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Legends of the Fall

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Legends of the Fall is a multi-faction social clan.  We enjoy RP, Crafting, PvE and hosting community events together.  Our lore is based around clans having a greater importance in our lives than factions.  After all, we are clones that just popped into this world, we weren't born to factions so we have no loyalty to anything but ourselves.

Fall of the Legends is a spin-off clan built around RPvP.  Because we don't think its right to PvP as a multi-factional clan, we channel our PvP aggressions into the Enforcer only clan of the Fall.  We RP as a police force to serve and protect, and are not affiliated with the military.  We created the 2nd gear speed limit in New Flagstaff in order to nurture some fun RP interactions.

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