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47th Continoman Expeditionary Force

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A professional and stable player organization with light role playing elements and a military theme for Enforcers and Techs.
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Override default roles and permissions
Continoman Defense Force
23 APR 2157

Continoma remains a force at war, fighting adversaries who threaten our foothold on civilization and way of life. The most significant aspect of our current strategic reality is that the struggle with anarchic forces in which we are now engaged will be a protracted one in which we will find ourselves often in conflict with our fellow survivors and clones.

The Continoman Defense Force's primary mission is to provide necessary forces and capabilities to the combatant commanders in support of the Universal Security and Defense Strategies. We have thousands of soldiers deployed or forward stationed today to support combat operations throughout the Grand Canyon province to deter aggression while securing the gains we've already established. We are fighting today while simultaneously preparing for tomorrow.

To continue to accomplish our mission, we are aggressively restructuring the Continoman Defense Force. We are transforming from a force designed for contingency operations in the post-apocalyptic era to a force designed for continuous operations in a new era that presents challenges to human civilization ranging from traditional to potentially catastrophic.

The Continoman Defense Force is dependent upon the resources procured up until now from the Enforcers and Techs, coupled with emergency supplemental appropriations, to support current operations. These resources will also enable the force to recover from the stress placed on equipment and Soldiers during combat and continually "reset" itself for future deployments. Moreover, these resources are required to continue to transform the CDF into a larger, more powerful force built on self-sufficient legion-based modules. This force will be more flexible, more rapidly deployable, and better able to sustain the protracted military campaigns and conduct the joint expeditionary operations required by the 22nd century security environment.

We are sustaining our universal commitments while making tremendous progress in our transformation. We will need the continued support of both the Enforcers and Techs through Continoma to accomplish our mission today and tomorrow while providing for the well-being of our soldiers, their families, and our civilian workforce who are serving the CDF in this time of war.

-CDF Marshal Maximillian Labienus

The 47th C.E.F. is a military themed, North American based player association which is factionally aligned with both Enforcers and Techs. The 47th engages in a wide variety of in-game activities to include PvE, PvP, crafting/trading, and server events.

The 47th was originally established in 2003 as the "Imperial Army" on Star Wars Galaxies' Chilastra server. To this day the Imperial Army still maintains a presence on that server. The 47th quickly grew into the largest Imperial player association on Chilastra and led the Imperial faction in inter-unit coordination and control. As the years rolled by the 47th waxed and waned but always maintained a very large and professional core of friends.

In 2005 SWG underwent two massive game overhauls both of which were extremely unpopular. By the time of the second overhaul a significant segment of the member base decided it was time to permanently move on from SWG. We roamed from PlanetSide to EVE to Tabula Rasa to Guild Wars and now Fallen Earth.

The 47th's style of roleplay is what we've coined "RP Lite." What this means is that we subscribe to a more moderate form of roleplay. More specifically, we ask our legionaries to be "in character" in spatial/local chat but will not require anyone to be "in character" in any team, unit, or other such affiliated chat channels. We also do not require any legionaries to be "in character" on our forums aside from the designated roleplay forum. "In character" chat is strictly forbidden on voice comms. The bottom is line is that we want to present a degree of professionalism to the public and limited roleplaying allows us to do just that.


  • Professionally Built Dynamic Website
  • vBulletin Forum System with vBadvanced CMPS Plugin
  • Dedicated 24/7 Private Ventrilo Server
  • Personalized 47th.info E-Mail Address
  • General Issue Dress Uniform (TBD)
  • Scheduled Unit Events


  • Must be at Least 19 years of age (exceptions considered on case by case casis);
  • Primary toon must be currently, or planned to be, factionally aligned with either the Enforcers or Techs and must ultimately have positive faction with both though immediate positive faction is not mandatory;
  • Willingness to casually roleplay; and
  • All alternate characters must be tagged with the unit.


In addition, the unit will be based off of Pacific Standard Time (North American West Coast).

The 47th is a great environment for our current and past members of the armed forces. Many of our legionaries are prior service and enjoy being around other prior service soldiers; we welcome and encourage you to join!

All legionaries who refer a successful enlistment to the 47th will be promoted one rank and grade up to and including Corporal (E4).


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I smell Colonial Marines fighting Xenomorphs, er CHOTA and so on.  Where do I sign up to get these buggers.  Love the idea.  XD

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