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Silja Henningdottr

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Gift Shopping



The girl unfolded the piece of paper and spread it out on the counter in front of the metalworker.


And what in all tarnation is that?” The metal worker’s eyes screwed up a little as he scanned the line of stick-like shapes on the paper.


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Opportunities (part 2)

((Following on from the Opportunities story, Hyle and I realised that this story was going to get complicated and would require a lot of dialogue. Our normal method of taking turns to produce a post just wasn't going to do it so we decided to try and do something neew and instead did a 'slow motion' kind of RP via messaging. This post is the result. The story isn't over yet though as Joe still has to... well, read on and you'll see where it's going.

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A Friend In Need


Kosheen looked to Kleineubel a glint of awkward desperation in her eyes. The women stood at the edge of the dust road out the front of the Linewood Diner, looking at a shiny refurbished car. The Blarcus as it was known was Marcus's pride and joy, a Mark 1 Interceptor, It had classic wasteland grunt and beautiful elegant lines detailing its body work. It had been recently serviced and repaired by boys at House of Spokes. The Blarcus was legendary according to its owner, it was seen many miles and a fair share of gunfights.

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