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Hyle Troy ( mentioned )

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Blood and Steel pt 2

The day started like those of the last week for Jeassiah, up early before dawn, in fact almost always before anyone else around Hope would consider a reasonable hour to be awake. For her though, it was either get up that early, or end up terrifying one of the other residents of the woman's hostle with the results of one of her nightmares waking herself and everyone else up.

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Blood and Steel, Hope Springs Garage.

Jeassiah awoke in a sweat this morning, the most recent of her nightmares fading but she remembered enough to recognise one of the faces, and she shivered in the coolnesss of the morning air. She glanced around and found the other sleepers were still sound asleep, and was inwardly thankfull that tonights dream was not one of the ones that would have her screaming awake in abject terror.

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Blood, Fuel and Steel

Jeassiah was working in the garage at Hope Springs, before her the burned out wreckage of her car she'd driven for so long. She sighed as she surveys the destruction heaped upon the anceint car, the tools she had available, and the small ssortment of parts she'd been able to collect so far.

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Dusty Journal, Page Four

Dear Journal,

Its been a few weeks since I held this book, much less time to write actually.

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After the Party

I awoke to a quite place, warm and for many would be soothing. To me that is a trap waiting to happen. My senses sharpened and took stock of my surroundings. And as usual when I awaken in a situation like this, I find myself annoyed with Her yet again. She always seems to have a lack of self preservation these last few weeks, the few times I have had the need to awaken and protect her from herself as it were.

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Sanity is for the weak


Hope Springs, a few days ago.

"Traitor. You make me ashamed... "

I look down and pretend not to hear him.

"Look at you, you do not look like anything..."

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Letter Home



Delivered by Franklin Rider to Hyle's house.




The Spirit Journey PT 3

Having wandered throughout the night, Basteel eventually wound up outside of Hope Springs. He remembered that there were parties here occasionally, and fortunately, this was one of those days. He sat around throughout the party and glanced at all the people dancing and conversing with each other, but his mind was still focused on the wolf. Near the end of the party, he had gone to ask Miss Hyle if there were any Blight Wolf dens around the area. She didn't have a straight answer, but a few others had overheard him, namely Strelok Neskovich.

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Letter to Brown


Dear Ms.  Brown,


I would like to report several different subjects and in order to do so I

shall divide them into topics.

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Mines again (9)


 The party was like any of them, drunken men all over the guard area, fights, girls from the huts…Sorja could not think all of it very deep. Chuck gave her a beautiful dress and she had to be his “princess” tonight. “Idiot”, Sorja thought, dressed up, made hair and of course she had to cook snacks. “They all will be drunk tonight”. She was thinking escaping could be today, if possible. Earlier she hided the biggest kitchen knife she could find, in the bathroom.

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A search within and one far away


The following day

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*Nylan* Odd turns

Nylan narrowed his eyes as he looked at Hopes Wafflehouse as he held the shit Satine was told to eat...yeah, right.
He tossed the food aside and drew his sawn off and blasted it wishing it was somebodys head.
Turning around he left going back home to Satine, the one thing in his life he did care about..when he got home he smiled as he saw her on the couch..first he went to their room and got out of his coat and took of his shades.
Around her he didnt need or want to hide his emotions.

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