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Halloween Fantasy (part 73)

“Sorry… What?”

Lieutenant Hawthorn stared across his cluttered desk at Victor and Professor Hill, not quite sure if they were pranking him or not.

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Halloween Fantasy (part 72)

There was already an air of despondency in the room when Ellie walked in, accompanied by a much recovered and way much happier Gregor. She sat, or maybe collapsed, into a one of the seats around the large table.

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Halloween Fantasy (part 71)

Arno had only ever spoken with her once before, just over a year ago in fact, on his first day after joining the Troy household as a fourteen-year-old and was being shown around by Claud, the major-domo. Of course, she hadn’t been called Miss Ellie then, she had been called Miss Kathryn.

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Who Is..?

A collaboration between Hyle & Joe to list all the created characters of our collective writings. We have created a circle of characters who interact and enrich our stories together, so this is a kind of Wiki to our world within FE.

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Finding the lost. (Part 2)

Bubba was gone by the time Taiyo arrived.  The bike she rode was the first thing that stood out.  It was quite and sleek, an unusual thing in a world where loud and large were the norm.  The armor she wore hid her form behind shades of gold and yellow that matched the mask protecting her face as well as her bike.  

Canni’s bike was gone, presumably taken for repair by a local.  The trail was not hard to follow however after a little searching.  It led to the back of the dinner, where the remains of a meal were, then it led off into town.

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Finding the lost.

Bubba knelt by the bike and looked over the left side.  The smell coming off it was distinct and worried him.  He pressed his collar and waited for the click the indicated the connation was made.

"Taiyo, you need to get to Hope now.  This is reaching a critical point, and we can no longer wait for her to come to us.  Find her and do your magic."  Bubba ended the call knowing there would be no response.

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Worn (my first post)

The sun was bright, not a single cloud in the sky.  In the distance birds could be heard chirping, it was warm, comfortable, almost dreamlike…


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Little Girl Lost - The Tell Tale Heart




I hears the music playin' but it sounds so far away, mostly I feels it's beat..

Ka-thump ... Ka-thump ...Ka-thump..


No wait, that aint the music...

It's my heart beating so hard it hurts the inside of my chest..

an the outside of me is burnin' like fire.

Ka-thump Ka-thump Ka-thump


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Startled awake

The hot desert blew sand into the multiple cuts and abrasions across her body.  As she hung from the makeshift cross, she tried to relax and let Death’s comforting embrace take her to Oblivion.

She was hunting and had been caught by surprise by a patrol.  A basic mistake she would be sure not to allow again.  They decided to “Make an example” of her.  The beating took several hours before the darkness took her.  She woke suspended by her wrists in her current state.  That was several days ago.

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It was quite late by the time Hyle got home. It had been a difficult day.

Firstly the promised delivery date for the school chairs was not going to be met by the supplier and it had taken two hours of constant demanding and a certain amount of animated discussion, lots of which were in Danish, and so spared the blushes of the manager at Oglethorpe Carpentry.

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Love, Hope, Joy, And a Sunday Morning




I love Sunday morning. Joe’s day off and he gets to look after Anni...”


Slija stretched like cat on a warm windowsill.

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Joe's New Portrait

Joe had been standing by the curtains like an anxious teenager waiting for the postman. Now, whether this was for a letter from some girlfriend or the results from the clap clinic didn't matter because Joe's teenage years were a long way behind him. But the level of anxiety/nervous expectancy was about the same, which is the point.

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This Morning in Hope Springs

‘I remember the butterflies. I remember YOU.’

He looked at the words he had just written, the latest that now covered several pages of the old notebook he kept in his toolbox.

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A quite sunset

Bubba sighed as he stepped out on the porch to the Law Dogs office.  Sitting on the step he places two cans of Cherry Soda, and a plate with 4 cookies on it on the top step.  He opens one can taking a sip as he looks up to the roof.  Shrugging he puts the can down, placing the other at arm’s length.

Pulling the strange looking pack from over his shoulder, he opens the brass latches around the edge and lifts the lid.  The polished wooden object within, brings a slight grin to his face.  “Been a while, she did love hearing you.” He mutters to no one.

