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Veronica Volt

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The path of books


Mammal stumbled to his bed, leaving behind an intriguing map scratched in the sand. There were footprints of two more persons around the map. With the first gust of wind the map became unreadable.

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Behind bars and lies

Letter sent to Veronica Volt in a handwritting that she will easily remmember


Dear Veronica,

I hope that you are alive. I am in jail in Devon. I was arrested by the Union. They ask for 30 blue chips to release me. Please collect chips from a trader named Joe Spivey. The password is "Mellow". If he doesn't have enough chips for me, wait a few more days.

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Books and stars

There is a list.
There are three names on the list.


I will be checking one of the names. I am heading south to Sin Falls.

Veronica is headed into Fracture to check the other name. This will bring her in great peril.

Brink is in Thorne's Bluff. In a wheelchair. He will be looking into the last name on our list.


There is also Reavy. She is in New Flagstaff. She can't run with that patched up belly of hers, but she is pumped up for the chase in her armored car.

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A word from our sponsor

*feeble cough*
'Mr Spivey?'
*louder cough*

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The book about War

Curiosity is a quality related to inquisitive thinking such as exploration, investigation, and learning, evident by observation in human and many animal species.The term can also be used to denote the behavior itself being caused by the emotion of curiosity. As this emotion represents a thirst for knowledge, curiosity is a major driving force behind scientific research and other disciplines of human study.

Driftlin's Log - Cracked Eggs



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Infested by fear

is an emotion induced by a perceived threat which causes entities to quickly pull far away from it and usually hide. It is a basic survival mechanism occurring in response to a specific stimulus, such as pain or the threat of danger. In short, fear is the ability to recognize danger leading to an urge to confront it or flee from it but in extreme cases of fear a freeze or paralysis response is possible."

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sweat and fire

Hope Springs

Flame is dancing through my fingers as I retrieve the burning piece of paper from the fire. It... hurts. Heat... hurts. Yet she is only concerned about the paper. What value does a simple piece of paper hold? It seems it is more important than my burned fingers. What value... do I hold? Self centered thoughts creep into my mind when I am exposed to self centered enviroment. It is the backslash of the adaptation process.

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Mind Management

Ugh... that last one had a good mallet. Feels like an oversized hangover went through my head. I'm alright though, and the guy left me for dead. Pff... where am I? And what's this damn noise... Same old place, same scenery, I just didn't pay much attention to the details until now. Stretching feels strange... especially with the collar around my neck, feels like dragging a bucket.

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Deep rooted insecurities


Bad company

A gun, even an empty one. My shadow when I block the doorway. The size of my body. Observing someone in silence.

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Sun-kissed & Sunburnt (end of Engel's storyline)



New Flagstaff slums, the place where it all boils down, early morning

A good man is hard to find, only strangers sleep in my bed
My favorite words are good-bye and my favorite color is red


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Concerns in Oiville

Spider Hill


  The adrenaline in her blood lowered as she felt safe in Veronica's arms, like when a scared child is protected by her mother after a nightmare. Little by little the effects of that cannon could be felt all over her body. She didn't had strength to stand, and the worried voices around her started to make no sense.

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Entry 24: Lily Laceless


Day 2 of staying in this apartment. I forgot to bring my usual journal, so I will make do with a few loose pieces of paper and a pen. Hard to believe that just a yesterday, everything was going well. Now, I do not even know. Let me back up and explain from the beginning.

I was at the Dungeon, trying to work with one of my latest recruits for the Hope Springs Security Force, when a man came in asking to use the benches. This guy was wearing a flame jacket and some strange blue cap. I had forgotten to move them downstairs, so I had to let him inside and go upstairs to use the benches. But as we were walking up, I was hit in the head. I do not know what happened afterwards, but I woke up in a building. Although, each of my limbs were strapped to each corner of the bed, so I could not move whatsoever. I could only fear of what was to come.

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Spider Hill, part one and two


Part one

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Runs of Bad Luck

((This was some crazy rp...))

'Agggh...! For the love of god...' came Shadow's voice across the bunker bar from where the gambling machines were.

Faces in the bar turned and then quickly returned to looking down a glass.

Something almost intelligible was uttered loudly from where Shadow sat playing the gambling machine.

'What was that?' Veronica asked Allriae. 'Is he talking about farming now? Did he say bullocks? in the bar?'

'I think he lost the game,' responded Allriae, her face going a little red with embarassment.

