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Dusty Journal, Page Three


Dear Journal,

That cliche again. As usual, it fits. Wonder when I'll stop that? For now, maybe not since it works, right?
To say that I was excited to wake up on saturday is an understatement. It was party day, and not just any party, but at the famous Waffle Hus of Hope Springs. I remember well enough about the party, that Hyle is the woman in charge, its her baby and she revels in it to the fullest, at least, thats what I can remember. This will be the first one I can remember attending in a very long time.

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Eenie Meenie (Zombies ate my Neighbors)




Dawn was moments away when the filthy child snuck into to the cell she had been using  and carfully carried her stolen stash to her buggy.  The arsenal was assorted rocket shells from Ardenns car and grenades from Strelocks corpse after a failed attempt to take down the Reavy Zombie.

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Vacations (Zombies ate my Neighbours)

    The doctor entered in the small room formed by four dark gray walls covered in mud, cobwebs and fresh cement in an attempt to restore or at least keep the building standing. In the middle, Allriae was sitting at a small wooden table, probably brought there for the occasion. The man in doctor's coat sighed, clearly denoting how little affection he has for his job. In two short steps he was already sitting at the table in front of the girl and without looking at her he placed a small folder on the table and went straight into the question:

- So, what do you have?

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Coming face to face with the devil - part 5

DeStefano overheard Hyle’s comment and slowly turned his head in her direction.
“The dude in black?” The man with the tomahawk asked.
“Uh huh.”
DeStefano nodded his head to Hyle, but all that gained was her eyes to turn even colder.
Strelok noticed the change in Hyle, and glanced over his shoulder, looking in DeStefano’s direction. He then leaned close to Reavy, whispering.

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Coming face to face with the devil - Part 2


18 months passed since that fateful day when Reavy and Strelok captured and imprisoned him. Surely, most would think he was dead by now. Perhaps not forgotten, but reduced to a vague memory like some bad dream that took place long ago. In the apocalypse, time is forgiving.
Or so he hoped.

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Marshals Log
Entry Eight Or maybe it was nine.
Year 2161, I think. Possibly April.

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