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Luka Fosburgh

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Prickly temper


Luka stepped out of the lab door and breathed deep the fresher air outside. The lab was not smelling so good. He was beginning to suspect the moisture making mud, perfect for shampoos, or so the Traveller guy had told to him, the mud which smelled of creeper dung, was creeper dung.

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C.O.D. - Chair on Delivery

'I am Luka Fosburgh,' Luka said to the man behind the counter in the New Flagstaff Franklin Rider Officer. 'I was told you have a letter for me but it needs the payment.'

The man behind the counter looked at Luka noticing his slightly wet hair, freshly washed, he thought, looks soft, nice shine. 'Luka... yes...Luka. Something back there. I will fetch it.' He wandered to the storage area for what seemed to Luka like ten minutes but was really two, and returned with something in his hand. 'We need five blue please. The sender forgot to pay.'

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'Are you sure?' Luka asked walking around the rock on which Veronica sat.

'Yes,' Veronica replied. 'The mechanic said on the radio that he will send someone.'

Luka stopped walking and looked at the buggy. Silent and still. 'Perhaps you could try it again?' he suggested.

'We have tried it four time already,' Veronica said. 'Something is wrong, it needs the Mechanic to examine it.'

'Did you check the fuel?' Luka asked.

'It is electric,' Veronica said. 'Battery not fuel.'

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