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Lucille Slater

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This Woman's Work Part 2

Striker, assuming you're still serious about this, your

first port of call should be to prevent further suffering.

There exists a man, an organisation, deep within the

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The unlucky one


 Approximately a week ago:

Jack looked at his own reflection in window of one of the Flagstaff houses and sighed. It has been only few days since someone trashed his workplace and since then he has been having some hard times.

As if out of a sudden nobody needed "talent scouts" anymore. "Maybe The Union could have some use for me" he thought as he crossed the street. Roar of the engine and screeching of tires disturbed his thoughts

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4. part (the final part)


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Walking the Breadcrumbs

Another day in New Flagstaff.

Something was not right.

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Late for Work


          Kirsten rolled over and snuggled into Joe's hairy back, he was deeply sleeping. She stretched up and kissed lovingly the top of Joe's baldy head , feeling the warmth of his back on her naked breasts. Kirsten smiled " Sleep on my love."

          Joe simply snored.

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Sorja Troy is at home (4) and she needs help!))


Sorja woke up and felt ill, again. It was not flu or anything such common, but it was really bad feeling and she was sure she would die. She had the medicine, thanks god, Aunt Lucy – an old lady with a golden heart saved her life –when her sister refused helping her. Lucy gave her medicines and she could sleep long without dreaming. Even she had this bad feeling later, she could always take a pill and the great feeling flew through her body.  

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Gang Logs: Crystal & Fur

( gang logs - therefore strictly OOC knowledge!)

*scribbled in a little green book falsely titled "DIY: Air bending for housewives"


- Here we go again. Lucille managed to establish a "contact" with one of the traders in the street while I was laying low. The stolen ammo deal netted 20 blue chips.

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Gang Logs: Purple and Brass

( gang logs - therefore strictly OOC knowledge!)

*scribbled in a leather bound book falsely titled "DIY: How to Cook without hands?"


- I am writing this down lest I "forget" what is going on.

- Arranged a modest stash down the street. No security yet, and nothing worth stealing in it. Yet.

- I have set up things in motion to push some goods. Going all in on this one...

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Dials and Switches, Legs and Fangs

Veronica screamed as a huge spider started to crawl out of the electrical tower control box after she had opened its doors. She stepped back quickly and her companions immedately started to fire at the spider taking care not to hit the controls behind it.

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Mutton dressed as lamb? Or a wolf in sheep's clothing?

Lucile turned and preened in front of the window of the spartan apartment, making out what she could from the poor reflection it offered her. With the money she had earned from going to Hope Springs she had not only been able to buy herself a new outfit, but she had a good sum put by for her cookie making enterprise.

"Mutton dressed as lamb, maybe. But damn Lucy old girl, you look good!" She turned her neck to try and see if the outfit looked as good behind as it did from the front. Then winced and her hand shot up to her neck.

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Cookies and milk

Lucille took a hot tray of fresh baked cookies from the oven and lay it down on the kitchen table. She bent over them, breathing in the wonderfull aroma and then sprinkled the still hot cookies with sugar.

"My my, those kiddies sure are in for a treat even if I do say so myself."

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Entry 23: LifeNet

I am seriously tired. This week, or last week have been a really interesting week. So much has happened that I can barely find the words for it. So I might as well start from the top.


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