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Kiako Lalene

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Union Triumphant: Men from the Sky


Kingdom of Falkland, 2311

Smoke and ruin surrounded them, the crackling of burning timber and the occasional crash of collapsing stonework an appropriate backdrop to the desolation of his soul at that moment. He was tired of running, the day's efforts leaving him an exhausted mess that could barely take another stop forward let alone bring his rifle to bear against the hateful invaders of his homeland. Now, sitting amongst the rows of bottles and packaged food, he waited for his pursuer to find him.

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Vanilla Steel -Sun and Rain



  She watched the freakish thunderstorm rage above the canyon surrounded by the pastel colors of dawn.

Rain streaming across her soaked skin, keeping secret the tears that fell.

Washing away the stain of sin, purifying body but not the soul.. after all clones don't have one do they?


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Turning Kiako Kuh-Razy


Veronica turned in her seat in the bar in New Flagstaff and looked at the strange Chota man sitting against the wall. 'Circus?' she asked. 'I have heard of the circus? Ag-er-roo-bats... clowns! Is there one in the town?'

'It gone Om,' replied the strange man. Veronica looked disappointed 'Oh.'

'Om further up the road Miss,' the strange man added.

'I wonder how Betsy the Bungie Jumping Cow is doing,' wondered Kiako from where he sat opposite Veronica sipping tea on another chair.

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Clone Tales - Running Man

Zanesville. The home of the Enforcers in the Plateau Region. Situated on a small plateau of their own, Zanesville is a military base built upon the ruins of a former airport, the original purpose of which has long been lost to those inhabiting the area. Hangars no longer serve as the home for the strange machines that once sat within, and have now been cleared out to serve as storage and housing for the various people and soldiers.

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Ready for Collection

As dawn cast light upon South Burb a door of a house opened and a man walked out blinking and yawning in the sunlight. He walked over to a pen within which were protected many chickens with small house shaped structures. These were not the large angry ugly mutant chickens but the smaller egg laying ones. He walked over to an upturned box, stood upon it and breathed in deeply before shouting loudly.

'Cock a doodle doo!'

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Union Triumphant; A Doctor's Appointment

Description: Remnants of recorded conversation from the office of Dr. Patterson [ID (E)A9275/24775/2737]
Location: EXPUNGED
>Limited Access Granted

Talking out loud while no one is in the room is... unsettling, at least for me. Sub-vocalizing doesn't count, either. To think that after all these years I, Kiako Lalene, admit to being self-conscious. Yes, yes, I know, what a shock. That little "revelation" is why I'm here, speaking with you. At you.

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The Undertaking - Explosive situation


In the Wastes,

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The Lion, the Worm and the Apple

After inserting a piece of paper to hold the page, Veronica closed the book and took a deep breath.

Breathes in....

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The Movement of Stationery

The paper stationery business was good and with people writing archives, diaries and letters, Veronica's business was increasing where others had folded. She had tried making shirts for a local merchant whose costume was as outrageous as his personality but the quality was not great, it did not pay as well and and they were awkward to make despite trying to build a machine to help sew which she had tested by attempting repair of Gina's pants. That did not go well. One day Gina would ask just where those pants went, but not today and hopefully not tomorrow.

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A Series of On-Off Tones...

To those searching the airwaves through their radio, they would come across a repeating series of electric beeps that slowly alternate in tone, with a seemingly random pattern. The noise persists for twenty minutes before stopping.

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Fruits of My Labor: A Story I Have Been Writing


I don't think the forums can handle a +6,000 word post, so I will just drop this here for those of you are interested in reading. Please keep an open mind, and enjoy.


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Entry 13: Safe-Haven

        Velvat is a crazy girl if you ask me. Not that long after waking up I get a radio saying that her and Veronica will be going to Serenity Falls. Velvat claimed she wanted to see if anyone there needed medical assistance. This sounded like a bad idea to me but I went along, mainly to make sure they don't get into any trouble. When we reached the outskirts to Serenity Falls, Velvat told Veronica and I to stay put and wait. If she needed help, she would fire off flares.

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Entry 12: Been a while


(( this journal covers events over several weeks. So if things seem to jump around, just remember that.))


