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Canni Belle

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Finding the lost. (part 3)

Taiyo sat listening to Canni breath.  It was deep and steady indicating she was in full REM sleep.  Something triggered a primal sense, causing Taiyo to open her eyes.  A tall, dark haired woman stood in the door.  Tayio was impressed with the woman’s skill, and noted to try to find out more about her and where she was trained.

Standing slowly and placing her hands behind her back, Taiyo addressed the stranger.  “Greetings. Please do not disturb the youth, as she need time to recover enough to be moved.  Please indicate if you mean harm or not to her.”

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Finding the lost. (Part 2)

Bubba was gone by the time Taiyo arrived.  The bike she rode was the first thing that stood out.  It was quite and sleek, an unusual thing in a world where loud and large were the norm.  The armor she wore hid her form behind shades of gold and yellow that matched the mask protecting her face as well as her bike.  

Canni’s bike was gone, presumably taken for repair by a local.  The trail was not hard to follow however after a little searching.  It led to the back of the dinner, where the remains of a meal were, then it led off into town.

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Back to Business


The rumble of the armored car echoed down the street as the car turned the corner and pulled up inform of the Jail.  The twin mounted guns lowered as the car powered down and Bubba got out.  He stepped up and stopped at the cooler on the porch.

Pulling the cigar from his mouth he shouted “Frosty!!  Why is all the fucking food on the front step, and why does it smell like roadkill around here?”

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Livin' on the edge




"It's too far!


Canni reached back and lightly flicked the back seat jumper on it's little pink ear.

"Keep on fussin' at me an I'm gonna let you do all the work next time, how 'bout dat?"

Getting no further response she ran full throttle to the end of the roof. 

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A Bittersweet Secret

(( I blame Canni and Dorado for the Crossover story. ))

"I will gladly peel away the layers of your body starting with your skin and whittling you down to your nervous system and keeping you alive the whole motherfucking time. Dont think I dont remember what makes you afriad or that I wont exploit it. She doesnt need to return to that place and honestly my only reason to return is to help people escape that place and that is it. Do I make myself clear, Salvaje?"

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A rare sighting


On a hot summer night like this, Beau's Tavern is a welcome sight to all those weary riders coming down that dusty south road. It may be warm outside, but it's cool inside just like the heart of the bald clone walking in through the main door. Rugged leather jacket zipped all the way up to his collar, a clean patch of skin around his eyes where the riding goggles used to sit and a pair of milky eyes that scream for a drink. What does this freak of the road want here?

The truth is, this rider only craves a drink. Something to cool down his tongue and something to make that red dust of Northfield's road in his mouth easier to swallow down. He turns and makes his way to the bar and at that moment the patrons can see the crossed symbols and letters on the back of his jacket. Their eyes go wide, and more than one of them feel something fishy about the whole thing but they know better than to ask out loud.

Facing the grim rider, the barman can't understand what the commotion in the back is about, but like any professional he quickly remmembers the drink associated with the face of an old customer. He places a glass and fills it with some lukewarm straight gin, a terrible way to drink what is already a terrible enough liquid.

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Children in the playground & second-hand bodies

I need to get inside Post 23.
I need to get inside Post 23.
I need to get this idea out of my head, it can't be done!

She said something like: "I can sneak inside, nobody suspects a little girl." Sure, and nobody in Post 23 has an IQ over 50. Stereotypes get you killed. So how do I get in? Maybe I don't need to go inside at all and I could find an easy prey outside the walls? I was thinking of maybe sweet talking a high-up Enfo officer or kidnapping him or her if that doesn't work, but I can't find any! The Children have taken over the playground and Enfos are behind their walls or out there on the front line.

But I need to get inside and get their August radio communication ledger. They've probably already put a big wet "TOP SECRET" stamp on it and stored it along with hundreds of other top secret documents in some underground vault and forgotten all about it. Maybe I'm late...

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Paths are made for walking

That looks tasty. That looks plenty. This is hungry work.

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Monsters under the bed


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Little Girl Lost - Buried Treasure Pt 3



At first glance it just looked like a pile of bones, a common sight to a child reared by death incarnate who often made his bed on a pile of corpses.  She had never given human remains any more thought then the rest of wasteland rubble.  Less in fact.

That outlook would soon be forever changed.

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They consider you a hero


She says: They are...mutant oppressors, hunters and killers.
She says: They consider you a hero.

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Little Girl Lost -What could it hurt? (Quest rp)

((Here and there I'll be doing some questing mostly ic, anyone is welcome to come along for whatever parts they want, the title was the starter quest for this one.  Thank you for todays rp Engel <3))


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The Knife

"Oh my god, whats with you people threatening that part of me?!" Ardenn yelled as the eldest CHOTA lady tightly gripped his hair and threatened to cut his balls off repeatedly while giving him some "Advice".

"If you dont stop being so Self-Centered Im going to cut them off!"


You won't remember a thing.


