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Sweet Sang

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Enemy Mine

Folding his arms across his chest, Zek stayed where he was and watched the woman struggle with a situation she clearly was uncomfortable with.  He nodded in acceptance to the apology she clearly did not mean.  Listening to her explain the situation it was clear why she called him, and he switched to diplomat mode and just listened.

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The Fury


Red is what she saw.

Red is the color of Fury

She mounted blades and spikes on her vehicle as and named it Vengence.

Red is the color of Revenge.




The same color that poured from between the young girls pale thighs and bare slit throat.

Blood mingled with mud and became black, like the sky.

A new storm swept to the unsuspecting camp of men, smug with their recent debauchery.

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The Knife

"Oh my god, whats with you people threatening that part of me?!" Ardenn yelled as the eldest CHOTA lady tightly gripped his hair and threatened to cut his balls off repeatedly while giving him some "Advice".

"If you dont stop being so Self-Centered Im going to cut them off!"


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Eye for an eye (epilogue)


The plan was simple. It's when reallity kicks in that things go horribly wrong.

Get in the fight, endure a hit or two, take a dive, apply for the miracle of nanite healing and walk away with a healed eye. Easy. But my first opponent wickedly opted to fight me with two pen-knives and I realized then that I might actually lose an eye here and not walk away with two. There was something in the way that little devil moved that was so disturbing. So I had to give it my worst. This ruined my chance for healing on the first fight.

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written on a roll of toilet paper


  written on a roll of toilet paper 

I don't look at her face. Sometimes I steal a glance at her hips to give me some impression about who I am talking to. She could never guess it, but I always avoid eye contact. These milky-colored irises help me hide the fact that I am not really looking at her. At all.

But I do listen.

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Wrapped fists struck the solid wood trunk of a Kaibab Birch tree, measured and focused. He'd had so much energy that he'd found himself unable to sleep that night, the events of the week having fallen into place so nicely. Another solid strike and the spice of pain danced through his knuckles and sent quivers up his arm, keeping his mind sharp as a knife.

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Pt.1.) Hidden meanings


(( an introduction story for aulwrak will have to come some time later, when I'm feeling inspired. But for now, heres a little Reaver perspective.))

Aulwrak stood in the circle of CHOTA, Bananaman, Vexa, Ash Rose, Kyotan, Julius Max, and others who he did not know

"Tell me..." Kyotan said, standing infront of Aulwrak "When it comes to a Quiet one and a Blood horde. Which do you think is superior?"

"Neither..." Vexa replied..

"They are CHOTA" Ash Rose added.

"Not you, Vexa." Kyotan snapped at Vexa.

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10:47 AM (Writing History,... Part 77)

Entry 155
Book 7
Time; Late Morning
Date; Febuary 1st, thinking back on January.

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Burning Bridges.


You know...
Sometimes I feel as though the CHOTA are a toy.
Not from my own persepctive, but others.
Vista and Travelers are constantly jerking us on sides, like two children playing over a toy.
They want to fight with us, but they won't fight together.
Everyone Loves us, Everyone hates us....

One topic of discussion, I suppose.
There are people who go there just for the pure thrill of the fight, the dancing of blades and the precision of bullets... 
But there are others...

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12:54 (Aftermath,... Part 72)

Entry 150
Book 6
Time; Early Morning
Date; Late December, 2158

Ladies Night (of some kind)


((okay, final step to the total humiliation of Alex Delazorra. Can't get more embarrassing than this...))

There are invitations sent out to all women across the wastelands Alex Delazorra has ever met.
They are made of finest paper, with finest printing.


Personal Invitation to a

Ladies Night

of some kind.

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Caught Between a Fury and a Hellcat PART II



PART II The Hellcat

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Caught Between a Fury and a Hellcat.



(( Hi guys, this is only my second post here but I've been having so much fun with y'all that I thought i'd post Tanner's experience through the kidnapping week...his Ups and Downs and failures...I hope y'all enjoy my view of the story...thx to everyone! ))

(( This is a 2 parter so here's part I ))

Caught Between a Fury and a Hellcat.

PART I The Fury

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12:05 AM (Dread..., part 17)

Entry 91
Book 2
Time; Just after midnight
Date; 2157, maybe, not totally sure, it could also be a Friday

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The Monsters Within




She sat on her bike staring at North Burb from the outskirts with empty eyes. The toxin laced conversation she had with the Enforcer Sheriff taking its turn playing through her mind. When he suspiciously asked why she would go look for his female to bring home, all she could say is that she wanted it all over for the sake of the CHOTA.   


He didn't believe her, but mostly it was true.  Perhaps the final closure of Angeleyes return would  end it all for her as well , allowing her to remove herself from all non-CHOTA presence and let her mind heal.

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Rage and Rapture


(( Disclaimer time: thar be naughty language here... so read at your own risk. Warning this is a long one, sorry about that but G had a busy day. Enjoy! ))



My day really started with a radio call to Mr. Hateful. I needed some info on the Boss's condition and I figured he'd know where I could get it. Sadly though he wanted to talk to me about more than just the Boss's new mental tweaks.


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Ghost of Karma's Past



Brother, I hope this letter reaches you through vast wasteland that separates us and hope with all my being we can one day be together again. Until then I send a part of me within the confines of these pages.


Perhaps you will even read them some day.


  I knew he had been raising hell, it was one of the things I liked about Aiidoneus.  He didn't try to keep the peace with the Enforcers who call themselves Badgers. I had not seen him in about a week or two but heard about his ongoing bouts with the law. 


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Wreath of Barbs


(( oops forgot to put up the obligitory, "Thar be naughty language here" disclaimer. Read at your own risk. ))

Damn another strange day.


Ardenn ended up getting in all kinds of trouble with the Badgers. Evidently he was trying to both give and get information from them.


Who are you clone? (1)


Baz Ino was born as the son of a great Enforcer Leader. His parents spent every last chip they had to get him into the cloning-program. Now leading men was in his DNA - literally.

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