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Reavy (Mentioned)

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Evening, All.

The townsfolk had gathered, their voices flooding the school hall as they waited for

the event to begin. Shadow noted the confusion and alarm painted on some of their

faces, anxious as to the reason he of all people should be making any sort of

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Silk and Steel


The evening finds Jeassiah alone in the garage. She'd sent Sam home early with firm word not to come back as she will be busy and needed time. Not that there was much work over the last couple of weeks since she finished building that monster of an Ambulance for Tuki. At least she was sure the beast will hold up to the abuse since she'd heard no word of complaints about it needing any work on it yet, and she'd be amazed if it did need any work this soon even.

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The Road to Home.


It'd been several hours since She had a talk with Hyle in the small reception room at the Hostle, and Jess found herself more than a little upset by it over all. What Hyle might have thought was apprihension was more like a struggle with emmotions that were at odds with the situation in general, and also with feeling like she was being threatened with being removed from one of the very few places she actually felt comfortable much less safe these days.

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Blood and Steel pt 3

Jessiah sat in her car eyeing the skid marks on the road and the broken remains of a car not to far away into the tree line, the wisp of smoke rising gave about the only indication that the wreck was more recent than any of the other wrecks strung out on the road or anywehere for that matter in this region. She debated what to do for only a few moments before angling her own car and flipping on the lights of her car to better light the area around the other wreckage.

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Blood and Steel pt 2

The day started like those of the last week for Jeassiah, up early before dawn, in fact almost always before anyone else around Hope would consider a reasonable hour to be awake. For her though, it was either get up that early, or end up terrifying one of the other residents of the woman's hostle with the results of one of her nightmares waking herself and everyone else up.

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Dusty Journal, Page Four

Dear Journal,

Its been a few weeks since I held this book, much less time to write actually.

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A Dusty Journal

Dear Jornal,

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"I'm Nuclear"

[ Mike Oldfield - Nuclear ]


There used to be times of laughter,colleagues and fighting..Everything now's quiet.



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Berserker [Zombies ate my Neighbours]

[Amon Amarth - Across The Rainbow Bridge]


"I'll ask of the berserks, you tasters of blood,

Those intrepid heroes, how are they treated,

Those who wade out into battle?

Wolf-skinned they are called. In battle

They bear bloody shields.

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The Russian's days


"Take notice.Bike's behind me,case for escape if something goes wrong."


"Must remind myself,that this is not a killing "mission" just because of something personal,since Ben ordered one of his men to shoot me,or women,whoever it was...-It wasn't nice."

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By Dawn, By Night (2/3)


[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j1OumA3TQVY - Some music]

Execution A

I sent Alpha Team and Vulcan to capture Crow's right hand man. I also had Miss Dupris go with them so she could use her "talents" on the gentleman. They breached the Embry bar like it was some simple arts and crafts.

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Overlooking Picus

She lay silent in the brush, Picus residents seen in full view through her scope. Most of the time, she was looking for just one particular resident, but she hadn't seen him in some time. Not since...


Her heart sank in bitter pain. Where was her friends when this had all happened? Her family? They let it happen. They let him die and did nothing to avenge him. They let her fall. They took her kids.


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Business continues - The Dupris Files

In an undisclosed location.......


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No time to grieve, little time to breathe


It had barely been a week since those words had been spilled. And in that time, she has done a great many things that were unlike her. Sanctity of life taken when she murdered a one lifer. She looked back on the moment often. The actual words pleading in her mind for her to calm down. The scent of anger and fear mixed in the air. The smell of lead and gunpowder as a 12 gauge slug fired into the chest of the one lifer. Watching blood and life ooze from the poor girl made Saty feel.. whole again, that she hadn't felt in a long time.

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a Journal of a Journey 2


This is a nice place and I never got the name right. Sunshine… Corners? Why? Is it like… there’s more than a corner where the Sun shines? Or does it shine only he- oh… I get it. Cool! Not as much as the guys at the entrance. Since we left Hope we don’t trust anyone carrying guns… I mean… they’re not even the worst. We could totally bump onto that Pale One who ate a little girl, like Shadow told me.


