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Veronica Volt

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The Second like the First

The second was like the first, there in body but in mind incomplete. One purpose only, to collect, as if made just for that. It was when Veronica went to the Science Shop to get it and take it away that the clone arrived. Veronica was looking at the bookshelf when a voice behind said a single word.


Veronica turned around and saw the clone standing there pointing two pistols at her and with the strange single focus stare that the previous clone who had attacked her had. The clone said another word.

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Blood, Oil and Fears

The bruised and scratched face looked back at Veronica from the reflection in the mirror as she held it in the light. She raised a hand to her face and examined an eye. It was red, probably from the oil. She moved her hand to the collar, wincing slightly as pain came from the slash in her right arm. The collar, comfort or curse?

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Letter to Brown


Dear Ms.  Brown,


I would like to report several different subjects and in order to do so I

shall divide them into topics.

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Soup is served

Veronica closed her eyes.

        The coin rises into the air, spinning, light bouncing off metal...

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Soup night [Dan's POV]

I arrive to the bunker bar where people claim to be giving out free soup, I wanna investigate this. If it's legit I'll take it but if not I dunno might have some bandits to deal with. I'm inside now and see no soup or no one giving it out. I just left the bar and see two people talking outside of it, a lady and a man. I figured they were there for the soup as well. So I said "Soup was a lie" or something to that extent anyway. They looked at me for a brief moment then continued talking.

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The first soup of the day

Veronica stirred the soup before looking up, an expression of satisfaction in her eyes, and remarking 'I know who the killer is.'

Veronica shook her head.

Veronica stirred the soup before looking up with a smile of satisfaction and responding with 'I know who the murderer is.'

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Looking through the glass


Veronica walked past a couple of men making some repair to a rusty ATV and over to the door of the Shots Bar and pushed. It opened. Sometimes she found Polly's lack of security worrying. Maybe Theta was running the bar but there was no sign of her only Andrea standing in her usual spot.

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Little Girl Lost -Mothers Day

mothers day


The Lady in Purple asked the solitary girl by the pond where her friends were and was told "with their moms"

"What about you?"she asked the thin child.

"Aint gots one" was the sharp emotionless reply.

The waif ran off saying she had to go and climbed on the back of the old blightwolf.. a lunch sized bag in hand to a nearby house, empty for years now but she could still smell the faint scent of lavender.

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Journal entry titled "Masks"

*bellow is what would be a decrypted version of the entry


It's like..

I am alone in this.
People often think that I know what I am doing.

Every. Fucking. Time. It's gonna be different this time. I can feel it. I bet that's what I said before.

You make errors without an error Engel. Every time it goes up and down. Same old story, nothing is changed.

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Goggles and Goblins

The three level parking lot stood on the edge of Kingman like the sun bleached skeletal remains of a beast long dead from a time when the automotive creatures ruled the lands. At the top of the lot in the glare of the sun stood a figure leaning against the edge wall. An occasional blinding glint from a telescopic lens hinting at the rifle in his hands.

Veronica peered over her bike at the parking lot in the distance, and at the figure standing on the top. She was sure he was waving.

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"A panorama of mountains appears to naive vision almost as a flat picture, and the starry void is a roof pricked with light."


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A rock in a hard place

Veronica stood on the edge of the precipice and looked down. About two meter below her feet was a large rock sticking out of the side and next to it a small rock just like Polly had said. 'Hard to get to!' she muttered exasperated. Why did Polly have to hide the chemical in such a place? Why not somewhere on the top?

There was no other choice. Veronica was going to go down there and fetch it. She looked around for a rope and someone to hold it but nothing and nobody. Oh well, Veronica thought, here goes. She put her foot gently over the edge of the precipice.

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Down the Road

'A radio eh?' the man said while sitting on an old discarded laundry machine chewing on something.

'Yes,' Veronica responded. 'I need to get a radio for a friend, well, someone I know and I heard you could get one here in Credit Bend.'

