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This Woman's Work Part 2

Striker, assuming you're still serious about this, your

first port of call should be to prevent further suffering.

There exists a man, an organisation, deep within the

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This Woman's Work


The question is. What would she do next?”


Ok. So it had been a hard day, Hyle was feeling the pressure mounting. She sat back on her office chair absent-mindedly tapping the blotter with the end of her pencil.

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Dinner for Two

Why did the Prarie Cchicken cross the road?

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A Meeting of Minds, part 2




A punishment?!”


Reavy pushed herself away from the bench.


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A Meeting of Minds, of Times



Hyle told me you are a soldier.”


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Ytte stumbled through to Hyle’s kitchen. There was a note propped up against the kettle. The note was concise.



‘Ytte. Sorry we are not there. Needed at the hostel. Help yourself to breakfast, Coffee in the thermos. Hyle xx’


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Well it seemed like a good idea at the time !



“Well, it seemed like a good idea at the time.”


“What did?” Theis stopped grinding coffee beans and put the machine to one side.


“When Reavy showed up after the party, I was so happy. I have not seen her for months.”


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Reavy, At Work





Silent, senses fully aware. Poised, feline, acute


Someone is about to have thier day spoiled





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A Gift for Reavy

“ No No it’s wonderful.. Really !”


“But.. there is a but, right ?”


“ Ermm.. It’s a bit.. Pink?… maybe ? “


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Reavy's Day Off (continuation of 'Sunday Morning')


“For Helvede!. I see you once in a lobster season, you just turn up. Then you want to disappear again!”


Hyle felt angry and the same time upset. She could not decide which emotion to show Reavy so she settled for a pout in the hope that would work.


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Sunday Morning

Sunday mornings can be wonderful. Especially in Springtime. The bright sun rises into a crystal blue sky, birds sing, and there is a perfectly peaceful silence that exists before the bustle of the town ensues. In short, all the promise of a perfect day.

Hyle opened her eyes to her sun-filled bedroom. The fresh spring morning filled her senses...

For a few seconds…

“Ååååååhhh.... Nejjjj...”

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Butterfly in my belly

win her over with chloroform


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Little Girl Lost -Cry Baby

She hoped there would be luck tomorrow with who she thought of as -Wee man-. He talked weird but liked how it made her think of a word puzzle.  She made sure to keep asking him things till he raced out of speaking range.

Canni hoped he would have the putty she needed, not knowing what something is makes it difficult to find

The tears were real, she was horribly lonely and frightened, adults only seemed to like her if she did not need or want to be around them all the time.  So she learned how to lie and act like she never cried herself to sleep every night.

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Diary of a beta clone titled: "Dust Lizards"

Just north of Oilville there is a small mound surrounded by ragged tents made out of stretched sandworm hide. It is the home of Dust Lizards, a family of scavengers who survive by stealing on the Oilville outskirts and occasionally even going into a dangerous ordeal of scavenging minefields and other town defenses. They would sneak up during the night and cut out the wire fence without bothering to exploit the opening. They would just take the wire and salvage it, reselling it in Linewood.

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Far from any road


Beau tavern, New Flagstaff

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No chances


(( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o0aoh363PI4 for the mood ! ))


Hope Springs, Northfields

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I'm getting restless. Holed up underground. Safe and useless as a dead man in a coffin. It's ironic where I am hiding, but it's working. But there is something more. Like a voice in a barrel, I can't make out the words. Something I've missed... something important.

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Vacations (Zombies ate my Neighbours)

    The doctor entered in the small room formed by four dark gray walls covered in mud, cobwebs and fresh cement in an attempt to restore or at least keep the building standing. In the middle, Allriae was sitting at a small wooden table, probably brought there for the occasion. The man in doctor's coat sighed, clearly denoting how little affection he has for his job. In two short steps he was already sitting at the table in front of the girl and without looking at her he placed a small folder on the table and went straight into the question:

- So, what do you have?

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The Awakening


[Moody music, This one doesn't matter if you're a fast or slow reader. The song is long enough either way :D https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LqRZ2_w56U0 ]


Death. What did it mean to me when I was laying there, bleeding... At that moment and time, it mean't I needed to say and do what I needed to in that last breath. To speak my mind to all those around me and make them understand the message I was trying to share with them.


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Coming face to face with the devil - last part


He got into the driver seat, smiling as the engine came to life. “Seems there is still some life left in this car.” He turned his smiling face towards Reavy sitting next to him. “Where should we go?” He faked looking surprised and a little repugnant. “The bar you say?” He shrugged. “Do you think they will be chanting your name again like obedient children?” He backed the car out of the garage. Steering around Reavy’s car, then blew out of there.

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Coming face to face with the devil - part 8


Suddenly he threw himself forward and down, he landed on the floor in an angle denying Reavy a clear line of fire, at least if she continued to move in the same direction.
He fired at the car’s headlights, taking them both out with five rounds.
He started rolling back into cover behind the wall. A bullet pocked the floor where his head had been a split second earlier.

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Coming face to face with the devil - part 7


After making sure that Reavy was nowhere to be seen, DeStefano thanked his fellow Travelers, and drove south across the plains. He did not dare go back the way Reavy had gone.
When the tires of the car once again found concrete, it was on the unmapped road leading south to the road connecting New Flagstaff and Hope Springs.

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Coming face to face with the devil - part 6


Reavy’s car came cruising casually along the street, heading towards him.
His heart was pounding and the ground he stood on felt like it was tilting.
Terror had taken a hold of him, and made his hands go for his revolvers.
He pulled a revolver with each hand from his billowing black coat, firing them at the approaching car.

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Coming face to face with the devil - part 5

DeStefano overheard Hyle’s comment and slowly turned his head in her direction.
“The dude in black?” The man with the tomahawk asked.
“Uh huh.”
DeStefano nodded his head to Hyle, but all that gained was her eyes to turn even colder.
Strelok noticed the change in Hyle, and glanced over his shoulder, looking in DeStefano’s direction. He then leaned close to Reavy, whispering.

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Coming face to face with the devil - part 4


The music inside the bar was too loud too reveal the sound of squeaking leather, but when a man with a blue tomahawk hairstyle, called out “Hey Reavy.” DeStefano stiffened with fear.

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Little Girl Lost - Double Trouble (Quest RP cont)

She had gone to the coordinants given to her by the strange bald man to where the last known place her duplicate had been and found a very angry woman surrounded by her nearly demolished store.

The woman started yelling and blaming her, or rather the other her for the destruction and said she had ranted about shards. 

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Losing everything I never had


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They consider you a hero


She says: They are...mutant oppressors, hunters and killers.
She says: They consider you a hero.

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4. part (the final part)


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3. part


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