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Veronica Volt (mentioned)

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Evening, All.

The townsfolk had gathered, their voices flooding the school hall as they waited for

the event to begin. Shadow noted the confusion and alarm painted on some of their

faces, anxious as to the reason he of all people should be making any sort of

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"My hand is the extension of the thinking process - the creative process."

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Find Find ..........2001 S.O.


[IN]C.         Rolly Polly hurdy gurdy likes i do Yes! i do also, U GIVE ME ?What  oh veiled Clarissa? "This something i haveNTdream up IN mind  our merge ! IN my mind EYEillily she was urs..   has to dream up things for u us noth......and in return u dream up for me. Here  otheredave where ? Two light years years , THRU TELEPATHY EMPATHY  Ilonah TOO!  Asleep Veronica shake it off!  Wake_Pass the field of science WERE DONE polinating Pass the fiEld of science. Snow on the screen. We will go out.

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Letters, Words and Sentences (fanboi sequal)

(( The original can be found here. Thanks V, your texts never fail to inspire me. Great read. And now it's about time I wrote something in this journal. ))

The Judge shifted her view to Blake, who was already on his way towards her. As a figure bent awkwardly, he kept pushing the block with one hand. At one point, both of his hands determinedly reached towards the block.

The Judge nodded approvingly: "Closer. Cl.... what are you doing?"

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Dreams, fears and desires.



Two nights ago


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Outside Influence [4]

(( For those following the "Pages" storyline, the relevant part is beneath the last picture. ))

Claire will kill me and make me reclone a clean man once she smells the stench with those cat-senses of hers. It's been almost a three-hour workout so far and all I can do is try and walk. On a good note: we are finally reaching the place where I parked my bike. Senya keeps to himself as usual, but I'll try to climb that buisness wall he put in front of himself. Maybe even get to the bottom of the thought I left off with at the hulks.

Engine Troubles

Pyrok stared at the engine he just lugged into his 'living room'. An electric based ATV engine he'd built from parts ordered into Flagstaff. The plan was to use it to power the more demanding aspects of the house. The freezer, the stove - should he ever get that running - , being able to run multiple lights.

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A Friend's Friend

When you look for someone, the best bet would be to wait for them to show up at a place they simply have to show up. An assassin would have to show up near their target sooner or later, a housewife with no distress would show up at her home, and a trader would show up at a market. The downside is everything else they do: it can seriously mess up calculations. The man I am looking for shouldn't have any distraction from his usual hangout though, if something does happen I should be hearing about it, and all I have to do is sit it out and wait.

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Human Nature


An alive body was dragged inside a poorly lit room and once the doors were shut muffled screams could be heard. The corridor leading to that door was well guarded by men who anger arose after seeing their own town raided by complety strangers.

Driftlin's Log - Lights Out



Driftlin's Log - Run: System Shutdown


I'm currently down in the depths of that damned mine I've been looking for ever since I joined the radio project, finally found the damn thing! Only after I leave the project do I find it. Unbelieveable.... the cave system is just crawling with spiders as big as a dog. Some a bit bigger. Nearly collapsed in the tunnel from all the poison burning in my blood, had to take a breather while it gets purged from me. Mouth tastes funny too.

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Not a Small Scratch


Oiville: Medical Lab


Driftlin's Log - Entry... I have no idea.


I don't even know what entry this is anymore, I forgot to number the damn things. No matter I'll just start over.
Might as well just note down the stuff that's happened. Been too long since my last entry.

I got out of the Northfields area so damn fast I forgot about Betty. Which sparked a new kind of panic for me, once I'd come down from my own hysteria.

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A step in the right direction

He wasn't going to call her until he'd had his breakfast. You always needed to have your wits about you when dealing with Her and Joe was useless without at least having a nice strong cup of coffee inside him.

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