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(Murder and sex with just a pinch of violence)


"I provide the girl. You are to fuck her brains out and then, when you're almost done, you're gonna strangle her. Not a little bit, but all the way. The girl... won't be a clone. You're gonna kill her. You got that?" He is looking at me, checking for a sign of weakness on my face.

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I take one look at this place and... yeah... I won't like it here. This place is anti-me. Anti-everything. 

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Los Alamos

los a

“It’s an interesting place. You’ll see.”

A moat, a canal going nowhere... an imaginary border. And behind it, solid buildings. Skyscrapers! Incredible.

“Whoa!” I said.

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Scavenging run


Zanesville outskirts, Sector 1

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Holy woman

was waiting in line in front of a makeshift elevator down in Boneclaw, one of those contraptions that make you think if they are really worth getting into - you will avoid walking down the slippery slopes to the lower levels, but you run the risk of plummeting all the way down.

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Nothing to worry about



"Who are you?"

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Radio snippet


- This is a very strange time of my life

- Why is that so, Engel?

- I feel restless... and useless.

- What should you be doing then?

- I should be out there, with a task, like I've done a hundred times before.

- None of it matters though.

- What the fuck are you saying? That's the single most disgusting thought.

- But it's true. You didn't change anything.

- What the hell are you talking about? I matter. I killed people. I removed the threat. They are gone. I...

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Butterfly in my belly

win her over with chloroform


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*based on a true story actually

Everything is not always violent and bleak and full of despair here in the wasteland, but it seems to me that when the good news finally come every once in a while - they do so with a tinge of blood anyway. 

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year of the Fear


Let it be known that the last year was - the year of the Fear.

By naming it properly I hope to bind it to a time frame behind us, where it can stay harmless and docile.


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What... did you see?


(I had some fun with the fresh players at the Boneclaw :D )

Boneclaw LifeNet bunker, dead of the night

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I'm getting restless. Holed up underground. Safe and useless as a dead man in a coffin. It's ironic where I am hiding, but it's working. But there is something more. Like a voice in a barrel, I can't make out the words. Something I've missed... something important.

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basement of the "Love Cats" club



Si ahora tú te vas
pronto descubrirás
que los días son eternos y vacíos sin mí.


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'And when your friends come,' Luka continued saying from across the Lab. 'Why cannot they remove their boots or something? I have enough mess caused by you without them.'

'They do not make mess,' Veronica grumbled between clinched teeth.

'That bald head guy, here last week or was it two weeks ago? Are you sure he was not messing with my machines?' Luka continued while looking to the pouring rain outside through the halfopen door. 'Did you see him break something? I heard him break something.'

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Coming face to face with the devil - part 5

DeStefano overheard Hyle’s comment and slowly turned his head in her direction.
“The dude in black?” The man with the tomahawk asked.
“Uh huh.”
DeStefano nodded his head to Hyle, but all that gained was her eyes to turn even colder.
Strelok noticed the change in Hyle, and glanced over his shoulder, looking in DeStefano’s direction. He then leaned close to Reavy, whispering.

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Coming face to face with the devil - part 4


The music inside the bar was too loud too reveal the sound of squeaking leather, but when a man with a blue tomahawk hairstyle, called out “Hey Reavy.” DeStefano stiffened with fear.

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in the "Love Cats" club


love cats

voy tan cansada, voy tan vacia
como maquinita por la gran ciudad


Credit Bend outskirts, dead of the night

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Losing everything I never had


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Dust Trail

'What do you want?' snapped the Geologist sitting at a table without looking away from close examination of a rock with a strange blue sparkle. He held some sort of lens in front of his eye.

'I... err...' stammered Veronica.

'Well tell me or go away,' the man said from sitting on his stool at a table covered with rocks.

'I was wondering, if, well... if you could tell me anything about this dust?' Veronica asked.

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Within the Medical Building in the nighttime of New Flagstaff, all was still. A few signs of activity from the Medics day remained on the table in the room upstairs. A damp cloth. A length of blooded Bandage. A half empty bottle of some liquid used to clean wounds.

And an undrunken cup filled with tee. Cold. Untouched.

Beside the table, in the dark, a lone figure sat still on a chair staring at the window, a barrier between the calm inside and the storm outside.

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Bald Damsel



a year has passed in the Canyon...

I hold a hatchet in my hand. It is bent and dull from overuse, sticky with blood and dirt and hair an' shit. Night air is thick with sparks and floating ash. The stench is terrible. Devil's Own camp is burning around me and the fires warm my heart. I grin and crack a joke. Something about Devils and hellfire. Not really funny. So me.

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Coming face to face with the devil - Part 2


18 months passed since that fateful day when Reavy and Strelok captured and imprisoned him. Surely, most would think he was dead by now. Perhaps not forgotten, but reduced to a vague memory like some bad dream that took place long ago. In the apocalypse, time is forgiving.
Or so he hoped.

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Stillborn & Dazed


(could be considered mature reading)

You can't come down to earth
You're swelling up, you're unstoppable

LifeNet bunker NF-3, morning

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Orange mesa

  Great things are done when men and mountains meet. 

As the climber reaches out with sore hands, desperate for a good hold, he has a feeling that he forgot something that is burdening him down, dragging him back. How long was he climbing this crumbling mesa? Must be hours.

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There Were Two

'I said there were two,' Veronica thought to herself as she sat on the chair in the South Burb Science Shop. 'I said there were two.'

Now there was a problem.

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Ready for Collection

As dawn cast light upon South Burb a door of a house opened and a man walked out blinking and yawning in the sunlight. He walked over to a pen within which were protected many chickens with small house shaped structures. These were not the large angry ugly mutant chickens but the smaller egg laying ones. He walked over to an upturned box, stood upon it and breathed in deeply before shouting loudly.

'Cock a doodle doo!'

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Little Girl Lost - Eye want to play


"Stop Staring at me!"

The White Crow laid helplessly on the ground, his skin pale from loss of blood and shotgun induced trauma to all four limbs but used the last of his energy to rage obscenities against the little whelp that completely disabled him then sat back on her haunches like a patient preditor. 

He had scoffed at his comrades stories and their warnings of the Little Monster that constantly preyed on them no matter how many times they sent the small clone to lifenet and now faced the result of not taking them seriously. 

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Little Girl Lost - Market Day


Children have an inate gift to be able to tell the truth yet strafe around it with the dexterity of a combat clones "dance".


The waif turned the grizzled old blightwolf loose to go hunt and ran to the house where light and laughter poured from and burst through the door.  Dinner was on the table and her family was gathered around it.

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The walls of New Flagstaff revisited

  Somewhere in the Northfields  

*Thump* Thump * Thump * - is the sound coming from someone banging on the metal door

There is a town in Northfields. The town is called New Flagstaff.

There is a side street in New Flagstaff. So tight that you have to crawl to get into it.


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