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Shadow Raven Operations (S.R.V.O.)

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A wasteland PMC (Private Military Company) accepting any and all professionals from all Factions.
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Override default roles and permissions

                               Shadow Raven Operations

                             Profit Through War, Peace Through Profit


  We are NOT Enforcers. We do NOT belong to any particular faction. We are Mercenaries and Assassins for hire.


What do I need to do to Join?: You NEED to have a character with or from a professional background. The typical drunken partier just wont cut it. It doesn't matter if your character is a combatant or non-combatant. 


Which faction is the clan part of?: Shadow Raven Operations does not have a required faction rule. Whether you are Enforcer or CHOTA, you may join. Lightbearers are welcome as well, but will more than likely feel uncomfortable.


Are there any rules to this clan?: Upon receiving the invite in-game, the Articles of Agreement will be presented to you. Please read through this before actually joining the clan. (The Articles of Agreement are completely IC but do have some OOC meaning aswell)


I'm a hardcore Traveler/Lightbearer/Vista/Enforcer/Chota/Tech but there is a member of my enemy faction in the clan!: DEAL WITH IT. You're here for PROFIT not your f**king ideology. The Company is a family, and we must respect each other's beliefs or views. Please for the love of God DO NOT start a civil war within the clan. If it is found that a member is trying to start a civil war, threaten clan members, or press your beliefs on your fellow clan members, you will be expelled and possibly blacklisted depending on the severity of the situation. ONLY 2 WARNINGS WILL BE GIVEN.


Will I receive anything for joining the clan?: Aside from the benefits of camaraderie and family, you will be issued a uniform depending on which style you want (Casual and Paramilitary are the current uniforms)


Does this clan have any subgroups?: Raven Labs is a crafter/Tech friendly subgroup within the clan. To join, you must receive recommendations from The Director, the Lieutenants, and the manager of Raven Labs.

Raven Talon is for those who want to become immersed in the world of black operations and the criminal underworld. This subgroup caters to Travelers, Enforcers, Vistas, and any Lightbearer outcasts. To join, you will need approval from The Director himself. Uniform consists of a black trench coat and a black gas mask.


Last but not least, what is the clan's style?: It's obvious that we have a military style to the clan, but in all honestly, the PMC is somewhat of a cover company in a way. The true intentions of the clan will be revealed once you become an Agent or get bumped up to Black Ops.


As strict as this may seem, I want everyone to have fun.  If you would like to join, please contact  John Rose, Raven Skelton, or Lucretia Hunter. If you don't want to join, then, well, that's pretty self explanatory.

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