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Callahan's Wild Cards

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A Mercenary Outfit, of Old-World Stock. [RP, PvP, PvE, Crafting.]
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Override default roles and permissions

Callahan's Wild Cards is a cross-faction Mercenary Outfit. A band of soldiers of any calling, who are willing to put aside factional differences, and grow as a team. Our mission statement is to show the Province that men and women from any faction are capable of fighting under the same flag, for a common goal, regardless of their views. That humans of all stripes and callings, are capable of reason, and discussion. To debate, to argue, and disagree, but not foist their views on others with coercion or force. We are Wild Cards, first. Lightbearers, Enforcers, CHOTA, Tech, Vista, and Traveler second. We are peacekeepers, or conquerers. Protectors, or destroyers. We are warriors of old, willing to fight and die for chips, provided it is honorable to do so. And we are looking for fresh Toopers, and Ensigns.

We welcome those of any flag, to join us under this new one.  To forge a new path for the Province, through example. We are the Wild Cards. And we believe that a good, honorable fight is worth dying for.

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