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Ardenn (Brief Mention)

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Dusty Journal Page 2

Dear Journal,

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Poppa dont preach

((Not one word about the title! I hate Madonna!))


I tells Nimo days go thats poppa send messenger to me so's poppa cans sees me, just me. Tells me poppa goes to Bonesclaw for stuffs he needs does there and to meets him there.  Didnts take long since Warchief Strongarm let me comes now after I fixes girl Jacob brokeded.

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I's has a nice times these last few days. I gots to help Warlord Aiidman and CHOTA family in the little town they wants. Buts no fairs I couldnts swing from the man's body on the pole. Buts someone tried shooted me. Mean mean person. Is otays though. I thinks they got them back. Buts now I has to waits for my shoulder to gets better. Healer man says it take time cause I nots a glitterneck. He say it might evens not be backs to normal when is better. So's I mights not be as good with my knifies as I was. Buts now, I gets to be arounds more CHOTA family.

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Meetings [IC]

Jason had traveled from North Burb to South Burb, stopping at a Lightbearer camp to exchange for some medical supplies. Continuing on his way he entered the South Burb speaking to some of the locals who merely shut their doors and avoided him all together. Everyone he would ask about Nylan and Satine seemed to flee in fear. Jason retreated to the bunker bar instead, calling Nylan on his radio for him to show.

Hollow Again...


            ((First attempt at a glimps inside his head. Hope you enjoy. As always, don't be gentle.))           


            For hours he’d sat cross legged in the dirt and dust, staring at a weather-beaten tombstone, another headstone on either side. Years of wind and rain had made the names nearly unreadable. It’d take anyone that looked a decent guess to get them right.


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