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How creative are you in the names department?

Child Prodigy
10% (5 votes)
Very Creative
21% (10 votes)
33% (16 votes)
Not Really Creative
23% (11 votes)
2% (1 vote)
Barely Creative
2% (1 vote)
Dude In A Coffin Creative
8% (4 votes)
Total votes: 48


Just boredom...


Feel free to post or not, this is OOCly btw.

Reckon I'd probs be like, iffy... Probs middle, Not Really Creative, considering I usually over think it...

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Not really creative in the sense that I carry names and personnalities over in every game I play. Henerkin, the main, from Space Pirate to Imperial Merc (swg)   to Rogue (DDO) to Witchunter (WaR) to Traveler (FE) and back to Space Pirate (SWTOR), he remains the same guy IC, with a role that is adapted to its time and environment. Its the same for Mogy, the henchmen and all the others either followers or contacts or family members. So in that perspective, not really creative. Unless the game inspires me  new alts whos gonna have a new name and join the family.

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The majority of my character names are consanants that have been mashed together when I needed a name that wasnt taken by someone else. I have six character names I use across all MMOs as generic character archetypes I use until I have enough lore under my belt to create something specific to whatever world I'm interested in at the time.

Ardenn is an exception however, as he was actually named something completely different until a few years ago. There was a great amount of ceremony around renaming him and changing the way he thought about his life in general, his upbringing making him weirdly sensitive about peoples names.

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I think I have about three character names that I tend to reuse along with general physical archetypes. I'm not a fan of reinventing the wheel when it comes to the look of characters and so I've got an army of six foot tall redheads, and five foot something raven haired girls dotted about all the games I play.

When it comes to writing, unless its a protagonist, I usualy look at my bookshelf or the back of whatever DVD I have handy and mash together names until I have something I like enough. For protagonists, I usualy take a great deal more care, because unless I'm writing in first person, I'm going to be repeating that name over and over and over again, and I'd better not get sick of it.

I'm not a big believer in symbolic names anymore, though Gunsmith is a holdover from a time where I was more open to the idea, and as such there's no real need to spend creative energies on finding something cool.

Plus the best name is already claimed:

Hiro Protagonist.

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Character creator must have a randomize name button or I cry. All my toons in FE and other MMO's have received their names like this. When it comes to the chars themselves they tend to gravitate towards the same sooo Dude in the coffin !

EDIT: Oh I forgot, unrelated but meh, whenever I have an idea for a plot or something to try out in FE, I tell Petyr about it, he shoots it down and I go back to the drawing board. So he's sort of my quality control manager and has a way more down to earth perspective, that I appreciate a lot.


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I get your dreams up and shoot them down just in time *thumbs up*

As for names, when I am in the mood I can generally create some, what I think are "creative", names. As long as they aren't ridiculous (like randomizng names usually gives cause god knows Jadhekadana isn't gonna fly for my character name).

i prefer "real" names but with small twist on them. Such as Peter = Petyr (to make it look more East-European)

edit: So I'm going with "Not Really Creative"


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I think Im pretty creative when it comes to names even though Nisha Samara dates back a good 10 years ... Sang perhaps 7-8.   Both I have used extensively though various games and whatnot, but the waifs name I chose specifically for her, and definately counts for creativity  XD. 

Canni Belle began as a request from Aiid for me to put a toon in Reavers so I renamed a low level mule with the character he actually helped me design.  We decided on a feral, cannibalistic child clone who was really intended on being an absolute monster except that changed gradually when exposed to a town full of caring adults that was patiently determined to help the wild child.

I so wish we could change character appearence so i could ditch the make up on her that I pretend isnt there or cover with a mask -_-

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I have a total block for names >.>

And oddly, 90% of the names I pick have double letters. Specially the L.

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I, too, tend to repeat names. But, when I have to, I believe I'm quite creative with them... A few I've used through the years are:

Ganneth [ Drow Wizard in 3.5 Forgotten Realms, 3.5 IRL years campaign / WoW Mage]

Ilthorin [Elf Bladesinger in the same FR Campaign]

Kraethas [BE Paladin in WoW]

Jergan (Pronounced Yer-gun)

Naeth / Rumple Garlsdotter (NPC) / Toji / Kraus / numerous others [For a fantasy MUD called Shattered Kingdoms)

Maatard Jans [This is a great success. Star Wars tabletop / SWG / EVE]

Kolden [Another Star Wars name for our current campaign] 


Generally, I'm bored with names. But when I have to, I come up with them fairly easily... Though, without them always being the best name for the occasion. Also, I like to use "generators" a lot, not in the fully automated kind, but the kind where you got lists with prefixes, suffixes and middle syllables and you mix and match them to make names.

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hell... the amount of things I have roleplayed I guess its time I start nameing off alot of names

Danny McKillop { I use this name to in Fallen Earth but in Garrysmod i used the name for my City Roleplay guy who was head of S.W.A.T, and for my Vetern Ranger on Fallout roleplay} Guess some of the Reasons was becuse its my IRL name

Logan Mckillop {Brother to Danny, only used this name on Fallen earth}

Archangel "Sam Anderson" {Ex-I.R.A,  international blackmarket arms dealer, also an information broker and sold information on people}

Jim Peterson {He was my Talon Company Assasin on Fallout Roleplay, and hell i made alot of caps killing people...hehe}

Alan Blackburn {He was my ASDA manager on city roleplay, and running a Supermarket was quite fun}

John Blackburn {Brother to Alan Blackburn, insted ran a Gunstore called "Lock, Load and Blast 'em " I always got my store robbed T_T }

Mosec McSteel {He was my B.O.S "Brother hood of steel" Paladan, got mauled by a Deathclaw "Big fuck ass scary beast" sadly"

Rurik Alaske {Russian arms dealer on Fallout roleplay who ran a family arms company called "Red Steel Arms"}


And... them are all the ones i can remamber, to me there creative in some ways but ah... thats just my opinion, i have roleplayed ALOT more but i dont think ya wanna spend all day reading some of the silly things i have roleplayed.... Like Weasel Mcbush who was my construction worker who just sat on his arse and munched on Sandwiches, use to throw bricks down at people from the scaffeldings who shouted abuse up at him for being fat.