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Marshals Log
Entry Eight Or maybe it was nine.
Year 2161, I think. Possibly April.

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Getting ready for battle

Oh boy, the last few says has been fulls of all kind of things. I not even sure wheres I should start.

Nanaman Ardenn come to Gabriels and mines house followed by armor womans Nanaman call Reavy. I donts think they like each others much. But the Reavy guard she seem nice. She give me her numbers for radios and says call hers if bad things happen. Whats I dont understands is why she seems different. Funny too, Nanaman Ardenn go asleep on the floor when I speaks to Reavy guard.

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a Journal of a Journey

"Have you ever thought about how big this world is? And people say this is not even the whole world. Everything must be huge.. just like it."


She thought to herself as the others were sleeping. They were just in the beggining of their journey and her legs were already complaining, her stomach seemed to have become more irritated from the minute she left Hope. Hope... she had almost everything there; food, friends, a place to call home with a mom.

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a Journal of a Journey

((double entry :S))

Living out of a Trunk

Two footlockers. Stowed in the frame of the buggy. That's pretty much all I have, aside from Banker held vaults.
Spare supplies, couple more batteries for the buggy, a solar charger to stretch the batteries out a little more.
Dried food, raw perishables wrapped in a small chillbox...

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A battlefield part 1


The group of five drove in two separate cars. Sun and the other woman in one car, Scarface and Boxer in the other car with DeStefano. Scarface was the driver and Boxer sat next to DeStefano on the backseat, staring at him the whole ride from Banker’s hole to Trader’s Flat.

"Pinkish and Vibrating"

Needed: Materials and Information

Pitchblende, Deadfall

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Hope Springs, AZ - Canyon Province


*Jeassiah sat back in a ancient and often repair relclining chair, the faded an barely readable name of "La y Bo" imprinted on one of the few pieces of leather that actually survived the ages since it was manufactured. She breaths slowly for a moment before plucking at the ribbon that holds closed a hand made book with no title on the cover. She flicks from one page to the next with her grease smudged hands, not seeming to care that some is smeared on the pages she touched until she stops at a blank page.

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And Justice Dies.

This day had been put off to long, it still surprised Darwin that they waited all of this time. The Oligarchy, after little more than two years finally managed to send troops into the canyon, albeit not the invasion force promised by his former captures. No doubt they had come to kill him, execute him under the guise of order. But if they had come to secure the document, they were far too late.

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There is one name that remains on my list here, right between Joe Spivey and Madam Kaho's name. All the other names get crossed with sidenotes like: "she is dead" and "he is tagged and taken care of". There is a note next to Veronica Volt's name though and it says: "Pants". It's an' old gang lingo and it can mean many things. For example it can mean "cheap date", someone you can easily slip into like a good pair of pants. But here it means something else, someone you can confide in safely.

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Bright side to the dark mind

Blinking Nylan opened his eyes and growled in frustration as he woke up in bed alone, looking over her saw Satine taking care of the babies.
A smile came to his face at the sight.
A Family, who the fuck would have ever imagined him being able to have one?
Sitting up he ran his fingers though his hair combing it back before getting up and sliping his pants on.
Going up behind her an wraped an arm around her waist and kissed her cheek, she looked up at him with warm eyes " morning baby "

Driftlin's Log - 'Do me a favor?'

((So I tried out a new writing style/format. I kinda like it, i might even do up some of the plans/lists Pyrok has done and the ones to come.))

There was something here, now it's not.

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Curiosity killed the cat - part 2


Half a mile east from Trader's Flat. Half hour after Noon.

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*Nylan* Odd turns

Nylan narrowed his eyes as he looked at Hopes Wafflehouse as he held the shit Satine was told to eat...yeah, right.
He tossed the food aside and drew his sawn off and blasted it wishing it was somebodys head.
Turning around he left going back home to Satine, the one thing in his life he did care about..when he got home he smiled as he saw her on the couch..first he went to their room and got out of his coat and took of his shades.
Around her he didnt need or want to hide his emotions.


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