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Fall of the Legends (Badgers)

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Law Enforcement Agency dedicated to serving and protecting the citizens of New Flagstaff and outlying areas
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-Help Wanted-

The Badgers are always seeking like-minded individuals to help ensure the safety and protection of all individuals who live within, commute to and visit New Flagstaff.  The Badgers are an equal opportunity employer seeking persons skilled with backgrounds in law enforcement, the healing arts, diplomacy, social services, warfare, mechanics, politics and craftsmanship.  We only support the Sheriff branch of the Enforcer group and believe that Freedom is something that every citizen deserves, regardless of race, creed, social standing or faction.  We do not try and conquer diversity, we embrace it.  Training Available!

For more information contact Sheriffs Daisakka or Warpath


We are a professional support organization of Officers of the New Flagstaff Patrol. We provide education and outreach to New Flagstaff about the unique features and special benefits of our neighborhood policing services. We strive to partner with City leaders, select Enforcer services, Clan Leaders, and others devoted to preventing crime and improving safety. We provide professional development information, training, and support for our members.

The Fall is a City-chartered organization composed of trained officers who provide highly effective, proactive neighborhood policing services. The Fall strives to contribute to the quality of life and safety for all in New Flagstaff.

Our services are seperate and independent to those provided by Union officers of the New Flagstaff city limits. Officers provide services that are financed by private clients who are merchants, residents, community organizations and in some cases, City agencies. Officers walk assigned beats, visit markets and offices, stand by street festivals, and pass by homes as we get to know individuals and learn the patterns of neighborhood life. The visibility of Officers make the areas we patrol less desirable targets for criminal behavior.

Fall Officers are trusted and active members of our neighborhood which provides an increased sense of security. We resolve disturbances in accord with best policing practices, the client’s needs, and the unique character of our service area. Officers demonstrate a culture of respect and care for all involved parties.

Officers are also equipped to address more serious incidents by their uniformed and armed presence, as well as through constant radio communication. We are accountable both to our clients and to the public. Though all officers are part of the new Enforcer regime, our patrols and agenda function separately from Enforcer Command. For the safety of our overseers, their identities will remain anonymous.

Our professional support organization of Fall Officers believes that every citizen has a right to live free of fear and in safety for his person, family, property, business, and community.

We are committed to providing the most cost-effective public safety services possible because we strive to resolve disturbances before they become crimes, with care for all.

Our clients agree to contract for our services which augment traditional government police. We respect the sacrifice this may represent in a challenging economy. We acknowledge these individuals whose commitment benefits their broader community beyond their personal interests, while at the same time providing some relief from the extraordinary demands on publicly-provided policing.

We recognize the value of clients who actively participate in defining safety priorities. Our Officers bring many years of experience to this process and through their guidance assure safety in accord with best policing practices.

We envision a City where all may pursue a peaceful and prosperous individual, family and business life. 

-About Us-
Supported by the Community, for the Community 
Fall Police do more than keep City neighborhoods and streets safe. Officers:
1. familiarize themselves with neighborhood patterns and lifestyles,
2. Strive to become trusted members of the communities they serve,
3. attend resident community meetings, and neighborhood and merchant associations,
4. listen to the needs of both their clients and other community members,
5. provide up-to-date personal and property safety education,
6. encourage and assist citizens to report incidents,
7. build trust in all law enforcement, and
8. alert the community about possible patterns or incidents that require precautions.

(( We are an Enforcer only clan due to the fact that we RP/PvP, but you are more than free to RP your character as a hippy, a savage, a techie...whatever you like.  Military minded are welcome to join the struggle as well ! ))


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Enforcer, Lanzo

((Still recruiting?))

Trust is a funny thing.

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((Contact Kyra Magnum ingame.  NFPD is the current version of this group.))

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