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Keith Rawkings

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Order through Chaos (4)


((Theme music for this post. Kinda something I wanted to do for this.))



Valarie stared blankly at the wall in an undisclosed bunker bar, probably in Sector 2 or some such. She had quit Bloodsports, having racked up enough chips to afford many things. A slow drag from a rolled cigarette and an exhale, relaxing back into her chair and stared at the ceiling. Her eyes watching the ceiling fan slowly turn.


And turn.


And turn.


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Is it over!? (Journal Entry #4)

                       IS IT OVER!? Oh, heavens save me, what have I done? Who the hell am I? I am tearing myself socially, and I am blaming others! I AM NOT THE SAME!! I've shot a one-lifer, I got released from jail, I've wounded another, I fought until the near end against the mayor of Hope. I am fucking screwed! Everything I had built upon arrival, has been slowly eroded and i took the hammer to it! I...... I want to change, but it seems to all fall apart around me. Everything I touch seems to fall apart! It is this fucking collar! It is driving me mad, being a Beta is bullshit!

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Journal entry #3


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Journal entry #2



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Chronicles of combat clone vol.2 - ex-alpha, lone wolf now




Thought i won't write in this ever again. And here i am, sitting with this book of thoughts. Only place where i can afford to be weak. 

What changed since the last time?  I gave up looking for relationship, love stuff is only trouble. Especially when sleeping with clone

of scientist who designed me pre-fall, and getting in love with him just to find out that he's crazy. Tried again, with girl who was assasin.

We had alot in common, lived together for a while. I was happy again...till she left without a word, just leaving brief note.


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Here I write, telling my story.

*From the newly found journal of Sorasoldier*

                         Dear Journal,

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Month 12, Week 5, Day 2: The Art of War

War is many things, a violent struggle between two powers, a replacement of the old world with the new, a wake up call to those in control. There are a few things that make up war. There is of course, the normal acts of violence, and the leading up events to that violence... but there is more. One, is gathering information. Now, this used to be done with sattelites, recon drones, and lightly armed teams of troops. Now, it is not so simple as taking a picture of an enemy base and sending it to a plane to bomb into oblivion.

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Month 12, Week 3, Day 12: The party.


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Got it, yes, I have this son of a bitch in the trunk, and I have most of what I wanted. It must have hurt him before told me everything.

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Chronicles of security clone vol. 1


((IC info, you don't know about it unless you been there, someone told you about it or you hijacked Reavys car, where it is stored)) 


 Time to make me diary, so i can stop bothering people when something fucks up.


So dear diary, i thought i got over the thing with Cyndy. Yesterday proved me wrong. Seeing her in Flagstaff with Carrie brought up these  "hard to control" feelings. Moved by maybe anger, maybe thought of betrayal, i wanted to kill them, both.

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Dark Journeys: Dreams and Nightmares


((Originally posted privately. I was asked to share. Enjoy.))



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The Journal of Iniya, Entry 40: Sister, Sister

Have I been fooling myself this whole time? Was I blind because I was so inexperienced? Or did I want to be accepted and loved by somebody so bad that I just closed my eyes willingly and only saw what I wanted to see?

For as long as I can remember Cyndy's been taking care of me. I can't even really remember anything about my life before I met her. I still remember taking that long ride on my horse all the way from South Burb to Flagstaff after I saw that poster for the crafter's market, and how I first met Cyndy when she chased those two guys away that were bothering me. I had only been born about a week then, maybe not even that... she didn't let me go back home alone that night, we stayed together. And we've been together ever since.

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Dear Diary: Not a good start to the day

Just got back from buying a new horse.

Bigwhitehorsey died this morning... well probably sometime last night actually according to the guy at the stable.

So, not only have I got a shit load of packing to do and a long hard ride down to Oilville, but I've got to do it on a horse I hardly know.

You ride a horse for a while and you get to know it. Bigwhite and I got along real fine once we understood each other. Ok, she could be bad tempered at times... but so could I. She could be real stubborn at times... but not half as stubborn as me. But she would never give up... and neither will I.

Oh yeah, she could fart a lot too.

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Aulwrak The Bloody. - Coming Undone.


(( I'm so freakishly behind - but I wanted to get this bit out while it's still sticky in my mind. Also, I can't tell you how many times this song fits so perfectly in the story


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Solitaire - 7 - Calcification


"From small beginnings come great things." Probverbs

I've learned today that you take the little things in a day that make you happy and hold on to those.

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The desecration of New Flagstaff Park



The rookie went inside the police station to file a report on what he decided he would call The desecration of New Flagstaff Park.


