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Gina Keyes (mentioned)

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After the Party

I awoke to a quite place, warm and for many would be soothing. To me that is a trap waiting to happen. My senses sharpened and took stock of my surroundings. And as usual when I awaken in a situation like this, I find myself annoyed with Her yet again. She always seems to have a lack of self preservation these last few weeks, the few times I have had the need to awaken and protect her from herself as it were.

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Buzz of Activity - Part 2/2

Buzz.... Buzzz... Click! Click!

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Life is not a Box of Cookies

'And you say she hasn't eaten any of these cookies?' the chemist asked staring at Veronica over thin rimmed spectacles.

'No,' Veronica replied. 'I have not given them to her, I brought them to you here in Chemtown after they were passed to me.'

'Good,' responded the chemist. 'Very good. Because they are indeed poisoned. Yes, if she had eaten six or maybe just five, yes that may be enough, then given a little time, then..er... what's her name...'

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Over Cooked and Under Prepared

It was hard work. Veronica was cleaning the oven after another dinner disaster. Dressed in yellow industrial gloves it was still hard work indeed. No matter how much she scrubbed it just did not seem to get any cleaner. She just did not understand, she would always follow the recipes, do exactly what was in the instructions, but the result was never how people told her it would be. She glanced up at the spongy mess near the sink, Gina's cake. It almost seemed alive at time, she was sure she had seen it move, for a cake it was kind of... well...sort of... well...

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The Movement of Stationery

The paper stationery business was good and with people writing archives, diaries and letters, Veronica's business was increasing where others had folded. She had tried making shirts for a local merchant whose costume was as outrageous as his personality but the quality was not great, it did not pay as well and and they were awkward to make despite trying to build a machine to help sew which she had tested by attempting repair of Gina's pants. That did not go well. One day Gina would ask just where those pants went, but not today and hopefully not tomorrow.

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Well... I guess that does it.

      Amiera's hooves pounded the ground as she bolted Jared up through Hope Springs towards the bar.  After bringing Amiera to a halt infront of the bar, he dismounted her and quickly moved towards the stairs, shoving his way through a gathering crowd.  

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Hatred and Corruption, Ghost of Hope

Listening to Random Stuff.... wtf lol but i love it " www.youtube.com/watch?v=cOfEEXPfRSE " <----- copy and past that into a blank tab

Location: NewFlagstaff, Some Alley... in the city


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A Reflection Riven

'Sorry you can't see her right now,' the woman at the Oilville Medical building told Veronica with a smile barely hiding her contempt. 'She's...sleeping...yes sleeping.'

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Said the Spider to the Fly - Part 1/2

Veronica glanced once more at the spiders nearby to make sure they were keeping their distance and then stared back at the cave entrance just outside the town of Spider Hill. It was dark in there, damp in there, and downright creepy. Yet the switches were still not activated, the circuits not made, the power not flowing. She went down there with the others the previous day and knew that it was as bad down there as she had imagined it would be. The cave entrance seemed to be trying to invite her in. 'No,' she said aloud.

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Dials and Switches, Legs and Fangs

Veronica screamed as a huge spider started to crawl out of the electrical tower control box after she had opened its doors. She stepped back quickly and her companions immedately started to fire at the spider taking care not to hit the controls behind it.

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Naked Truths

Veronica looked over to the pile of clothing a few paces away and then back to the man in front of her who stood in the arid waste land wearing only his underpants and a stupid grin. She could feel the stares from a small group of people standing over on the road which passed by Spider Hill, burning into the back of her head.

It's at times like this, thought Veronica, that I wonder just what the hell I'm doing here.

She squinted in the sunlight and peered at the face of the man in front of her. Toilet Boy began to laugh.

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Odds and Ends

Joe looked up to the heavens and prayed for patience while the guard on the door checked his name on the list.

"There's two thousand posters in these boxes mate. Do you have any idea how heavy two thousand posters are?"

"Sorry Joe. Mr Yellow said I have to check everyone..." He ran his finger down the list of names. "...here we are. Ok you can go on in." He stepped aside, holding the door open.

Joe pushed past him and went upstairs. Still holding the boxes, he kicked at the door to the other room.

"It's me! Open the fricking door will you!"

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Koala AM


Big eyes. Big big eyes.

Veronica peered closer as it rested on the table top. It was a funny thing she thought, the radio Toilet Boy had given her to contact him, in the shape of a koala. A toy but functional, adapted so she could radio him on AM frequency.

You are a strange looking creature... such big eyes... are your eyes really that big or have they been made to look that way to make you more cute.... yes...cute you ... a funny little bear.....

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Three Course Conversation

Veronica cast her eyes down the menu trying to find a dish which didn't have the word 'spider' in the name and eventually settled on stir fried vegetables. After giving her order she sat on the tall stool at the counter of the Spider Hill diner and thought on recent events.

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A step in the right direction

He wasn't going to call her until he'd had his breakfast. You always needed to have your wits about you when dealing with Her and Joe was useless without at least having a nice strong cup of coffee inside him.

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