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Claire Adams


Snips and snails, and puppy dogs tails.


The two women force Ves to a remote and mostly forgotten lifenet bunker.

Ves: You two..umm ladies sure you wanna try this.

The ladies flash a pair of wicked grins as they nod.

Ves drops his duffle bag onto the dirt ridden floor and opens it.

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page 1

The war call for chota in tc was lack luster, with just me and one other chota we where able to take land in the name of chota. this is my first step in trying to redeem chota and claim major lands in the name of all chota, no more false warlords, or tribe politics, just chota doing what they do best. kill. we killed many techs but in the end the two of us, claire and i where out manned and out gun and killed.




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Patterns - Grinch route

(( Sorry for the impending long read of doom! It qualifies as a single episode of a storyline so I felt that it needed to be written in one post. ))

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Math, it sucks even in the wasteland

Tex sits at his lab, the small amount of methamphetamine that he got from Dorado in front of him.

Tex takes a small sample from the brick and begins the chemical decomposition.

He exposes the spoonful of meth to heat, taking notes as the chemicals break down.

He moves the spoon over a a piece of bark that he got from the radiation zone.

Carbon. High amounts.

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Bloody Ceaser





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A Rat Problem


<<waking with a start at a crinkling sound she looks around instantly alert>>

<<spotting a coyote in the dry grass near her car and breathing a sigh of relief>>

<<taking the book from her lap and flipping to the last entry and rereading it once more>>

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Grizzly Bears!


<<Slinging dirt as she pulls away from the red house on Bonito Street>>

"grizzly scene kayla say.. should investigate she say.. help them find rest.."


"grizzly scene 'nuttin!  some sloppy bored person i bet..there wasn't even much blood..weak and sloppy"

<<Her eyes looking to the shirt-wrapped journal from the girl's bedroom that now rests in her passenger seat>>

"still..maybe worth a read.."

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Lights, Lifenet, and.. Officer Ears!


*leaving report and little paper-folded package on kyra's desk*[[Rowdy's actual desk]]



[[paper-folded package sitting on top of report.  inside is a .338 Lupua Magnum casing of Finland caliber(bullet casing info from Logan McKillop)]]

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Into Darkness


New Flagstaff, yesterday...

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Tabby Broked'ed


Tabby Broked’ed

They tried, with all their might, they tried. It was simple, to them, how betrayal was, what it looked like, how one responded to it. It was not so simple to her, it was overwhelming.

On the verge of snapping, she had to get away. Home was not where she wanted to be. Crashing into a silo, she figured it was a good place to stop and walk. So she did. She walked until she couldn’t scream anymore. Then she stopped and screamed louder.

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The Mask


 [[ NSFW ]]


It was the white mask, with its blood spattering in the form of an ‘X’ between the eyes and the white feathers standing out amongst the colorful ones in the headdress that set her mind into retreat. She froze recalling the night the masked man came out of nowhere, snatching up her sister and herself.


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Two sides of the same medal


((attention! very brutal stuff in it!))

Busy times.

After blowing up a good junk of the Shadow Raven's base near Old Kingman (half of it by accident using too much explosives) and being fired as a cop, Kitty had drunk a lot.
Her affection for Claire Adams wasn't answered, then Claire vanished completely.
Kitty fell back into her old state - sad and lonely.

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Entry 7: Against Overwatch


(( some if the people mentioned are not actually it this post, but they were at the shootout and deserve to be mentioned. thanks for the awesome RP that day! ))

               I have finally gotten around to writing. Been too distracted by other things to focus on it. From shoot-outs to bar fights, I'm surprised nothing is happening tonight. But something very life-changing happened just a few nights ago, and I'm going to record it here, so I never forget.

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Hope Springs, AZ - Ghost


Let me start by saying I think Ghost does not like me. Oh I know, I've been told more than a few times thats just how she is, she is what she is, so on and so forth...but I dont know, something deep down tells me she really does not like me much for some reason or another, maybe more to the point because of Reavy...

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Entry in Hitchhikers Journal titled "Three jobs in a day"




I made two hitchhikes today, and finished three jobs. I call that a good day!

Ok, where do I start? I shot some rabbits in the fields north of Hope but after a while it seemed so useless. These "rabbits" are carnivores, they are using the field just to hide. If Hope really wants to get rid of them, they need to burn their fields.. and that is probably a no no.

