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Veronica Volt

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Journal Entry 26: Been awhile

Well I have to say its been awhile.

A few days ago, the creeper cave I go to was blocked off for abit. Judges found something and won't let anyone see. Well that halted my research abit. So a day or two after that, Jess came by and found me in Hope. I was around a few other people. She gave me a box, it had a pissed off creeper in it. Oh what joy that was. I put my hand immedietly into the box and take out the Creeper and rub my hand under his mouth. Creepers don't like bike rides. They like ATVs, Cars, and Buggys. Anything with legs or a bike, they don't like. The Creeper calmed down after I hugged him.

A day after that, I showed him to Veronica and Kitty. They thought Welish would be jealouse but he isn't. So we chatted for abit and I took him to my lab. He quickly made a nice spot to sleep in at the pile of boxes.

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Entry 14: Another One Bites the Dust

Yesterday was not an easy day, nor will today be. I can safely say that this entire month isn't going to be easy. I am currently in Safe-Haven, writing in my journal just to pass the time while I wait for something interesting to happen. Might as well cover recent events.

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Pushing Luck



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Entry 13: Safe-Haven

        Velvat is a crazy girl if you ask me. Not that long after waking up I get a radio saying that her and Veronica will be going to Serenity Falls. Velvat claimed she wanted to see if anyone there needed medical assistance. This sounded like a bad idea to me but I went along, mainly to make sure they don't get into any trouble. When we reached the outskirts to Serenity Falls, Velvat told Veronica and I to stay put and wait. If she needed help, she would fire off flares.

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Ramon Cain's Journal Entry - 17 The good son returns home


   Ramon drinks his tea with more disgust that anything else. Uses a new book to write his thoughts since the other one has disappeared. Many things have disappeared lately, his interceptor, a few mementos of betters times, many things but his anger.

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(OOC/IC) Journal Entry 25: Market Day

Well today was exciting. I went to the crafters market with Kitty.

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Journal Entry 24: A Crazy Day

(I would have writen this yesterday but the site was down and couldn't)

Where to start? Well found a blue pen today.

I killed Kendrick. He shot at me over a stupid thing. So we went at it and I managed to kill him.

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Entry 12: Been a while


(( this journal covers events over several weeks. So if things seem to jump around, just remember that.))


              Been a while since I wrote in this journal. Part of that is because I have been too busy to focus on such a small thing, the other part of it is because I am just too lazy to take the time out of my day to write in this. I have time now, and I am going to go over everything that I missed since my last writing, which is a lot.


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Jurnal Entry 21: Failed Plans

Well today's plans failed. I went to see if I could get nodes in Hollister, failed. Then I get a message from Aiid's team to come to The District. I went there to assisst. Although I was useless. I tried my best to help kill a Vista and a few Lightbearers. Aiid, Skyla, Arg and two others should get the credit, all I did was shot a few times to help injure the enemy and scout see if they would come back.


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