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Lucille Slater (mentioned)

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Trader's Flat Rumble


As he gotten close enough he reached to remove attackers helmet, holding the shotgun in half assed stance. At that moment, female voice muffled by what seemed to be extreme pain spoke to him through the helmet mask. 

"Stop" she barked at him.

Wiseguy grabbed onto the helmet, trying to pull it up confident his oponent was too wounded to resist.

"Why would i?" he asked with a smirk as his colleague also stared moving up, not liking how the shotgun bearing wiseguy stood between him and the attacker.

"Hammertime" she said as she raised her head up to get on his eyelevel, her voice suddenly calm as she stopped faking the pain...

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The "other" side of the town + event intro

   Hyle re-opened the waffle house yesterday. The place was full to the brim in no time, all those machete waving crazies sat down and enjoyed a nice cup of tea, pacified by the place. There was a new lady there, she kept giving me the eye, but my vision is blurry lately and I couldn't focus her right. After a brief introduction she became rude for no reason at all. Or maybe it was my obvious hatred for haughty zombies like her that was reflected and spoiled any further conversation.

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Working late


((Continuation of 'Disturbed Sleep' and wrapping up the warehouse scene.))

When She arrived at the warehouse Joe and Flyp stood together like a pair of naughty schoolboys. She gave the pair a disparaging glance and went immediately to the thyratron. A quick examination confirmed that nothing had been distrurbed. She turned to look at Joe and Flyp.

"Sit down Flyp." She said, managing a smile as she patted the chair in front of the bench. Then she crossed to the chair at the desk and turned it to face the other. She sat down, crossing her hands on her knee.

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