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Ordo Veritatis

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A knightly order, who have arsien from the ashes of the waste to help protect the innocent, and further their goals.
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((Ok so this is OoC and IC ))

We are a knightly order who have adapted to the harsh enviroment of the wastes, seeing the corruption that surrounds everyday life.
Bandits, slavers, maruarders, mutants, abomanations and sorse plague the lands, innocent people live their lives day by day, knowing that at any
second something might happen to them or their loved ones.
The Ordo Veritatis has arisen to stop just that, we once had orders to never interfere in the lives of the people, but having lost a set of douments tell us our orders long ago and with no elder able to remember the whereabouts. Our order decided to change our fate.

Now we work in the shadows, our order is small, but we are doing good every day. Some people whisper about us, wondering if we even exist or if they are just having a good day. Either way, we are doing what for everyone, one day we will reveal ourselves but for now we remain quiet, if people found out about us, then we would make serious enemies and those enemies would harm the ones we protect.

Our rules are as follows.
1. Respect and obey the Lord Knight.
2. Respect your fellow knights, and squires. Protect and help them and they shall return the favour.
3. Carry out all mission to the best of your ability and keep guard over your team mates.
4. If you ever hear about our lost orders and their location report it to the Lord Knight.


Welcome to the Ordo Veritatis

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