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Baron Marsh (mentioned)

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Hope Springs, AZ - Sora


Home is where the heart is they say...and right now this heart is hurting.

I am far away from where I was, where I thought was home...but that is speaking past tense. Home used to be comfort and love. Mommy being there anytime for all my little hurts, Daddy, though he was gone often of his *work* trips, being there to lasvish attention and love when he was home. Then it all changed, was no longer in reach, was not Home. That got beat into me often enough in the early years until I accepted my place after...well...thats a different story to be told...maybe...

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Hope Springs, AZ - Ghost


Let me start by saying I think Ghost does not like me. Oh I know, I've been told more than a few times thats just how she is, she is what she is, so on and so forth...but I dont know, something deep down tells me she really does not like me much for some reason or another, maybe more to the point because of Reavy...

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