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Pet Pit Fights - even though it's just a computer game, should I organize this event?

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Sure, post apocalypse and backstreet dog pit - fights go hand in hand! I condone this mature event.
83% (20 votes)
Do what you will, but don't post on FERP about it or at least place a warning tag. Such an event seems too cruel.
17% (4 votes)
Total votes: 24


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(idunno if im bugged i tried to vote sure but not showing up for me.

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((I did the same as Javier did and the bar went to the second option o.O

((It's a fault cause the 2nd option is too long.

Basically, I voted the 2nd to check the fault out and it seems if someone votes for the 2nd, the first and largest bar appears right above it...

As for the actual vote, obviously the first one...))

((EDIT: It's just the vote page that's faulty btw. Just checked home and the sidebar and they're fine.))

*Middle Finger*

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When Pokemon was new and crazy cool with the kids, I co-managed a Semi-RP fighting pit for the little bastards. It was turn based, their players would give their little bastard commands (Some of them making use of terrain and making up new attacks based on what was nearby or what type of critter they were fighting), and a 'referee' of sorts described the results of each call result.

Its possible to do crafty stuff with pets if you generate a kind of easy to use combat system that doesnt 100% need exactly a specific person around to do it every time, and the system ran for 4 years with about 40 players before there were too many of those bastards to program into our database any more.

I'd probably hang out and do some fighting if an actual system of some sort was formed, but if its solid RP and no rules, it'll probably just fall apart into chaos.

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I will not impose any set of rules if the contestants come up with a system already. For example, if they come with a ROLL system.. and they have any kind of pet they are willing commit to the fight, that's great! If they wanna roleplay the whole fight - great! If no system is brought by the contestants, I will suggest a simple ROLL system.

Any fight you win will yield you a +5% experience bonus. If one animal is stronger than the other, through this experience system, then we can form bets. That's about it.

The real role play will happen in the audience, pit fights are just an excuse :D

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LOL I hadnt acutally thought about the audience participation.. Hmm.. I may observe for a bit just to see what people do out of curiosity.

Current Status; Fully Operational, Slightly Cheesy


“I destroy my enemies when I make them my friends”

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I voted yes but welish will not fight lol

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I used to work in a vets office where we'd get patients regularly that had been in dog fights, its rough shit. I could totally see this in the wastes (Not condoning it irl, I am simply stating my opinion) It would help players flesh out and get a feel for their characters I think. Nothing breaks a persons heart faster than watching two dogs fight to the death, well.. Good guys anway ;) It sounds like it could be some really interesting rp, hope it works out bud!


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