... err... ecology?

Threats to ecology are mostly made by technological progress so Picus Ridge is a viable target in my opinion. I mean, for a smart eco terrorist.

- this comment was brought to you by Oilville Primo™ -

^ to most of it.

But! You're forgetting, Picus Ridge, is a major concrete join itself, meaning ecology-based bombings and that, would just be completely shot back into general bombings. But you do have a point...


And as for the rest of everyone!
There IS a bloody reason why the title is "...terrorist (and/or eco-terrorist)...", the "and/or" is the KEY part... it ISN'T, "(They WILL be Eco-Terrorists)"...
*Sighs* ... Fucking corrupted hippies... (Jokes! =P)

*Middle Finger*

Sarah Gunsmith's picture

I think the reason people have latched on to the eco terrorisim angle is really because, that'sthe real fresh idea that you have. It contrasts with most other possible motives, because it has a nice meaty moral grey area folks can sink their teeth into. The terrorists aren't that easy to label as evil and file away with the rest of the destructive acts going on.

Just my personal perspective on things for this paragraph: but I'm really bored of the general 'watch the world burn' motivations that most of the current antagonists have. I'm not saying they're doing anything wrong, I've come across some that are very well played, and the plots are interesting enough and I've had some quite enjoyable RP. At the same time, it feels like a tired old road I've been down far too many times, with the same emotions played out through my characters one too many times, and all of the philisophical debates have long been exhausted. So when I see a new proposal, I'm looking for something I haven't seen before, and personally that's got to be the eco-terrorisim side of it.

I really think that if you're serious about a terrorist campaign it needs a really good, 'three dimensional' motive, to get it to stand out and get folks to put effort into it.

Sarah's Signature Picture

Tbh, the eco-terrorist idea was just a bassis for another vote I'll be doing soon, to see which people would prefer.

Everyone's bored of the same crap from the current antagonists, hence why everyone is running around jobless and bored v.v...
The whole "eco-terrorist" side, just fails in general imo. 'Cause considering once they start actual terrorist acts (bombings, hostages, etc.), they pretty much turn into just plain old terrorists. And in a way or two, they end up damaging the ecology via terrorist acts (like blowing the living crap out of Picus, for a example, like the one somewhere on his vote's page) by making having people repair stuff, which means, more wood consumption, more wood consumption, less general breatheable air, less air... yeah... You know where this pattern is going...

As for the motive, it's REALLY still in the planning stage and nothing has been materialised yet, so can't really say if it's just going to be zero dimenstioned or something completely unbelievable from the fourth dimension...

*Middle Finger*

Betty Hatlevik's picture

I wish I could say more about this, but right now I'm too tired to make my thought's cohesive. So that's all I'm going to say about that.

In the land of Gods and Monsters I was an Angel, living in the Garden of Evil.

So, to summarise, this is just generally a quickly put together idea. With lots more ideas being added to it and coming out via the replies I've been doing. Seems like it's going to be pretty obivous as to which type of terrorist cell people would want in FE.

This hasn't gone to lead and paper yet (pen and paper if you want), and rests on the community, otherwise, I'll either just ditch it or let it become a more private arc and build from that.

I'll be done via veteran/long-time role players who know what not to do and what to do (basically, no godmoders, metagaming, that kind of stuff). They will ALL be running on one-lifer alts. As for when they will finally die, that is a different matter that I'll be running ideas for once it has reached the lead and paper (see above) stage. (Lined out part; not entirely sure about this after thinking about clone infiltrators...)

What else... Oh yeah. The "Cell", let's call it (not to be confused with Cell Phone lol), will NOT be restricted to just bombing things. The style, target and how long (after a certain period (roughly thinking of 5 or more weeks right now (irl weeks))) till the next target.
The 'Cell' will be also doing other stuff, hostage taking, convoy knock-overs (although, that will require people from the community to help get it running in the first place), the obvious bombings, 'dicking' buildings (basically, paint a giant dick on the side or something XD) and other stuff.

The 'Cell' will generally be small, possibly even getting into the small to small-large, clan size. It will be a clan, composed of one-life characters.

The 'Cell' will also be based on non-lethal methods to prevent aurgments over premature one-lifer death (outside of the clan), but, we'll be going lethal IF found out, certain people are clones when it comes to targeting and other objectives. Not entirely sure about this, BUT we WILL be more over based on non-lethal to prevent as many premature one-off's deaths.

Also, I'm toying with another idea for what the 'Cell' could really be for. Btw, this is the method's section, which will deffently be built on before it becoming a prototype prior to making it going into full-time action.

[Still working out what to type, so please, make a new comment instead of clicking on that "reply" link at the bottom of this, just so I can keep editing it as needed]

*Middle Finger*

Kyotan's picture

There's already a Vista Eco Terrorist Clan, Datura Cell. They just meet in secret and don't tell anyone.

"The Children will rise"

Sarah Gunsmith's picture

The first rule of Eco club is, you don't talk about eco club!

Sarah's Signature Picture

Yet wanna know why the hell, they are named after a extremely posionous plant...

And if they're still active, and even do role play anything... *Shrugs* Never know, could just be real life ecoterrorists plotting failed attacks on American labs and what not (Hey! You NEVER know lol).

