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Is anyone interested in setting up a "Death Race" style event? It would be a Point to Point race, possibly through PVP zones.

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Yes, tell me more.
44% (4 votes)
Nope, not interested.
56% (5 votes)
Total votes: 9


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(It’d be a good excuse to pull out the gun mounted Interceptor for once.)


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Problems I forsee with that sort event are going to be the remaining hard core PvP players who, as far as I understand, keep a regular eye on the PvP marked lists and tend to go after those sort of players.
As Interesting as a "death race' sounds, it will be remarkably difficult to prevent those sort of attacks on any of us who are more RP built than PvP built.
Ardenn used to have Demolition Derby style events in the past, and i recall a few were crashed by those types of people.

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I was expecting that Jess.  That is why I chose Point to Point.  More room to run, and it would be another "Roaving Band" for racers to be concerned with.  A random part of the race that would need to be concidered.  Still not sure if Racers would flag up, or just fight in PVP zones.  We will see how much intrest there is.

What doesn't kill me... better start fucking running.

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(Personally, I remember a time when griefers interfered constantly and would welcome them to try it again now. If there were more people racing however, the normal griefers, who I've not seen in packs of more than 2-3 at a time, would have second thoughts about interfering, at least as much as they'd like. Like Hellbilly said, just consider them anything threat to work around and whether it's an Rp event or not it sounds fun, for me at least.)


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( If you do decide to go through a PvP zone, just remeber the low level zones will deuff the high level players. Also, it seems most of the returning players lately have been the PvPers. So if they get wind you're going through PvP zones, or will be flagging up, they will come after you. But also, like the game tips say, "They don't hate you, they just want you dead." Also also, the more you rage, the more they'll taunt you.

I've also also also heard there's been some problems with sever lag again lately, ( though could be the new devs trying to test out the coding and such in attempts to work in an anti cheat system, idk) so would have to keep that in mind. Hard to race, or anything when the game's laggy as hell.

But other than that, I say go for it!

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