     "Please don't do this, oh God...please don't!" The woman sitting upon Trabaler pleaded. She was a woman probably in her thirties, and by wasteland standards, a rather seasoned age. If one knew her they would say that she was an often bitter with occasional bouts of good moods. A bit of a drinker and was on a first name basis with a number of Bartenders in various settlements. She was also a talker. Too much of a talker and one who would often make boasts about the things she's seen or done.

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Exit through the gift shop - Conclussion


Canni curled up on the cold floor and shivered as she dry heaved, the slow acting poison was taking it's toll even through her resistance. Shaking and dizzy she managed to stand up and collect her makeshift weapon.

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Little Girl Lost- Exit through the gift shop 5


Canni awoke in the pod where it all began except there was no graham and she wasn't feeling very good.  The syringe she used last time was empty and the girl didn't realize it held back the effects of the poison she had been given.  It was attributed to cloning sickness which was very rare for her unless she had many deaths in a short span of time.

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Little Girl Lost-Exit through the gift shop 2


Grahams corpse erupted from within and a substance she could only think of as nanites moved en mass to a grill on the floor. Canni rubbed at the puncture mark on her arm and sees the small syringe on the table. 

Her skin felt damp and sweaty even as she held still.

Little wheels in her head turning as she tries to reason out her next move, something difficult for the girl as opposed to just reacting.

"Papa read me a book where the girl drank sumfin to make her big then another to make her small"

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Little Girl Lost - Four Minutes


The waif was cold and confused when she awoke in an extremely dark lifenet. The hum of machinery, their dim lights glowing from a distance. It was a womb she returned to frequently and so familar even in this state ... but this was very different.. not just different ... wrong.

She felt disoriented, Canni could usually see a death coming because normally she was the one instagating it or simple threw herself into the deep end without reguard to life or limb. 

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Little Girl Lost - The Landlady

The sour faced middle aged woman stepped out onto her porch and looked down directly in front of her house barely an inch from the step .. not quite touching it.

She was reminded of the timeless torment children would inflict on each other.

"Stop touching me!"

"I'm not touching you"

"Almost, your finger isnt even an inch from my face"

"Almost don't count, I'm still not touching you."


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Eye for an eye (epilogue)


The plan was simple. It's when reallity kicks in that things go horribly wrong.

Get in the fight, endure a hit or two, take a dive, apply for the miracle of nanite healing and walk away with a healed eye. Easy. But my first opponent wickedly opted to fight me with two pen-knives and I realized then that I might actually lose an eye here and not walk away with two. There was something in the way that little devil moved that was so disturbing. So I had to give it my worst. This ruined my chance for healing on the first fight.

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Little Girl Lost - Eye want to play


"Stop Staring at me!"

The White Crow laid helplessly on the ground, his skin pale from loss of blood and shotgun induced trauma to all four limbs but used the last of his energy to rage obscenities against the little whelp that completely disabled him then sat back on her haunches like a patient preditor. 

He had scoffed at his comrades stories and their warnings of the Little Monster that constantly preyed on them no matter how many times they sent the small clone to lifenet and now faced the result of not taking them seriously. 

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Clone nature



  "Prolonged peace and improved social conditions had greatly reduced the danger and hardship of life, and there was no socially harmless substitute to take the place of war in exercising the primitive courage and anger of animals fashioned from the wild."  

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Little Girl Lost -The Boogyman's Shadow


Each day had been like the one before it and the child clone fell into routines and habit and generally doing what was expected of a girl who had at one time been a feral, violent and cannibalistic little Reaver.  She was even willingly taking a bath now and then and learning to read and write, still a difficult task for the dyslexic waif. 

The Nightmare Ends - A Poorly Manufactured Heart


     The stolen body sat at a table within the Mess Hall of Zanesville. It enjoyed yet another helping of food. It had a task to achieve when it invaded and made Dorado a prisoner in his own body. A task it nearly achieved using manipulation and trickery. The body it inhabited was known by many, trusted by many, and owed much. It made a perfect host for its plan of scratching Humanity from the canyon.

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The Window




The child watched him from a small window in the black wall she used to traverse what she thought of as Dreamworld.  It was a place where the subconcious could be free of physical constraints and reality .. could be .. if they chose to or even knew it was possible.  Most went in where ever the riptide took them as if helpless when in fact they could control it all. 

A Desperate Call - A Poorly Manufactured Heart


"How long have I been here? It feels like ages..."

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Like a bump in the road, sometimes our minds trip over a thought with catastrophic results.


I slammed my foot into the clutch perhaps a touch too hard, and I had to reel in my anger before I reached for the shifter and tapped it into fourth. My feet still remembered how to dance with the pedals and I was rewarded with a light kick as the car picked up speed.


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Gateway to the Dream World


When it comes to imagination, what causes adults to flounder is percieved limitations.

Children on the other hand have yet to learn what is not possible so in a world outside of reality they shall reign supreme.  

The young will not simply stay where haplessly placed in the dream world, they will explore and test the boundries till discovering there are none.



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Tales of a Body Thief -Part 3



((Eludes to the creepiness those that knew Canni so well felt when looking at the rogue All-Mind controling her body.. and I wanted an excuse to post it XD.


" You have got to be kidding" it said as the squad car door was opened.


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