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Forlorn Shadow (as Striker)

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This Woman's Work Part 5


Ordinarily the long, ruined stretch of road between New Flagstaff and Hope Springs annoyed Shadow to

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This Woman's Work Part 4


   “Vista?” Anna asked, stood with the 3 rangers. “You didn't tell me you were a Vista, you told me

   you were from Hope Springs.”


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This Woman's Work Part 3


((This story contains allusions to the abuse of women, and as such, if you're affected by any related

issues, please proceed with caution))

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Memories of Lori Part 2: Between a Rock and a Hearth Place.

   He'd barely gotten into his ranger garb as he made his way out of the door, closing it gently to test how quiet it was.

It hardly made a sound as the latch caught, no wonder she'd managed to sneak inside. He eyed his reflection in the 

metal plate he'd nailed to the door and gave his thick, black hair a once-over. Somedays he barely recognised the man

he was, exiled into an existence only a madman could have conjured up over a century earlier. With a sigh he buttoned

his cuffs and set off down the hill.

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