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This Woman's Work Part 2

Striker, assuming you're still serious about this, your

first port of call should be to prevent further suffering.

There exists a man, an organisation, deep within the

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Opportunities (part 2)

((Following on from the Opportunities story, Hyle and I realised that this story was going to get complicated and would require a lot of dialogue. Our normal method of taking turns to produce a post just wasn't going to do it so we decided to try and do something neew and instead did a 'slow motion' kind of RP via messaging. This post is the result. The story isn't over yet though as Joe still has to... well, read on and you'll see where it's going.

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The Long Walk



You better get going.”


Theis smiled as he put on his coat. He waited for Hyle by the Waffelhus door, after she passed he keyed the lock.


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(Murder and sex with just a pinch of violence)


"I provide the girl. You are to fuck her brains out and then, when you're almost done, you're gonna strangle her. Not a little bit, but all the way. The girl... won't be a clone. You're gonna kill her. You got that?" He is looking at me, checking for a sign of weakness on my face.

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Memories of Lori Part 10: A Thirst For Answers

??:?? May ?? 2144

Location Unknown

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Road to Home, Grease Pit

It was the following morning after Jessiah had finally shot Tuki's old car, effectively ending its misery in her opinion. That girl had about driven her car into the ground, leaving Jess to wonder just how she was able to go for as long as it must have in it's poor condition. Either way, Jess pulled a very late night stripping the wreck of the reuseable parts and setting them aside. She'd also spent a few hours into the night digging through the boxes that had arrived from new Flaggstaff, 'donations' as it were from Joe Spivey.

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It might surprise certain people to learn that Joe Spivey owns a variety of bona-fide legitimate businesses. The ammunition factory, for example, is totally, well almost totally… ok, pretty much totally legitimate. Other legitimate business Joe either owns or is heavily invested in, he became involved in due to either necessity or convenience.

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He brought his hand up and stared in disbelief. There was blood on his palm. The blood was his. It was warm. It was dark.

"Baby?" he said, his voice weak and ladden with doubt.

"I'm here," the voice behind him said. The voice was cold. The voice was calm.

"Baby? What... have you done?" he said and fell to his knees. He felt no pain. He was in shock. 

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I, Rabbit

Veronica heard a voice, opened her eyes, and blinked a few times. 'Am I still asleep?' she said trying to focus on the giant rabbit with glowing eyes crounching in front of her.
"Veronica..." the giant rabbit said calmly. 'I have come to help you lead my bunnies.'
Veronica sat up in her corner of the Luka Lab Storeoom in New Flagstaff.
'Wait,' she said. 'Is this something about time? and loop? and loop?'
The giant rabbit ignored the question, twitched his nose, and said 'They have gone wrong. Bunnies are supposed to be nice and cute.'

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The unlucky one


 Approximately a week ago:

Jack looked at his own reflection in window of one of the Flagstaff houses and sighed. It has been only few days since someone trashed his workplace and since then he has been having some hard times.

As if out of a sudden nobody needed "talent scouts" anymore. "Maybe The Union could have some use for me" he thought as he crossed the street. Roar of the engine and screeching of tires disturbed his thoughts

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Road to Home, Hope Springs Garage

Jeassiah eyed the car sitting outside of the garage, resting up against one of the fuel pumps and raised an eyebrow. She was told that Tuki dropped off the car but she was not told that this...thing was her ride. In some ways, just even a cursory glance was telling a lot about the car and the outright neglect it seemed to have, and she hesitated a little to go further, but she knew she needed to know everything that was wrong before she could give an honest estimate of what needed to be done and how much it was going to cost to bring up to minimum standards.

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Run! Rabbit, Run!

Hope Springs farm fields, Rabbit Day

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Memories of Lori Part 9: The Precipice

13:00 May 13th 2144

Kaibab National Forest

A Quiet Place to Be


Pyrok sat atop his dusty green buggy, idly watching a throwback chase a prairie chicken around a boulder - the only entertainment in the stretch of canyon he was in - the pieces of a disassembled helmet in his lap and a toolbox at his side. A particularly angry hammer-wielding raider had taken exception to Pyrok digging around in 'their scrap-yahd' and put a respectable dent in the sturdy steel dome.

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Faded Diamond

Damion sat at his desk, staring at the door as it closed behind Abyss.  He shook his head, thinking how simple his brother’s life must be.  Living outside society’s grip. Thinking very little of the consequences of his actions.  If it was not for Damion, his brother would probably vanish into the Alpha zone, and never return.

But he was much too valuable a resource for Damion to let that happen.  If Abyss knew some of the steps that Damion had taken to ensure his presence, there would be a battle that one of them would not walk away from.