*Middle Finger*

Colt Arnett's picture

Heh, we're still around. =)

Actually nice to know!

Seems like you guys can keep up the "good fight", considering this vote seemed to bomb... No pun intended >.>

Guess I'll do what Engel said, form the idea around all the ideas and that, and see if it gets more support, ah well.

*Middle Finger*

Kitty Cat's picture

The problem with ALL "bad people" in the game is that there are no consequences.

They would need to act like a real group.

If they meet in the game and someone listens in on them, then their plans should not magically change, but they should run into the police trap.
Never seen that happen.

If they want to bomb something, then they should have an item called "bomb" or "explosive device" or something realistic.
There are enough items in the game for that, but usually "bad people" don't want to put any real effort in it.

If they are caught, after slaughtering a dozen people, they should bascially accept that that's it.
You can't commit a dozen murders and then only be in jail for a day.
Yes, that means your char is pretty much done with and unless you like prison-RP, you shouldn't play a really bad guy, period.

Also the "good" side has to accept some things.

If there is i.e. a eco terrorist group, that slashes tires outside of a party, then they have to /e that out.
The guys inside can't magically have a feeling that something is going on outside to catch them, but they will have to face slashed tires when they leave.
Also online/offline stuff has to be accepted if your char was not there.
If you go to a party in Hope Springs and a bad guy plays out that he meanwhile ransacks your place in Sunshine Corners (really /e-ing it out for possible bystanders there to see, taking screens of the action visible in the chat-window) then you have to accept that.

Also if you are a witness of a crime, you should better accept that the guys kill you if they spot you, or take you hostage, etc.

And last but not least:
If a bad guy is identified, then good guys shall not interact with them anymore, because that is unrealistic and really disables any cop RP in the game.

All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.

He, who has cursed me, will bath in the blood I spill until he drowns and my curse is lifted.

Petyr's picture

ALL bad guys, eh? Have you observed Bonitos?


Petyr is right on this Kitty. Simply put, the Bonito's have been doing "ALL "bad guys"" justice for a change (... not in the lawful way, but actually resurrection the REAL style of Bad Mother Fucker) and has seen proper results.

*Middle Finger*

Javier Mendez's picture

(Thanks for the positive feed back guys.


To kitty

yes we have done alot of jail time in the bonito boys. One member 3 weeks one two weeks I think. One member was hung due to his actions while up. Also we had one one-lifer beat to death while in jail.

That's what the eco-terrorists are going to not flaunt out so easierly.

My intentions, completely.

Hence the call towards vets and long-time runners.

Hence another call towards a minimum of 5+ weeks, so we can gather the stuff. Role play, making the bombs (either with "special" help or (in the usual sense of 'dirty' and not 'dirty bomb' which is actually an improvised nuclear weapon from radioactive nuclear waste material and conventional explosives) by ourselves, the dirty way), and enough time to plot, gather information and set up the perfect "Stage"...

Hence the call (Too many hence's and call's, but meh) for the alt toon to BE a PURE one-lifer. And once their death has come, they accept it, willingly or not (of course, still voiding certain things like massively overkill godmodding, obivously).
And I highly doubt, any of the "real" members, would choose jail time over death.

----- Don't need to comment on that paragrath lol

I agree whole-heartedly. Hence (again!) the call to vets and long-runners.
If the character of the terrorist's wasn't there. They weren't ever there. A simple rule to follow in the 'Cell'.
Would LOVE to see these sorts of posts, BUT! I am NOT in anyway, thrashing anyone on this matter. It's just one of those rare types of things, that'll most likely, never freaking get posted...

*Puts his arms out to say "Of course"*

That's the main twist. The most basic and simple rule, never to break, is to NOT allow anyone to know who it really is playing the alt. No mention of it. Nor any mention of it to fellow clan members. This is simply an attempt to eliminate any and all possibility of this happening.


Just going to add, that yeah, Kitty is right on both sides. A lot of this, from what I've heard or been told, has somehow broken these simple rules.
As for why I commented on it with my thoughts and what I plan to do with them. Simple, fill in more information to the public.
Of course, for sane and usual reasons, quite a bit of information has been with-held to not, discourge the idea. Simply put.

*Middle Finger*

Reavy's picture

"You can't commit a dozen murders and then only be in jail for a day."

- Why not do it eye for an eye style? Dozen murders, set the goal to kill the murderer dozen times. Not being able to do anything without constantly looking over your arm expecting an attack could be consequences enough.


Javier Mendez's picture

As a bad guy I have to say jail time is way worse then death. By the time my execution date came around I was looking forward to it.

Thanks to the badgers there was alot of fun jail RP, but not near as fun as being free lol

Petyr's picture

It's not necessarily* true, at this point after our experiences Reavy I'd rather be in jail for weeks at a time than go through more "you kidnapped someone? Im going to hunt you down so you can't ever have peace, even when in your home."

damn typo.


Javier Mendez's picture

That's when ya hire a merc to protect ya or hassle the aggressor. :p

Petyr's picture

Hassling Reavy? I might as well kick Dorado in the nuts in the middle of Hope while I'm at it. And at the time I was a slaver the Mercs were basically just Reavy lol.

besides... "paying money" goes against my nature. And my wallet.



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