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Jessiah Black

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Finding the lost. (part 3)

Taiyo sat listening to Canni breath.  It was deep and steady indicating she was in full REM sleep.  Something triggered a primal sense, causing Taiyo to open her eyes.  A tall, dark haired woman stood in the door.  Tayio was impressed with the woman’s skill, and noted to try to find out more about her and where she was trained.

Standing slowly and placing her hands behind her back, Taiyo addressed the stranger.  “Greetings. Please do not disturb the youth, as she need time to recover enough to be moved.  Please indicate if you mean harm or not to her.”

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In the night, one soul cries.


Shiu was so worried for her girlfriend, finally she was able to reach her by comms. She told her the whole story about the head, about Nylan, about the bounty she put on him, she told her that this Nylan said they were flirting. Kayleigh responded that he never killed her, that he has no reason to do so and that they would never flirt or have sex together. But when Shiu talked with Nylan, after the merc had brought him to her... They exchanged frequencies, and she asked him why, why Kayleigh ? He answered that she asked him something he won't give and that she went mad after.

Aging - A Poorly Manufactured Heart


     The fields had burned, incidents within the town were growing, his wild daughter was acting stranger by the day. He was beginning to lose himself and stress was eating away at him. It showed in his appearance and in the way he spoke. His eyes always looked tired, plus the number of gray hairs within his beard began to show. He would slip from his calm demeanor now and then but would quickly reclaim it. Since he emerged from days of tooling away on projects to aid the town or his other duties he seemed to age.

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