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The Invicta Motorcycle Club: Grand Canyon Province chapter
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Welcome to the group page of the Invicta Motorcycle Club: Grand Canyon Province Chapter!  We are a CHOTA-focused clan that allows any factions except those oppressive Enforcers!


[Crackling radio static]

[A faint voice, sounds like they're mumbling]

"..yeah this is Scaaaazz... S-C-A-Z-Z  anyone seen my bike? Come in, big mama.. haha.. god damn this shit is good.. anyone seen my bike?.."

[The mumbled messages continue for hours on and off, bursts of radio activity nonsense]

(Trying to make contact with the Invicta!)

[6 hours later.. it sounds like someone's singing]


".. dum dum dummm.. and I know in myself.. dum dum dumm.. it can't get any worse.. dum dum dummm.."

(I'll be back ingame later and hopefully we can make contact :) )

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