              Been a while since I wrote in this journal. Part of that is because I have been too busy to focus on such a small thing, the other part of it is because I am just too lazy to take the time out of my day to write in this. I have time now, and I am going to go over everything that I missed since my last writing, which is a lot.


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Mulling over past events - Part 2 - Making Enemies

The radio message.

Veronica got up from the bench outside the Black Bear Bar and walked to the railing and gripped it tightly. The message, telling her that Ethan was in a house just north of North Burb and that he was not alone. She travelled there as fast as she could, finding the place described and found a woman blocking her way.

"Where is he? she demanded as she pushed the woman to the ground.

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Journal Entry 8 - A First Night Morning

25th of December, 2159


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Cremated Corpses Are Hard to Dig Up: A Tale of Futility

Terminal Woods was a forest that had been relatively untouched by man for decades, allowing the trees and plants to grow unimpeded by silly things such as chainsaws or harvesting machines. Instead, plants fought each other for nutrients and sunlight, smothering each other for survival.

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Journal Entry 7 - An Eye for an Eye

16th of December, 2159


Been holding onto a cybernetic eye for about a year or two now, just keeping it safe and intact. Haven't actually done anything with it until now. In a few days time that cybernetic eye will finally be put to use, and out of the jar.

Until then though, I am wearing an eyepatch that will reduce the strain on the current eye until it is removed. I'm not entirely sure though what the new cybernetic eye will do, as I have yet to give it to the Technician specialized with cybernetics: there aren't a lot of them.

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Journal Entry 6 - Thoughts

December 6th, 2159


This is the month of December, the month that is home to the holiday of First Night. People are turning to each other in the spirit of friendship and giving each other pre-holiday gifts: things like candied fruits, shiny baubles, and other things of a less than utilitarian nature. But they are still gifts of love and appreciation, something of which I seem to get little of, from either clone or mayfly.

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Journal Entry 5 - Foiled

November 11th, 2158




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Entry in Hitchhikers Journal titled "Smart animal"




 I got to talk to a fellow human today. She also gave me a ride.


Hope Springs, late afternoon


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Kiako's First Day Alive

((Just to let everyone know, this is the first chapter of a story I am writing; a crossover between Fallout Equestria and Fallen Earth, with Fallout Equestria being a crossover of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and Fallout. The chapter I am posting has nothing to do with ponies, so fear not. Instead, it has to do with Kiako's first day alive.))


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Journal Entry 2

(( Journal is OOC to those who have not actually read it in-game. ))

09 December, 2158



A lot has happened since my last entry. I got scalped, beaten, put into a bath tub with a corpse in it, and I made a little girl cry. Also Hope Springs got burnt down.


I have decided to put down new ideas for gadgets I can use. Today's idea is a disposable flamethrower, it consists of the following;

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1:26 PM (Omega Three..., Part 69)


Entry 145
Book 6
Time; The Thirteenth Hour
Date; First week of December, 2158

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12:34 PM (Peacekeepers..., Part 68)

Entry 144
Book 6
Time; Noon
Date; Looking back on late November, 2158

- Had a talk with Void and caught him up on a few issues. thought I was in trouble when he called me up, but it was just a task. Something I could do easily enough and just another reason to visit Hope Springs. His Target was an easy one, she was around a lot and didn't know enough about me to be the wiser to the situation. The town had been getting a lot more fresh faces recently as older, wiser ones go into hiding to protect the rarity of children.

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Journal Entry 1

((Contents within journal entries are only known to people if they have read his journal.))


27 November, 2158.


So I figured that putting my thoughts into an empty book would be interesting. Seems that other people do the same thing. I guess I will put my ramblings into this journal.


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Caroline Applewood's journal. Second entry

 A chip is a chip is a chip.  They’re all the same amount of plastic, but people like different colours.  They swap them for Things because it’s difficult to carry a goat.  I like my white chip, but I would swap it for a red one if someone asked me.

I can’t go to sleep on the bed, because the voice said he would take my eyes if I moved or made a noise.  I had to stay there all night, and I don’t want to get trapped again.

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