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Fucking Reavers...


Subdane entered the police station hoping to find the Chief...He needed to speak to her about something urgent but the sight that met him as he stood in front of the doors leading to the holding cells made him forget all about his errand.

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The Journal of Iniya, Entry 21


I was really stupid yesterday - and really lucky. I ran off to get myself bitten by a Pale One. (They're like "vampires" from old-world stories.) I don't know what I was thinking...Khalil had just told me that he wouldn't be with me because he was worried about what Aulwrak might do to me. I don't know why people keep worrying about that, I told him it's not me that Aulwrak wants dead, and that Aulwrak's not going to hurt me. I mean, *technically* he did kill me a few days ago, but it's not like I wasn't shooting at him with a shotgun.

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The Journal of Iniya, Entry 20


I have a new theory that Lifenet doesn't want people in the Wasteland to be happy. I'm being serious. I think that it monitors our emotions and thoughts and memories and feelings, and if we get too happy it spits out a clone murderer, or an ex-convict, or a group of crazy cannibals, or an overprotective, unable-to-deal-with-his-emotions-in-any-rational-kind-of-way father figure to break up your happiness. I don't think I've ever been so happy and then so sad in such a short time before in my two months of life as I was yesterday.

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The Journal of Iniya, Entry 18.5

Claire showed up yesterday. Khalil got "confused" again, and couldn't (or wouldn't) tell her all the things he tells -me- about wanting to be with me and us being a family. She said she'd always told him that if he doesn't want her, all he has to do is tell her to leave. I forget what he said to that, but it wasn't "leave".

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Aerinn's Journal - Entry Fifteen - Fear and Loathing in Las Caídas


It isn’t often I come across someone that truly frightens me.  I’ve been through a lot in these long years; I’ve died in more ways than I can remember, up to and including a nuclear explosion.  I’ve been beaten, dismembered, burned, shot, stabbed, beheaded (that one was interesting – it turns out you do retain awareness, albeit briefly), hanged, disembowelled, eaten, melted, crushed...  The list goes on.  None of it really scares me any more, thoroughly unpleasant experiences though they are.  I’d compare them to a visit to the dentist, if there were dentists any more.  It’s nasty, but just

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Happy Trails (entry 6)


((hey sorry if I didn't mention folks, I did recognize a lot of people I've seen before, but Keith never formally "met" them yet. He was also a little intoxicated. Also, I hope it's not too long of a read. I'll spell correct more later and maybe fix the paragraph specing, but now I'm just going to go in game and play already! Cya all in game, was a great night for RP, last night!))

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Aerinn's Journal - Entry Fourteen - Monsters


Is it wrong to want to leave the world a better place?  Is it wrong, when the monsters of the world prey upon the helpless, to be the one to quietly remove them?  Is it so bad to ensure that someone, somewhere, won’t have to go through the trauma of falling victim to rape?  To abuse, to torture?

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The Journal of Iniya, Entry 15

I'm so confused now. Everything is so blurred, it's hard to know who the "good guys" and the "bad guys" are anymore.

The more I try to figure everybody out, the more confusing it gets. Somebody's lying, that's for sure. I just don't know who. It turns out that Charlie's good friends with Cyndy, I guess he didn't know she was my sister when he was being all douchey at the Waffle House, so he apologized. I was glad he did, but it's still messed up that I have to be someone's "family" just to be treated like I'm a person. At least he's being nice now though.

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The Journal of Iniya, Entry 14

((Well this got wordy fast. So much happened over the weekend that I felt was relevant to Iniya and the way she views the various relationships she's in that I decided to just leave it all in. Sorry about that, I try to keep them a bit shorter. Anywho, enjoy!))

Hey again Journal, it's me, Iniya. I don't even know where to start writing today. I guess I should start from the beginning, or none of my feelings will make any sense.

It all started with Khalil, Aulwrak, Claire, and Jax (who I saw get a gaping hole put in his chest at the Rack a few weeks ago, and he was supposed to be a one-lifer, but I guess not). Aulwrak and Jax were shooting at each other right in the street in front of the Waffle House...Aulwrak said he'd been attacking random people, which isn't surprising I guess. Aulwrak tied him up to stop him from cloning and doing the same thing again. That's when the other two walked up.

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