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Let's just say "If you ever wanted to make a big something-something-something-book-story-whatever, who would you want to be the main protagonist(s)?"

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Ardenn Bananaman & Kyotan (Or one of the two.)
15% (11 votes)
4% (3 votes)
Joe Spivey
4% (3 votes)
The Irish Trio (I don't know about one of the three.)
8% (6 votes)
Nothere Dave
15% (11 votes)
Veronica Volt
4% (3 votes)
Reavy & Strelok (Or one of the two.)
5% (4 votes)
Axton & Allriae (Or one of the two.. Or well.. Mayhem awaits us all.)
3% (2 votes)
8% (6 votes)
Kabou & Holy Elite (Or one of the two.)
7% (5 votes)
3% (2 votes)
8% (6 votes)
Other (Tell us/me/whoever your ideas!)
17% (13 votes)
Total votes: 75


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Yes, I know.. The choices are kinda long.. Sue me, I have no money! <3 We'll make out later. Mwah!


Knowing that a story or something like this would never become real, this is just a funny little "What IF?" Or something like that...

If you slapped that "Other" choice thingy then unload those ideas and have fun with it!

Talk about what kind of genre would you see the character(s) of choice be part of and what plot they would go through. Would there be a happy ending? Bad ending? Hilarious ending? Would it be a biography? Adventure? Horror? War? A good Comedy? FIRE AWAY!

Just think about it! Some examples. (Don't hurt me. lel)

The Biography of Joe Spivey, the legendary Merchant of the Canyon!

The Irish Trio, co-starring Lmao in: The Great Battle For The Potato Bar!

The Interesting Tales and Adventures of Nothere Dave!

Take part, Have fun!

...And don't kill each other.

"Neutrality at it's best."

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...of course I voted for myself!

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"Neutrality at it's best."

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I dont think Ard should be included since I've already written 200 journal entries for him and some people wanted me to make an e-book out of it :P

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Alrighty, got any creativity to share about who you chosed?

"Neutrality at it's best."

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Im more interested in Pyrok now that I've been doing a little middle man between he and betty... XD

Current Status; Fully Operational, Slightly Cheesy


“I destroy my enemies when I make them my friends”

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So many stories here. Sadly, I can only vote for those I know of so as I haven't been in game in any serious way for a while there are some on the list that I must exclude. So then, I've chosen 'Other' because I can't just choose one. There are many others who have stories too, but the OP is asking for protagonists so I have limited my list to only those who obviously tick the necessary boxes.

Reavy would be a good choice, with Strelock too if you think about the reason I am going to give. There is something about Reavy that makes me think of Sergio Leone's spaghetti-western character 'The Man With No Name' (you can imagine wheree Strel fits into that ;) ).

Canni, of course, because the character is just so unique. Definately a revenge story for her.

I'm going to put V V and Engel together and put them in a road trip story... yeah, that.

One not on the list and definately worthy of consideration is Subdane, the 'white hat' of the wasteland. He is my ideal protagonist against the great villains of FE like Michael DeStefano.


Stick with me kid and you'll be farting through silk.

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"Neutrality at it's best."

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We are all stories in the end.

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"Neutrality at it's best."

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id like two together me and joe real odd couple they kuld confuse each other two stooges instead of the theww

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I'd say Kyotan. Maybe just a back story or something. I'd like that.

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I've actually been planning on writing a more extended story/whatever based on Canni.

What I would love most of all is a composite of us all .. sprinkled heavily with past rp and all the love, drama and creativity this community has shared over the years.

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That would be a wonderful story indeed when its writen.

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What nobody remembers me the crazy military Russian? I don't mean to be a snob but I'd vote for my self.

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hell, you could make a reality show off my girl

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I know this poll is old, and I'm necroing it... But... Nobody mentioned Wichi? The biggest little antigonist in all of the Wasteland? The one Ardenn conned into bombing Hope Springs, having everyone after her. The one he also blamed for the plague, when it first spread?

How easily she is forgotten. *pouts*

I know I'm not in game anymore... just lurking around at whathappeing here on the site. *Hugs*



"Skimpy was being...  well... Skimpy."  - Ardenn, in a journal description of Wichita.

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Well,.. KOSHEEN! Duh.

..and the various people she has interacted with over the years. Kosh has existed in many RP game worlds/genres but FE and FERPers have made FE Kosheen the best version of Koshie I have ever Rp'd. Seriously, thank you to anyone who has ever met her, you enriched my life in so many ways.

I have toyed with the idea of bringing her to life in a Novel or Web Comic over the years. If I ever publish, ill be sure to leave a link here.

However, if I wasn’t a total Narcissist... I would want to write/read a dramatic Telenovela version of Aiidoneus rise to CHOTA Boogeyman Power complete with.. melodramatic, whimsical cameos from all my old friends ><

..and now I am so far off track I forgot what the original question was...so ah.


PS. This is a Forum of Rpers... of course we would all vote for ourselves. >.>

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