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The Road to Home PT 2


For the most part, it had been several days since the last conversation she'd had with Hyle. One of the very first things after she'd fled from her rpesence was to clear out of the Hostle without a word to anyone, just leaving the keys to the room itself and a small stack of chips. As far as she knew, they didnt actually charge anyone to stay at the hostle, but she felt at that time it was only fair for the length of time she'd occupied to room to herself.

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The Hunt is on

Abyss rode his Wolf to the outskirts of Hope Springs.  His directions were simple enough, and how he accomplished them was at his discretion.  Damion had been curious about the item the old bitch wanted to have back.

Abyss’s primary mission was to locate the person that had the item, and get it from them. This was what Abyss considered the fun part of his mission as it entailed hunting down the person, and doing whatever was needed to get results.  It had been a long time since he got bloody.

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Uwe's Stairway to Heaven




The musical, happy sound of girlish giggling drifted from the corner just down the street from Chez Spivey.


Silja was enjoying the new and improved Uwe. Not at all to say that she did not adore the previous version, but Uwe 2.0 was definitely a lot less shy and much much more exciting.


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The Secret Adventurer's Club (Part 10 Last)

The little group huddled closer together. Anxious eyes turned in her direction and Finny could feel them boring into the back of her head.

“It’s okay. At least we can see more better.” She pointed down the tunnel. “Look, there’s all these doors to search.”

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Secret Adventurers Club : Crossed paths

The scent of Nervous and Fear hit Abyss’s nose as soon as crossed the yellow tape, and stepped into the building.  A scuff here and a muffled noise there confirmed he was not alone in the building.  The old lady had said it would be a cake walk, and he just had to get in to find the object hidden in the safe.

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The Secret Adventurer's Club (Part 9)

Before going through the curiously inviting door to ‘Lucy’s Special Place’, and all the possible treasures it might contain, Finny had the little gang collect together everything they had scavenged so far. It was a lot. Even without the pile of brightly coloured and exotic ladies’ clothing Onetooth and Worms had put together it was still a lot for a bunch of seven and eight year olds to carry all the way back to Badger Court. Finny sought a solution.

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The Secret Adventurer's Club (Part 8)

The next two rooms proved to be drearily similar to the first. Even more so in one case when Finny’s searching fingers found an over full pisspot. She dried her hand on the far from clean sheet and retreated to the balcony, leaving Casper to finish digging through the room’s contents.

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The Secret Adventurer's Club (Part 7)

The four treasure hunters ran back into the saloon area. The stairs leading up to the balcony were in the corners adjacent to the main entrance, one for each side.

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The Secret Adventurer's Club (Part 6)

The kitchen had been trashed, of course, but it’s much harder to destroy stainless steel units and mixers than it is old wooden tables and chairs. And these were even pre-fall so we are looking at durable here. But it wasn’t the general state of the kitchen décor that made the kids halt their headlong rush to claim any left-over booty.

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The Secret Adventurer's Club (Part 5)

What hit Finny as she stepped through the door from the ruined office into the equally ruined main room of the bar was the overpowering stink of alcohol. Its unpleasant smell made her want to gag and Finny immediately wondered if you could just get drunk from the smell.

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Margins of the infinite, darkness, prison

Victory of the ignorant, divided, fission

Cruel reflection, a monster say we

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Another Sunday Morning





Hyle rolled over.

"Stop smirking" She mumbled with a scowl.


"Why do you drink so much?" Shad lay on his side with his head reasting on his arm.


"Because saturday is my day off, It's a party. I can put everything else out of my mind."

"Mhh  I guess."

Hyle rolled out of the bed, struggling to her feet and headed for the shower. Shad followed her to the bathroom, enjoying the rear view.




"Your gonna take your panties off before you shower, right...?"

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The Secret Adventurer's Club (Part 4)

Once he knew that he had everyone’s attention, Worms dropped to the floor and assumed the shape of the outline while doing his best impression of a long, drawn out death rattle.

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The Secret Adventurers' Club (Part 3)

Finny knew the name. She knew the name because she had made a habit of reading whatever was on Joe Spivey’s desk at the factory. She knew that Joe had recently bought some ‘Decorative Beer Pumps’ and some ‘Furniture; various’ and some ‘Kitchenware; Mis-cell-an-eous (she’d had to look that one up)’. She knew also that these and other items were now either in, or on their way to Joe’s warehouse on Verde Street.

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Memories of Lori Part 8: Beeline Through the Treeline


10:35 May 13th 2144

Kaibab National Forest


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