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Solitaire - 5 - Abjuration

Love is a dirty trick played on us to achieve the continuation of the species.
William Somerset Maugham
Everything is gone.

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Letter from Franklin Rider


A knock on the door had awoken me up.

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Dark Journeys: letters, 1


((disclaimer: this is a letter from Keith Rawkings to Kaylee Fryes after the aftermath of a standoff in New Flagstaff. No you can't read it IC, only she can :P))

((*edit* added a song to listen to while reading. Not sure all the lyrics mean anything, it was more of the way the song made me feel while brainstorming the idea to write this:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mf5YSrfj2Ns&ob=av2e  ))


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Dark Journeys (teaser)


((Screw it, enough people have asked me to write again. Here's your teaser for later...))






I’m so sorry Kaylee.


I never meant for you to git caught up in this.






Forgive me…



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What da roof?!


The hammers fell once again! What are these people on-- Oh wait those are not the same people as last time. It was quite the scene at the future donut shop. At first a Rastafarian, a barbarian and a hick ride up to the place.. No thjis is not a bad joke. The Rasta being Ty Valentine, the hick being Keith Rawkings and the barbarian being Fox Dogg. Ty stayed there before with his bike as the other two rode off.

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The Journal of Iniya, Entry 28

Keith is such a liar. I'm hate him so much right now. I know he's angry because he caught Ghostlyn dancing naked with Cyndy, but that doesn't mean he has to lie on -me- about it!

He went and told Aulwrak that -I- was dancing naked on the roof of the Waffle House with Rabbit, which is a complete and total lie and he knows it. Does he even know what kind of drama he's starting? He's scared enough not to talk to me on the road because he thinks Aulwrak might do something to him for being around me, but then he's going to be stupid enough to just lie about me right to Aulwrak's face? What does he think Aulwrak's going to do about it when he finds out he's lying and telling everybody that I'm a slut?

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Happy Trails (entry fiftee*crossed out* entry 16)


((From the diary of Keith Rawkings))

Women...are vexing creatures...

It had a been a little while since I last seen Ghostlyn in tha bar. Ol Rawkings was bein a good boy. I was tryin real hard not to hit on any gals. I was hopin' ta see her again soon, but I knew dang well if I slipped up it would probably git back ta her. People talk.
But still, goin from 100 ta zero in a day is tough.

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Random Rawkings


((Random thoughts:))


Dang she smells so good. Wonder what she wears? Gotta figure out where I can stea- ,er, find some of that perfume fer a gift....



I can change ma jacket, I cin wear sunglasses, I cin even change ma Hat, but I am not gitin rid a ma blue jeans fer no one!...



Need more peanuts...



Rat fer dinner r skunk?


Lost in the Waste, Kyn Riji's Wonderous and Wacky Adventure - Part 2


Dru. Iniya. Thiera the Doctor. Deuce. Tantaya. Rumiko. Wrak. Dru's girlfriend. Peanut and dog guy. They need fucking name tags I swear.

It had been a long day with little to show for it. Something Kyn hated more than anything. In this life it was easy to die because you lost motivation or didn't have the energy to do everything that needed to be done. A day of chatting in the sun was definantely not productive at least not at the moment. 

But if I do make this town my home it'll be worth it in the long run. 

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Happy Trails (entry 14)


((From the Diary fo Keith Rawkings))

Man shit is finally startin to look in ma favor. I'm like approachin cloud nine so fast, aint no one gonna shoot me down, not even that "Maverick" from that old Top Gun movie.
Do I believe in fate? Maybe...
As fate would have it, I walked into that bar door down at Hope Springs, and who did I see sitting there?
Hmm I jist lovee the sound a that name. Kinda gives me that goosepimples. Spooky right?

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Random Rawkings


((scribbles on paper))


Roses r red


Violets r blue


Some women like flowers..


And others...


Prefer to make a man's head into a canoe..


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Shawnee's Journal, Entry 9

People react strangely to rejection.  Theira's initial reaction, to try to kill herself when she was rejected by Deuce, was very extreme.  I know she was in love, but still.  I think it shows the effect that being a clone has on a lot of people.  Even for those of us who truly value life and try to avoid recloning if at all possible, there is an underlying knowledge that there is a good chance we will recover from death.  That is a comforting underlying thought that helps shape our decisions. 

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HappyTrails (entry 13)


((from the diary of Keith Rawkings))

Man I am bushed! And speakin' a bush... What a night.
I don' got me some good dancin' practice with tha ladies last night at this party in New Flagstaff. Hosted by none other than tha Zombie King.  He don't look much like a zombie. More like in a trance. Good tunes though, so I aint complainin'.


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