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Tukiko Troy

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Ytte stumbled through to Hyle’s kitchen. There was a note propped up against the kettle. The note was concise.



‘Ytte. Sorry we are not there. Needed at the hostel. Help yourself to breakfast, Coffee in the thermos. Hyle xx’


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Two Years and Centuries Later




Two Years and centuries later.


It was not long after noon when Ytte finally reached the outskirt of Hope Springs. She paused, the streets were quiet, pretty much everyone had been beaten indoors by the savage Arizona summer sun.

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The 'Great' Grandmother

Many many years from now....

A family walk, Hyle, Tuki and the many several grandchildren ambled down Hope Springs Main Street.

As they drew level with The Waffelhus the group paused. Hyle looked fondly at he old diner. It was of course long sold and Hyle was long retired. The conversation turned to stories of the old days. Of the customers. Of when Tuki worked there. Of Great Aunt Sorja. And of course of the parties, and dancing.

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Hope clinic. Morning (Zombies Ate My Neighbours)


The door to the clinic burst open and Tukiko almost ran in. She grabbed a fresh surgical mask from the box by the door and reached behind her head to tie it on.

"Maisy? What's happened?"

From the small ward, with it's new lock on the door and bars on the windows, their sole patient was awake and in obvious distress.

"GAHHHHHHHH! Hjælp mig ! Hjælp mig  snart!"

Already masked and gloved, Maisy stood with wide eyes.

"The sedatives aren't doing anything anymore. She's in a lot of pain and struggling to escape."

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A Night off Work (Zombies ate my Neighbours)

Silja hummed happily to herself, she applied some makeup to her face and did 'something' to her hair. What you can do to titivate dreadlocks is a perverse science and best left to... well, people like Silja.

But, it was saturday and the first saturday in a long time that Joe and Kirsten had  allowed Silja time of from nannying thier daughter Anneka. 

"So, off down to Hope then ! " Silja clambered into her car and roared off down the street. First stop, The vaults, pick up a little spending money. It was there she noticed her 'besterestest friend' Tuki.

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Time will tell (Zombies Ate My Neighbours)


Tukiko took the two vials of blood from the wafflehous' fridge and went to her car. She kicked the twisted fender clear of the wheel well and, making yet another mental note about the brakes, got in and set off for the Hope Springs science lab. The warm lights of home tugged at her heartstrings as she drove past and on towards the town hall. Poor Canni. So sure that everything she touched had to be cleaned thoroughly afterwards... just because she had a run in with one of those things.

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The world’s strongest nurse (Zombies Ate My Neighbors)

Neffie cleans her nails with the knife called “Mora”. She is sitting behind Hyle’s house early in the morning, her tanned brown and freckled face towards the warming sun.

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Canni's Shoe Clue (Zombies Ate My neighbours)

In the Hope Springs science lab, masked and gloved, Tuki removed Canni's shoe from the bag and set it on the bench infront of her.

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I Got Those Forced Adoption Blues


Joe was sitting in a quiet corner of his favourite watering hole when the door opened and Tukiko Troy stepped across the threshold. Joe looked up from his suds. Tuki appeared a tad annoyed about something and possesed of a certain Hyle-like determination in her demeanor that made Joe think that genetic traits might, in fact, be contageous after all. Sighing, Joe put the glass back down on the wet, mug-ringed tabletop as Tuki marched across the sawdust strewn floor towards his little haven. "Here we go." He muttered under his breath.

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The masseur needed


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4. part (the final part)


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3. part

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   2. part  (earlier in the evening)

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    1. part

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Letter Home



Delivered by Franklin Rider to Hyle's house.




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Spider Hill Again

Spider Hill. The name made Tukiko shudder inside... like it always did. But it wasn't the spiders that caused it. As she helped her small band of medics and volunteers erect the tents she kept turning her head, this way and that, eyes darting to every movement on the periphery of her vision. But it wasn't the spiders she was looking out for.

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Somewhere in the far south.

Tukiko stepped through the canvas flaps of the surgery tent and into the slightly cooler, slightly fresher air of the refugee camp. She peeled off the home made natural latex 'gloves', removing the last few fine hairs from her forearm as she did so. The gloves, she balled up into a bloody, squeaking mess and dropped them into the oil-drum incinerator. The equally cheaply made paper mask followed it and Tuki walked a few steps away from where she had spent the last three hours working on her last patient.