I'm frankly appalled the max creative rank isn't MacGyver, i mean come on, it's so easy.

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Well, I doubt MacGyver was doing the things he does, back when he was a kid, Pyrok. Otherwise, it would most likely be that instead of Child Prodigy lol.

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Whelp, there's quite a few interesting opinions on here, and gave me (and possibly other readers) a slight, yet neet insight into the creative side of the commenter's minds.

And it seems that some voters think quite highly of themselves (no offence intended).

Seems like if I ever come back and create a character I've been writing a story about, I might brainstorm a few names for him with some peeps (not limited to the more creative ones).

           Thanks for voting on this and commenting about it (if you did).

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I usually take words and run them through Google Translator to get names for my Characters...Post FE. FE I made original names...or took things from my own "Pop-Culture" and combine them.


I have Hindi, Bengali, Japanese, Native American, Hood and, good old fashion Troll in my names.


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LOL @ good old fashion troll

One minute your calm, the next your shooting someone in the face, then your doing your chickendance. If that is not chaos I dont know what is - Aiid

((There are two names Pre FE that I used, and still do...Ambriya and Kalanie...Kyra's name was created in FE but I have since made her in other games, most recently Rift..and yes her last name is Magnum there (rp'ly at least), for now ;) Sari Chance (Rayne) is also a name I created in FE, but also now use in other games. I mainly stick to those 4 so I guess that doesnt make me very creative..:)

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I find names for story npcs are ready when they 'feel' correct. Sometimes for more eccentric characters i may create a name using an adjective or a word from another language which hints at the theme of their strangeness. As for Volt, it may seem a little unnatural but there is reason and events which led to that name in the backstory.

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Sometimse I created alts using someone elses story's npc (with their agreement). Mogy was originally a name made up by Tucker, Henerkin's first IC Traveler boss back when I joined Invicta. Mogy was the name he gave to that fictional contact for Henerkin's Gunrunning opperation in an IC job he gave him at Traveler meeting. The Week after... Mogy was contacting him in game ;)

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Pyrok was a name i came up with in ninth grade social studies for a recurring doodle I had, eventually i stopped doodling in my notebook. Turned him into a short comic character, then into a short story character (Cause i can't draw for beans, but i can write fairly well), then took a shot at making a full book, that bombed out (kept revising it, reinventing my universe and trying not to Mary-Sue my characters, etc). Then I used Pyrok as the name for my character in a game, I couldn't think of anything else, and usually Pyrok is my 'go-to' name when I can't think of anything or nothing I like comes up in the random generator.

Driftlin however is new, and I made it up on the spot when I was using the character rename item. I rather like Driftlin, not exactly sure how I came up with it though.

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And Chopter?

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I'm horrible.. Thirteen was the only character name I didn't use the in game generator for.


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  Some time ago, when I tried playing KOTOR I needed a name to use, and came up with Ænimia Raziel. I got the first name from Tool's album Ænima and just altering it a little and the last from the movie Willow. (The character Fin Raziel) That was kind of my go to name for a while, even used it playing Skyrim. Though while playing Skyrim I kept thinking Freyja would've been a more fitting name, but didn't want to start over. 

  Then I saw a "Let's Play" video on YouTube a friend linked and in the credits one of the people that worked on the game was named Aina Hatlevik, I thought it sounded pretty so I remembered the name. When I started playing Fallout I needed a character name so I used that. After playing that for a bit I thought somethign like Betty Smith or Betty Cleaver would've fit more with the 50's campiness of the game but, again, didn't want to start over. lol

  Then when I found FE, I was assuming most people would have names like Deadleous and Belsour, or Killingyoudead or Silverfox8827 (Seeing as it's an online game) and I thought a normal name like Betty would be kind of funny to see. Then I found you could use two names and still liked Hatlevik, so I used Betty Hatlevik. I was actually a little surprised by the amount of more "normal" names used in game though. Seen a few "Srarah's" and a lot of "Frank's"...

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In FE I've used random name generator, since it throws pretty reasonable names imho. Expect name Larry Throne I took comes is real historical name. Modern names what could be reasonable in US was too hard to me. x)

Tough in WoW and other fantasy themed RPGs I feel it's easier to create names from my own head, especially surnames are fun to create. :)

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For a long ass time, I've been carrying the name "Kiako Lalene" into various games, but now I'm starting to diverge.

One of my pathfinder characters is named Donner Reisen, which in german roughly translate to "thunder traveler" or "thunder traveler". The reason he has this name is that the game takes place in a fantasy setting, and he has a revolver... a rare weapon in the world where most people prefer magic over bullets.


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so may i ask what child prodigy is? but i am very creative with my names even though i use Greta Singer as my primary name in every game lol

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