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Build Your Own Radio Station, 101

Baka drove south, unaware that her now automatic habit of never going home in a straight line had successfully thrown off the person attempting to follow her. Lohengrin blared on the carefully rebuilt music player. This particular piece of Wagner's she thought of  as 'music to think to'.

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Journal entry 4 Arriving in Northfields


After Butch finished reading the letter he flipped the it around several times, like he was looking for something. Finally he checked the envelope again finding a small note
Quickly he read the few lines on the note

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Entry 23: LifeNet

I am seriously tired. This week, or last week have been a really interesting week. So much has happened that I can barely find the words for it. So I might as well start from the top.


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Calm like a bomb



* Engel was not seen for two days, and the safety mechanism he created springed this letter to Veronica Volt


(the note starts with a crossed over and smudged name, like a habitual mistake)

Wonder Woman,

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Entry 22: Regular Few Weeks

It is rare that things are regular for an extended amount of time. Maybe because people are starting to become more normal, or maybe my definition of normal is slowly changing. Anyways, this is what happened over the few weeks.


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Preemptive blackmail ( IC letter to Joe Spivey )


( Engel sent this letter demanding extortion money from Joe, whom he never actually met. The attempt to shake some chips off Joe is almost a bluff, but seeing that V.V. is heading into what could possibly be a suicide mission to Chemtown, he decided to interfere somehow. Regardless, the content is strictly OOC knowledge since it contains incriminating accusations. Please don't use it IC unless you find a magical way to intercept the letter. )

Dear "Joe",

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Entry 21: A Marriage Bug

Is it me, or are lots of people getting married around this time? I mean, there is Dorado and Jade, Miss Finaldrift and Chris, and myself and Veronica. Must be something in the air. Anyways, there are some other stuff I want to cover before jumping into all of that stuff.


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Entry 20: Long time, no see

Been, once again, a while since I have written in this. That is mainly because I have  been writing another book about GlobalTech and all of their technologies. Well, now I am getting a bit tired of working on that and going to take a quick break so I can put in another entry. So much crap has happened over the few months that I am only going to be going off pure memory at this point. Lets see, where to begin...


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Ramon Cain's Journal Entry 26 - Evil cast it's shadow


Ramon stumbles out of bed, blurry vision and desire to piss he quickly moves into the bathroom closing the door after him. Moments later he notices. This ain't his bathroom nor his house. Carefully goes back, opening the door slowly taking a peek outside. The naked skin of a woman adorns the bed sheets. I still got it he said to himself but who is she? He moved closer to the woman and took a jump back in horror. She was covered in blood, the expressionless look on her face could only confirm his fears. 

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Journal entry - Day 2


((This is supposed to be a personal journal kept by the character in-game, so any info read here can be accessed by another character if he picks up and reads such journal in-game - this should be very unlikely as Draco keeps it within arms reach at

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Ramon Cain's Journal Entry 24 - A known face in the darkness.


Ramon walked away from the Lifenet facility, pondering of the events that had just taken place hours before. This was definitely worth writing it down. And he did this are the words that he wrote...

Another day another night gone pass over the wasteland. What makes this one so special? You ever looked into the void and see yourself alone? The last of your kind? Just another hideous monster in exile.

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Entry 19: A question

Well, these last few weeks have been somewhat interesting. I did a few things here and there; the usual. For once, nothing bad happened to me, so that has to be  sign of some sort. Anyways, now to what happened over the weeks...


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Entry 18: A Collection of Memories


It has been a bit since I have written anything. This is mainly due to my lazyness, and the fact that I am taking time off if killing and such to spend time with my love and enjoy a few months of my life. As always, I am going to write down some of the events I have experienced in the last few days.

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Easy neighborhood

When you get to a new neighborhood you know you'll attract some heat on ya. People puttin' you down for no reason, givin' you the eye, letting you know who runs this hub an' all. My old hood was good at making angry young men out of newcomers. This pressure wears you down while you are just trying to make a little bit of room for yourself. Sometimes you gotta use your elbows you know?

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Journal Entry 39: A not so quiet day.

I thoght today was gana be a nice quiet day. I woke to find one of my shirts missing. A Creeper was fooling around we me and kept hanging it over my head, I got my shirt and made some coffee from a makeshift coffee machine. Went outside and played ball with the Creepers. They gata excersise to. After that I fed them and Traveled to Hope for supplies. 

Hope Springs


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