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History of a support character

This is OOC post explaining the path of a support character, some experiences and the storyline update. The storyline reached a threshold right now, but it is still active so please don't use the information you read here as public knowledge. I hope you will find it useful:

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Waking up in a borrowed bed in Pass Criss, instead of waking up with my wife, is not what I had in mind. Then again, none of this is what I had in mind. Week by week, day by day, everything changes from what I thought previously.

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The Dying Light

There was beauty and peacefulness to be found in the yellow glow of the sunset as Veronica sat on the hill just outside Chris Pass, her bike parked nearby watching the sun fall slowly into the earth. Yet the sadness remained. The Foreman had not yet returned and as every hour, every day passed a deep foreboding was casting a dark shadow across her, a feeling that something was very wrong.

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Winship: Pssst! Dayne!

Dayne: Oh! Um...

Winship: Wake up. Look sharp.

Dayne: Khm. Right.


Winship: That last guy looked suspicious. Should w...?

Dayne: Quiet. Stand strait, look like you mean it.

Winship: Yes.


Winship: ...


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  Pass Chris, last few days 

I watch them go by.

Clones really don't care about the locals of this town, their suffering and problems.

The windmills spin lazily to the wind producing a rusty "squeak" with each revolution.

The cars, bikes and ATVs go by. Always north, never turning back, stopping only to refuel their tank. Dogs bark.

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Running tests, wearing chickens


I was running tests, wearing chickens, the rooster broke, tore my finger, blood...no....I was running chickens, the finger broke, I was wearing roosters, cut, testing gloves... I... The Chicken King, him and his wolf, with a pile of bones, the flames danced... strange words... Ayupa'mass agemi!... Habba Yabba Ba! These thoughts fly around my mind like spirits escaping from the underworld. The words muddled. Where am I? Who am I?

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Experiencing Technical Problems

The Tech guy was waiting for her as she rode the bike into Picus Ridge. He gave her a nervous wave as she slowed the bike to a stop and jumped off.

'Are you...' Veronica began.

'Yes, the guy who spoke to you on the radio. 'Bobby.'

'So you have technical problems?' Veronica asked.

'Yes,' Bobby replied. 'I am hoping you could help.'

'Well Billy,' Veronica said. 'Are you going to show me?'

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Waiting for Dusk



I am waiting on the bridge for dusk, but it will not come.

Let the sun set. Let it set on Redfield. This bridge once connected from here to there but now it is broken. Like you.

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Roads to Ruins


Rusty bicycle there, pile of rubble over here, and that... thing near the roadside.

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Running... through the city blocks... like a madman... fumbling with the keys... getting the engine revved up...
Tires scream... dirty, dirty city has been left behind.

The tank is empty... piece of junk is left behind for scavengers... still running... deeper into the wilderness... hate, hate, hate... I hate my stupid self... Plotting bounty hunter, playing with my mind, taunting me...

"Perhaps this person is watching you?"

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I to I

I see you. Looking at me like that. Looking into my eyes. What are you here for? Answers?

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Outside Influence [9] - End?

(( There! And I pasted a chatlog. It was about time I got lazy, right? ))

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Bad Tasting Medicine

His head thumped pain and his stomach was spinning. The Credit Bend Doctor took a deep breath. It must have been one hell of a night. Of course he wasn't a real doctor, one that was trained or anything, but he had watched actual doctors and read a few books, or a few pages, and it was not that difficult, he knew where most of the bits were. Most of his patients survived, well some of them, well a few, and the others? They did not complain.

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The gun fires. One shot into the stomach.

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The art of "no thinking"

  New Flagstaff hospital, dawn 

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Walking the Breadcrumbs

Another day in New Flagstaff.

Something was not right.

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Some stories have many pants

The bar keeper behind the counter looked left and right and then back to Veronica. 'The problem is,' he said quietly. 'I need to go get you a glass.'

Veronica looked back at him with a mixture of puzzlement and amazement. 'But,' she said. 'You are a bar keeper. Isn't that the sort of thing you do?'

'Well yes,' the bar keeper replied. 'Yes it is.' He looked around again and then leaned a little closer against the counter and whispered to Veronica. 'The problem is, I am not wearing any pants.'


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