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A Gentle Reminder

Silja tapped on Joe's study door. She figures she had waited long enough. Too soon and Joe would be immersed in the various paperwork and mails or updating his ledger. again.

To late and Joe's stomach would be grumbling, anticipating dinner with Kirsten and Anneka. 

So just before Silja returned to her room for a break while the family ate together. Just at the time she knew Joe would be reclining on one of the chesterfields, Malt scotch in one hand and a cigar in the other. Silja tapped.


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The hand of fate


“DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM!?!  LET ME THE FUCK OUT OF HERE!!”  The slimy little man shouted for the 5th time.  He had woken in the dark cell, and immediately started demanding to be released.  After a few more rounds of shouting, Bubba walked into the holding area.  They had rebuilt it up to have a general pen, and two solitary cells.

Bubba stopped and sipped from the cup in his hand and waited for the stream of obscenities to stop.  He smirked thinking that for such a little man he could make a lot of noise.  When he finally stop to breath, Bubba spoke.  

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Bubba stood a bit back, staring out the window.  His latest “guest” was still raging in the back, but his focus was out the window.  Standing at the corner of the building across the street and man was in the shadows of the alley.  He was dressed in dark clothing, and had pale oily skin.  He was what you pictured when someone said “Creepy”.  

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This Woman's Work Part 5


Ordinarily the long, ruined stretch of road between New Flagstaff and Hope Springs annoyed Shadow to

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The story of Quicksand, the snake-charmer


Oilville, outskirts

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Nine (part 14)

Normally, the caterers at such events got to take home anything left over. That wasn't going to happen today. It took the four orphans of the apocalypse, ably aided and abetted by a very eager four-year-old, less than twenty minutes to reduce the carefully crafted party food to crumbs and the caterers to tears.

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Alone in the dark



Reavy woke up in complete darkness. How long has she been here? Hours, days, weeks perhaps. Her whole body was sore and her mind was a misty haze. All she remembered were torn pieces of something

that felt like a dream. Unable to even remember who she was, she tried to move just to realize her hands are chained quite high to the wall. Hours passed as she sat there in darkness, her memories slowly

coming back in pieces. Soldiers, a weapon, familiar faces cropped up in her mind that gave her the feeling of belonging somewhere.


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Old Memories

The cigarette tasted rough, as if it was cut with something other than tobacco. What a disappointment. He'd have to return to the vendor and persuade them to get a refund. The smoke trailed off the tip of it as he held it between gloved fingers, just kind of letting it linger and burn away naturally.

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Nine (part 13)

Joe’s face set into one of someone listening to their great aunt Betty telling him everything that has happened to her this week. Eventually there was a gap when Tuki paused for breath and Joe jumped into it.

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Silk and Steel


The evening finds Jeassiah alone in the garage. She'd sent Sam home early with firm word not to come back as she will be busy and needed time. Not that there was much work over the last couple of weeks since she finished building that monster of an Ambulance for Tuki. At least she was sure the beast will hold up to the abuse since she'd heard no word of complaints about it needing any work on it yet, and she'd be amazed if it did need any work this soon even.

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This Woman's Work Part 4


   “Vista?” Anna asked, stood with the 3 rangers. “You didn't tell me you were a Vista, you told me

   you were from Hope Springs.”


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" I wake up in the basement... "

I wake up in the basement…..

.. I’m hungry, I’m dry.”



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Nine (part 12)

Everyone peered in as Finny’s fingers pulled off the wrapping paper to reveal a small, felt covered box. Inside was a mound of shiny white metal which uncurled into a long silver chain when Finny gently lifted it high so that all could see. At the end of the shiny chain was a silver ring.

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Nine (part 11)

When Finny crossed the threshold into Joe’s entrance hall she was not expecting the explosion of noise that greeted them and tried to hurriedly turn and flee. Along with the noise-makers, and party poppers exploding their coloured streams around her, shouts of; “Surprise!” And “Happy Birthday!” added to the confusion. Then Joe had his hands on her shoulders, turning her back around and preventing her ducking around him.

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The Return of the King Edward.

One chip to rule them all,

One chip to find them,

One chip to bring them all,

And in the Waffelhus, fry them.


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