Can't sleep. Still too wired, Hyle wore herself out.
Pyrok shifted on the couch, idly wondering for the hundredth time if he should try and move Hyle to her bed.
Don't even know where it'd be. Don't wanna put her in the wrong bed, not that I'd get blamed for it just... Maybe I should wait for Tuki to get home, and see if she can help me get her mom in bed. Wow... that... sounds really bad. Maybe I'll just stay put.

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Troy Sister's Birthday ..... evidence

((We all had a wonderful party, Thanks to all who showed up and added to the fun.)) 

((So here are some screenies I took at the party))

(( Enjoy them, comment at will ))




A good turnout

Boy meets girl.



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Riders In the Apocalypse

'Well here we are at the starting point of the garage and stables just outside of Odenville for the Odenville to New Flagstaff Race. The racers are lined up ready to start. The countdown begins. Three. Two.'

'Five, eight, three, one...'

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Sorja is back at home (5, the end part)


Hyle said these two cups are the last ones we have. I took the hot tea gratefully and looked around. What is this mess in our bedroom? It looked like a hurricane passed by. I could not understand it at all; she was not even concerned or afraid. She asked if I was all right and told me a long story and I gradually started to realise “I did this...?.” Hyle nodded “Yes, you did”.

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Rick Aesterly at The Waffelhus

((  Thank you everyone who dropped by, I think everyone who attended had a fantastik time. We hope to run similar events in the future.Thanks also for Rick Aesterly who did a great job. A very believable pop star.Smile

Waffelhus Gig

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Sorja Troy is at home (4) and she needs help!))


Sorja woke up and felt ill, again. It was not flu or anything such common, but it was really bad feeling and she was sure she would die. She had the medicine, thanks god, Aunt Lucy – an old lady with a golden heart saved her life –when her sister refused helping her. Lucy gave her medicines and she could sleep long without dreaming. Even she had this bad feeling later, she could always take a pill and the great feeling flew through her body.  

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Sorja Troy is back home (2)


“I hate you, sis” Sorja whispered, not meaning it at all really, but hating the idea, that Hyle is not going to give her more pills. She touched her pocket, she stole few pills meanwhile Hyle was downstairs making tea and had left her jacket upstairs. Sorja has sent Tuki to find her hairbrush and was happy she went without questioning. Then she sneaked to Hyles jacket and found the pills.

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Sorja Troy is back home (1)


 “I am home, at last”, Sorja thought and sighed. She was lying in her bed; her bed was next to her sister Hyle’s bed. She had been at home a week now. She was tired and her body ached all the time. She slept all night and during the day she slept some more. Sleeping helped, but the nightmares came every now and then. She took painkillers, they helped a bit too.

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Above and beyond


What's brown and bald and screams a lot? Yup, Joe on a trail bike. On the plus side though the woodland creatures, even the big hairy ones with sharp teeth, got the hell out of the way.

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A day, a night, and most of another day trapped in a car with anyone can strain a relationship. Let's just say there were tantrums, feelings were hurt and there were occaisional tears. Tuki, on the other hand was fine.

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Clear and present danger


Joe drove away from Citadel like all the beasts of hell were on his tail.

In the back seat Tuki continued to protest and rattle on and on about duty and patients and this and that and God doesn't she ever shut up! Joe's hands tightened on the steering wheel and he chewed hard on the unlit and soggy mess that was his cigar.

He had no idea where he was going. The only thing he was familiar with in Deadfall was that cess-pit of a town where he had a few customers and some dodgy contacts. He stared out the windscreen at the desolate landscape. What an effing shithole. No, Deadfall wouldn't do, had to be somewhre else. Joe tuned out whatever it was Tuki was prattleing on about until it just became background noise. He needed to think.

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Outsider... always

I was imprissoned in Devon Township for no other reason than to pay the fine and fill up the Union budget. Memories of being jailed is something I wish I could forget easily, but I can't.

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Citizen found, on the brink of death

Toro Bend, deadly morning

Up there in the attic under that collapsed roof an old, one-eyed man is counting his last hours.




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