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Petyr Vakkos

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The Easy Life


(( I'm out of town and bored so I wrote something. Sorry if my writing is shoddy, I haven't written anything in awhile.))

"I hate people." He said, wiping the blood from the claw blade. 


-Two Hours Earlier-


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An Argument

Once upon a midnight dreary...

The cat, as black as the night but with an eye as bright as the moon, hurried along and then suddenly stopped and stared ahead from its only eye in the direction of the voices. As the two figures approached it hissed and disappeared into the darkness.

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A Living Shadow


He had been in a state of melancholy since he had awoken. Nothing new for him, actually. It had been his main disposition for a long time, something he wish'd would leave him. But he knew as long as everyone around him was a dumbass, or filthy, or the vile beings that somehow are both yet are content with their lives - CHOTA - he'd be depressed and angry at the world and it's idiotic inhabitants. 

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Strange, But Delicious

(Not IC. Didn't happen. Just a story. It's like a paralel universe where parallel is spelled wrong and stuff, or something like that. Just read.)


Petyr straightened his tie as he walked out of the little restaurant with a plastic bag full of brown bags and packets of what appeared to be black water. It was indeed a busy one, the little restaurant in this large city. He hated Los Alamos...

--An Hour Later-- 

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The House With A Basement

Sector Three


"Wow, there are houses with basements. Who knew..."

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In The Mirror


He recalled the events of the day. Hunting, gathering, killing a few Cultist. The usual since his departure from society. He sat down to write once again for the first time in... Well, awhile. Short and sweet.

(Small pages of his IC journal. Just keep in mind, not meant for others to read, so sloppy handwork and such. Just an intro as well for me so don't expect much from it.
On that note, enjoy.)

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Once upon a Time…


<--break->intro music
- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IuGO6WHcruU -

... in a parallel universe…

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Jail Log: #1

       Jail Log: #1

       " Jail was never a problem for me, it was better than sleeping on the streets. This time though, it felt different. The thought of a family made my mind feel as if I were actually wanted again. That's what they were like, a family .... even though they had a leader and ranks, but the people actually cared. I wonder what would happen if I wasn't with Iron Sights. Petyr would probably lock me up again and tear my limbs off. 

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Entry 24: Lily Laceless


Day 2 of staying in this apartment. I forgot to bring my usual journal, so I will make do with a few loose pieces of paper and a pen. Hard to believe that just a yesterday, everything was going well. Now, I do not even know. Let me back up and explain from the beginning.

I was at the Dungeon, trying to work with one of my latest recruits for the Hope Springs Security Force, when a man came in asking to use the benches. This guy was wearing a flame jacket and some strange blue cap. I had forgotten to move them downstairs, so I had to let him inside and go upstairs to use the benches. But as we were walking up, I was hit in the head. I do not know what happened afterwards, but I woke up in a building. Although, each of my limbs were strapped to each corner of the bed, so I could not move whatsoever. I could only fear of what was to come.

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Entry 20: Long time, no see

Been, once again, a while since I have written in this. That is mainly because I have  been writing another book about GlobalTech and all of their technologies. Well, now I am getting a bit tired of working on that and going to take a quick break so I can put in another entry. So much crap has happened over the few months that I am only going to be going off pure memory at this point. Lets see, where to begin...


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Broken Confusion


(Dont write often, but I was bored and thought it was a decent idea - May write more similar post)


Petyr sat on the only furniture, a small chair, in a small room, with one shut door and no window. Elbows on his knees and head in his hands, stroking through his brown hair softly. The pull on his suit in his current position strangled his arms.

"What the fuck am I suppose to do now?" he muttered under his breath

Petyr sighed heavily and closed his eyes, trying to make sense of his current situation.

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Journal Entry 42: Living in Sin

 Well, I haven't had this much fun in a town in along time. I have been living in Serenity Falls for the past few days. I have seen Petyr Vakkos alot and Bella. Everyone here is nice, barely any drama, and I actually have fun, especially talking to people. Welish feels happier now, I feel happier. My first party in Sin was great, although I sacrificed my socialism to be a dancer for everyone there. Petyr has been nicer to me, he acts like a brother to me. Speaking of him, he helped me get to Hope and get a medic to heal a wound that reopened after I cloned.

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Dirty talking... (3)



Gentle fingers slide across the oiled skin of a Union officer of Sin Falls. The officer groans: "mmmm... such firm hands, if I didn't know you better I would say those are combat muscles you are hiding there."

"Those hands... maybe they broke just a neck or two." - Lost laughs joyfully and is quickly joined by her naked client.

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Journal Entry 40: Supplies

Wakes up from her sleep and does her usual things. Takes her list of items and some bools to read, plus her journal. Shakes her bag of chips that are down to a few blue.

Sitting in the Sin fall bar.

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Vultures & Scapegoats [ the Farm behind the scenes ]



"They were all dead.
The final gunshot was an exclamation mark to everything that had led to this point. I released my finger from the trigger.

And then it was over...

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Petyr's Journal Entry One: The Threshold

Petyr sits on a tree beyond the outskirts of Hope Springs. Being so close to the town that despises him gives him a sort of powerful feeling. That danger lurks right outside the town and the citizens dont know that if he wished, he could come and cause havok. Petyr smiled as he looked at a small blank book and the pen in his hand. He removed his mask to see around him better

"Everyone else writes one, might as well..."

He opens the journal and puts the pen to the paper but sits there stareing at the page without writeing anything. Petyr looked around him, hopeing someone would come and cause trouble for him, or shoo him off, anything to procrastinate writeing. But there was nothing. Noone.
He sighed before looking back at the book and writeing

"Entry One: Fuck Hope."

He looked at and decided to cross it out. To obvious and not really worth writeing in a journal.

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Entry 14: Another One Bites the Dust

Yesterday was not an easy day, nor will today be. I can safely say that this entire month isn't going to be easy. I am currently in Safe-Haven, writing in my journal just to pass the time while I wait for something interesting to happen. Might as well cover recent events.

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The Device

Petyr set the device down behind the building in the middle of Sin. He flicked the little switch on the side of the device as the Tech he bought it from instructed him to. Immediately his radio started makeing a buzzing sound.

Petyr picked his radio up and tried calling out to various numbers. No replies from any of them, just static. Petyr smiled behind his dark gray mask. All radio contact would fail within the limits of Sin Falls. No escapes, no rescues, no help once-so-ever for anyone within the city. Petyr grumbled  "I hope this doesnt come around to screw me over later."

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Shallow graves around Sin Falls



I play dead, and hurting stops

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Ramon Cain's Journal Entry - 17 The good son returns home


   Ramon drinks his tea with more disgust that anything else. Uses a new book to write his thoughts since the other one has disappeared. Many things have disappeared lately, his interceptor, a few mementos of betters times, many things but his anger.

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Thoughts through glass, darkly


"You bastard" she muttered to herself "I'm coming for you"

Veronica stood in Gina's kitchen a can of soda in her hand and stared out of the window into the darkness outside. She took another sip and as she did so her gaze retreated from the night to the ghost like reflection of herself on the dark pane of glass, the supposedly sweet girl now drawn in light as if some ghastly spectre.

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