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Tukiko (mentioned)

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The Road to Home PT 2


For the most part, it had been several days since the last conversation she'd had with Hyle. One of the very first things after she'd fled from her rpesence was to clear out of the Hostle without a word to anyone, just leaving the keys to the room itself and a small stack of chips. As far as she knew, they didnt actually charge anyone to stay at the hostle, but she felt at that time it was only fair for the length of time she'd occupied to room to herself.

second look at rotters

allison had left hope not able to find any doctors at the time, she had planed to go back down and look at the rotters and maybe the collared ones again for notes. at this point she was fairly sure she was an infected but with no doctors she could not tell. when she had found a group of infected the normal ones seem to leave her alone more then the two with the collars, while she watched there movements she noted that they attacked in groupeds but fought over the animal they had killed.

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To Follow a Dream or a Nightmare?


Why no one get it? Why everybody treat me like if I’m made of glass?

Sometimes it seems like they just want to put me down like if they don’t wannasee I doing something. I know it’s not because they’re jealous.. pff… who would be jealous of me anyway? But… why? They’re afraid of I die. So this is like having people that care about you… care enough to cut your dreams.

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a Journal of a Journey

"Have you ever thought about how big this world is? And people say this is not even the whole world. Everything must be huge.. just like it."


She thought to herself as the others were sleeping. They were just in the beggining of their journey and her legs were already complaining, her stomach seemed to have become more irritated from the minute she left Hope. Hope... she had almost everything there; food, friends, a place to call home with a mom.

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a Journal of a Journey

((double entry :S))

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Jake reached the door and turned the handle. The knob turned in his hand and the lock clicked open. Jake gently pushed the door open and stepped into the gloom of the shattered house. He cast a quick glance out the open doorway behind him, several figures roamed randomly around in the town. Gently he closed the door behind him. He remained still for a moment in the shadowy entrance hallway, allowing his eyes to get used to the dimmed light. When his pupils were dilated enough allowing him to see, his dark shape crept through the shadows.

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Reducing Overheads (epilogue)

The posters had been up for some hours now and Joe needed a drink.

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